July 7th Update


I think for the next few weeks I’ll continue with the statistics I did last time, but I’ll update them every Friday. It seems like a good way to keep me one my toes too.


  • Seq 1 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 2 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 3 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 4 (medium) : 0% complete
  • Seq 5 (large) : 20% complete
  • Seq 6 (small) : 0% complete
  • Seq 7 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 8 (medium) : 90% complete
  • Seq 9 (medium) : 5% complete
  • Seq 10 (very large) :
  •                 Section 10a : 95% complete.
  •                 Section 10b : 5% complete.
  •                 Section 10c : 0% complete
  • Seq 11 (small) : 0% complete

As you can see, I’ve adjusted Sequence 10 a little to better reflect it’s size. This sequence is the the final sex scene, and it can go three different ways.

I’ve competed nearly all of 10a this week, but it included many new locations to setup, which is more time consuming.


10b and 10c both use locations that I’ve already used, so I should be able to create a larger amount of content much quicker.

I know last week I said I’d be going through various features of the game, but I’ll save it for another time. I’m guessing that if it’s a choice between me spending an hour putting together a comprehensive summary of the games, or spending an hour creating more images, you’d want the latter.

So that’s what I’m going to do. See you all next week!

58 thoughts to “July 7th Update”

  1. Well far away from the game itself, I have a question: is something wrong with the wordpress? In order to see new articles or new comments, I must press F5 each time…

    1. I have to wonder if some people even read the blog posts before posting comments.

  2. honestly making slaves is the same as dating u have to know different things on how to bend or break them

    1. If it’s ‘just the same’, why do you want a slave game when there’s clearly plenty of dating games already?

      Do you even read my responses to you on other posts because this is like the fourth week in a row when you’ve nearly said the same thing.

    2. I don’t think you know what half the words you just used even mean. Honestly, same, dating and slaves, something is wrong with you.

    3. This guy clearly has mental issues. Needs help badly and I do hope he gets it.

    4. Look, I will not tell you to get lost. This is the internet, you are free to roam wherever you want. But I can tell you one thing: if the owner of the website tells you to stop doing something, you follow through. Otherwise, it’s just borderline harassment, abd a creepy one to boot…

    5. “making slaves is the same as dating u have to know different things on how to bend or break them”

      Seriously dude, there’s something wrong with you. Creepy.

    6. if you succeed to make a girl you slave just after you pay her a beer or a coffee…..

      then definitly two choice is open to you :

      1 – she is a bitch (in sens of prostitute and do RP)
      2 – she is a retarded

  3. Plans for that Maddison / Lisette game after? Maybe a short game? or a full Lisette 2?

    Keep up the good work

    1. Don’t know yet.

      I have many more games to make already, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be returning to Grace nay time soon though.

  4. Hey Chaotic !
    When do you think you’ll release Leanna ? I look forward to playing this game !!

    1. i bet for end of september / early october…
      just my own thinking . i m based my opinion on the speed of chaotic + real life possible stuff + possible troubles

      i can also have everything wrong 🙂

  5. Wondering something… And it’s a weird question.

    If I remember correctly, you used to have a game “bundle” available for download. Can’t remember if you had to pay for it or not. But I wondered if you’d ever do anything like that with certain characters? I love Grace myself. But there are several that are just really cool. They’re your original characters though, so I’m guessing you would not want to do that, although you did let DSP use maddison, I believe.

    Is there a circumstance under which you might release characters for download such that others could play around with game building or whatever? Again, just curious. They’re your characters after all, so there’s no way we’d have a reason to expect that.

    1. it would be hard.. you still need all the character part from the market for be allowed to re-created them correctly :/

    2. I used to have a store where you could download a bundle of game, but I’ve never had the option of downloading the characters for personal use.

      There’s a few issues with it. As aryn suggests, characters are normally made up of many different aspect you buy in packs and then assemble. They aren’t really labelled either, so I have no idea what I would have in a resources list for most characters.

      On a personal level, I also just wouldn’t be too comfortable releasing any characters to the world. dsp3000 using Maddison was fine because I trust him, but god knows what some people would try to do with her.

    1. No I haven’t yet. I’m taking a little break from creating games, due to other commitments and because I need a rest from production so I don’t burn out.

      I’ll most likely start on the next game some time around the end of August/September.

      1. Excellent!!! Hope you recover from your heroic efforts and return to your usually creative self. Really enjoy your work and look forward to more.

  6. cause making slaves is dating and it might help u gain more people to the sight honestly you think it is a bad idea but in all honesty u only made games that are dating which gets boring a slaver game will make newer possibilities since all of your games are basically the same.

    1. Are you serious? Words escape me…. Anyway, it’s pretty obvious there won’t be any slaves and if you don’t like it, leave.

    2. You must be retarded. He already mentioned that the billing company, epoch.com, won’t allow that type of content. Badgering him won’t change that. You should change your name to gtfooh as in “Get the Fuck Out Of Here.”

    3. Just… ignore him…
      (maybe in his delusions, he thought that Chaotic is his slave?)

    4. Yeah, fgh, I’ve address your request multiple times now.

      As I have said, I have no personal interest in making a slave game and, even if I did, Epoch’s rules would not allow it.

      If you’re just going to continuing spamming the blog every week with this, I will be banning you.

    1. Aside from the fact you’re calling him an idiot, let’s break it down, shall we?

      “u can change the rules of th sit”

      While he can do that to his own website, the company he uses, Epoch, isn’t his, therefore he can’t change the rules, even if he wanted to.

      “if u get a majority vote”

      I can’t in no way speak for Chaotic, nor the members and the commentators here, but I can say with confidence that your desires represent a MINORITY, opinion wise.

      “u idiot”

      To quote some someone, “don’t call a person a retard, if you spell like a retard”

  7. i just wanted that to be an option cause it should be a possibility since it will give more chances for different people not to be bored while playing your games

    1. Speaking of myself here, I was never bored while playing a single vdategames once. Whether it’s made by Chaotic, dsp3000 or Mr. Stomper (And I’ve played them mutiple times).

      If I understand correctly, you like “slave games” (or whatever the fuck this is called). So I’m willing to share a secret with you: THERE ARE OTHER SITES WHO MAKE THIS SORT OF GAMES. So, instead of trying to change the content of a game maker, why don’t you just… try, other play makers? Heck, maybe you’ll even find a better one, or even someone who can indulge in your fantasies…

  8. First David Ong and now fgh, I wonder whose next. I mean it’s actually pretty funny talking about rape like this. It does get old fast though.

    Onto another thing, is that Leanna in an overpass naked? Is there going to be a sex scene in an overpass or is it going to be public nudity on the street? Either way it’s awesome as f*ck.

  9. fhg, you have now been told multiple times by multiple people why slave games will not appear on this site. You’ve completely ignored them and continued babbling on anyway.

    You been told multiple times to stop, and you’ve kept on going.

    I told you to stop spamming the comments section with the request or you’d be banned.

    You’ve continued, so, as promised, you may now consider yourself banned.

    If anyone wants to request that their fetish be included in a game, that’s fine. But if I say say, “No. Never.”, then I expect people to accept that and not try to harass me into doing it.

    PS : Making a slave game would not make anything more interesting. It would make the games more boring, dumb and like the billion crap ass corruption games you can find on Patreon these days. The only reason you want a slave game is because it’s your particular fetish, and you’re making up any tedious excuse possible to make it sound acceptable.

  10. @santa hey man, nope, still unsuccessful. I’m not too worried about spoilers, and I can always google a code i suppose – what happens at the end if you manage to hide? Do you get to bang Annie/Megan/Olivia? If nothing really happens (couldn’t see either of these in the achievements) then I’m not too fussed with finishing it. Thanks for you help dude.

    1. OK. You have the storeroom key that you get in your office when you went to get the camera originally at 10:30. You have hidden the key in the trash can in the Principal’s Office.

      You have talked to Megan at 1:30 and she sent you to get the camera at 2 pm. When you leave the office, Valentine fires you. You talk to Olivia and then go into the library to talk to Didi and Bridgette. When you leave the library, you see Ramsey and Valentine going into the Office Suite (on their way to the Medical Room). You follow them into the Office Suite and go into the Principal’s office. You hide in the comer (several screens of hiding) until Ramsey and Valentine leave. You turn around and pickup the laptop. You show it to Didi and Bridgette and then follow Valentine and Ramsey. When you get to the Gym, hang back and hide (left of screen) and then continue to follow Ramsey and Valentine. When you get to the storeroom, you will turn to see Olivia, Didi and Bridgette. Talk to them and give Olivia the key. You are good from there.

      It is important that you have the storeroom key. Use the starting key of either B6047212 or A6057212. The “7” in the fifth position is a must. You will enter this element of the key just before you go into your office to get the storeroom key and the camera at 10:30. I think you want the B6047212 key as you had asked about feeling Bridgette’s breasts in the library at 10 am.

      No more sex at this point. But you will want a good exit code so that you can play The Academy part 5 when dsp3000 has it ready for us.

    2. OH, especially if you use a “B” key, do not loan the storeroom key to Holly and Maria. If you use the “A” key, and you do not get a hand job from Amy at lunch, You can loan the key to Holly and Maria. But be sure to ask for it back when you meet them after lunch (at 12:30).

  11. OK. You have the storeroom key that you get in your office when you went to get the camera originally at 10:30. You have hidden the key in the trash can in the Principal’s Office.

    I should have said hidden the camera instead of hidden the key.

    1. Yeah i’m familiar with the walkthrough and the steps but the option to go into the office never came up for me. I’ll try again soon, but it always seem to bug for me and I can’t enter the office.

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