June 30th Update

Hi everyone. Since my little vacation is over, it’s time to get back to building Leanna : Fading the FacadeΒ full time (or as much as I can).


Let’s begin with a summary of where I am progress-wise. Here’s the plan :

  • Seq 1 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 2 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 3 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 4 (medium) : 0% complete
  • Seq 5 (large) : 20% complete
  • Seq 6 (small) : 0% complete
  • Seq 7 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 8 (medium) : 90% complete
  • Seq 9 (medium) : 5% complete
  • Seq 10 (large) : 15% complete
  • Seq 11 (small) : 0% complete

Small sequences are around 20 to 50 images each, mediums are 50 to 150, and large are 150 to 300. So, as you can see most of the large ones are complete.

There will be three endings to aspire for (well, 5 if you count the ‘fail’ endings). Each of the endings will be a different sex scene, including one threesome. Each is reached by managing to increase or decrease enough points. This is the 10th sequence and the one I’m currently working on. Here’s a couple of previews from the start of it.

There are just under 1000 images in the game right now. I’m anticipating it to be around 1500 by the time I’m finished.

Next week, there’ll be more previews and I’ll be going through the various features of the game.

Academy 4 walkthough

Haven’t heard anything from dsp3000 yet regarding his own walkthrough, however the ever diligent Santa has submitted his own concise one. You can find it in the members section under walkthroughs with the rest of them

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          1. does it involve computers?
            you seems to refer these games so well, it would be a shame if you werent’t

  1. Hum, I don’t know about you, but the penis shape looks a bit unnatural to me. If you’re laying down, and your dick is not erect, will he be pointing out like some sort of antenna?

    1. Sadly, I did try, but that was the lowest I could get the prop to point.

      I guess the explanation could be that he’s semi erect, perhaps at the sight of Leanna.

      1. Yeah, that might make sense. Or maybe he’s recovering from morning wood? Anyway, that’s the only thing that bugged me, and now it’s cleared.

        Oh, and I love women wearing just a plain shirt with nothing underneath it. I find it very stimulating!

  2. First off, regarding Leanna, I’m happy to see the progress coming along nicely. I’ve been following blog posts since back to last year it seems, and the production of this game has seen its ups and downs to say the least. I’m glad you found a system that works, because this game is looking great! In the May 27th update, you said after your break that you could get back to making 30-50 images a day, but I know there is more to making a game than just the images. That being said, I feel like a late July, early August estimate isn’t far off? Once this game felt like it would never get here, and now it’s right around the corner! I’m really starting to feel the new game hype.

    Second off, regarding Santa’s walkthrough, I think it is extremely well-done. I was hoping to hear from dsp3000 himself, but this walkthrough is top notch and covers everything. Thanks for putting it together. There is a small error I noticed, when on the academy walkthrough page, clicking on either part 3 or part 4 both lead you to part 3’s walkthrough page. I had to manually enter “walkthrough_four.html” in the URL to access the page.

    Also, I am still convinced dsp3000 intended on being able to have sex with Alicia and reach a successful game end. Without delving too much into it, the code you receive upon successfully completing the game is 8 digits, much like the end codes from the previous game. Well the fifth digit looks for the alicia_sex variable you mentioned in your walkthrough. xxxx9xxx means that variable was set, xxxx5xxx means it wasn’t. Why would xxxx9xxx even be an option if it wasn’t meant for there to be a way to have sex with Alicia and not get fired? But like you said, it’s all conjecture at this time.

    1. I agree that this would be nice. I also agree that this may have been part of the original concept. But I think the logistics of the clock may have painted DSP3000 into a corner. Consider, you meet Alicia at 1:30. By the time you are in the elevator and are having sex, to any degree, the clock ticks to 2:00. Now, how would you meet Megan (which uses 30 minutes elsewhere in the game) and then retrieve the camera (which also uses 30 minutes)? The clock logistics just do not work. So, DSP3000 may have originally thought to do this. But when it came down to it, I think he realized that it just wouldn’t work. Too bad though. It would have been nice.

    2. Thanks for letting me know about the link. I think I’ve corrected it now.

      And, yeah, we’ll see what happens, but Leanna finished for end of July/early August would be ideal.

  3. FYI. In the help section for Academy 4, the link for the walkthrough is for part #3.

  4. ” Small sequences are around 20 to 50 images each, mediums are 50 to 150, and are are 150 to 300 ”

    typo here at end πŸ™‚

    you should post a bit more of both character in scene, i mean not only men, but also women with leanna. its always interresting to see the scene from both perspective and how the game go with female version too.

    also, a shitty question coming here :p :

    do you have an idea of how long leanna will be ? i mean like 4- 5 hours or more or less ? would be cool to have an small idea about that

    1. In terms of hours of gameplay, I have no idea. I guess it depends how you play. I would expect it roughly to be the same length as Betsy.

  5. Wow. You’re a lot farther along with Leanna than you seemed to be saying in weeks’ past.

  6. Hey Chaotic, hope you had a relaxing break. Very happy to see how close the game is to being complete. The sample pics look fantastic. Your skill just keeps getting better and better. You’ve always created gorgeous women but you’re really blasting it out of the park with your newer games. You are my favorite adult game developer by far and I wish you could put out new games much faster but I realize that’s just not possible. At least with the awesome talents of mr stomper and dsp3000 we get access to other amazing games while you work on yours.

    On a different note, I was curious if you had ever thought about making a Patreon account? I was checking out some other game developers and happened to check out their Patreon pages. Man the amount some of them are pulling in each month is insane. Not knocking other artists and their work at all, I was just surprised at the amount some are making monthly for games that let’s just say aren’t quite as good as vdategames and don’t have even half the number of games. It’s not one damn bit my business and maybe you’re already doing quite well or are completely satisfied with how things are. I just think talented artists like yourself (as well as mr stomper and dsp3000) should be well compensated for your hard work and all the time you put in.

    1. Yeah, patreon has been this lingering thing around me for a while now. If it had been launched a few years earlier, I think I would have probably gone with them instead of Epoch.

      My main reservation with switching over is that there would probably be a long lull as try to rebuild up the amount of members/patrons that I have here. Money wise though, I’m very happy with what I’m getting from epoch and the members section, so I’ll probably just stick to this method for now.

  7. Is there a deadline for Leanna when is the game gonna be realese? Can you give us an estimated date?

  8. I’m curious is the threesome scene MMF or MFF ? I’m actually hoping for MMF because it’s time for something different πŸ˜€

    1. It’s MFF and with Kristen, the other character from the game I’ve been posting images of.

  9. God I can’t wait. This is some exciting shit Chaotic. Good job dude.

  10. I do not think the Academy 4 walkthrough link is fixed yet. I have refreshed the page and I still get the walkthrough for part 3.

    1. Yeah, I’m not too sure what happened there. It wouldn’t let me replace the original file properly.

      It should be fixed now. If you still can’t see it, I’ve also added a link to the main walkthroughs page.

  11. if you click on the academy part four walkthrough it gose to the part three

  12. I know nobody really knows about his whereabouts, but do you guys think dsp3000 is taking a break since part 4 or do you think he started part 5?

  13. April & Violet: Part 2 seems like it’s disappeared from the games section. Is there any chance to bring it back?

    1. I can still see it.

      Remember, Parts 1 and 2 have been merged together into one game, so it’s just listed as ‘April & Violet’.

  14. Hi Chaotic,

    You have said that you, on a good day, can render approximately 50 images. I think this may mislead many of us on just how close to completion you might be. Does this include the time to develop and debug game logic (HTML files)? Just curious, how long does it take to do these?

    1. I can indeed render up to 50 images on a good day, but there are a lot of factors. For instance, this would only really happen if the images are in the location and it’s one I’ve already set up.

      It’s one of the reasons you see photoshoots so often in my games. Since I already have the scene, just loading in a new pose is pretty easy.

      The writing and html work is a little time consuming, but nothing compared to the images. If it takes me 5 days to do 100 images, It’ll take one extra day to do all of the writing and html work to go with it.

      1. So, a large scene would take about 3 weeks to complete. Wow! I appreciate the work the you, dsp3000 and MrStomper put in even more. Using this yardstick, having Leanna out by the end of August would be a stretch. Best of luck!

        1. Well, I was generalizing a little when I wrote 100 images. It should easily be at least 150 on average.

          A release on the first week on August would still be a reasonable expectation.

  15. Hey chaotic, I have been playing tara part 2 for a couple days, but I still don’t even know how to find Maddison, so I was wondering if you can please post a walkthrough.

  16. Is Leanna completely naked under that white button-up shirt and just has it tucked between her legs?

    Or is she wearing some rather large white granny panties underneath? Because it looks like she has a rather wide white-covered crotch…

    I like how her nipples poke through the shirt though… πŸ˜‰

    1. She’s naked.

      I believe the white patch is just where the slightly sheer shirt is in contact with her skin. πŸ™‚

  17. Chaotic, do you have a kind of order of completing the remaining sequences? E.g. like will you finish Sequence 4 first, since it is earlier and only at 0%?
    Or do you jump to the sequences that are almost done like Seq 8 which is at 90%?

    Seq 1 (large) : 100% complete
    Seq 2 (large) : 100% complete
    Seq 3 (large) : 100% complete
    Seq 4 (medium) : 0% complete
    Seq 5 (large) : 20% complete
    Seq 6 (small) : 0% complete
    Seq 7 (large) : 100% complete
    Seq 8 (medium) : 90% complete
    Seq 9 (medium) : 5% complete
    Seq 10 (large) : 15% complete
    Seq 11 (small) : 0% complete

    1. Once I have seq 10 finished, I’ll probably go through everything in order from the top.

      So, finish seq 4, then 5 etc.

  18. Chaotic why do u not want to make a slaver game it will change the direction from just dating but in theory trying something new might create newer opportunities for other stuff to. u can give a poll if
    u want

    1. As I told you last time you asked (my own lack of interest in it aside), I can’t. It’s against Epoch’s rules.

      1. @santa are you active in here? I made a post regarding the academy part 4 about 3 weeks ago and can’t comment on that thread anymore – hoping you can help me out:

        Firstly, I’m stuck after retrieving the camera and going to hide when Principal V and Governor R are in the medical room. I can only listen at the medical room door or look into the office, to which a tooltip appears saying ‘no-one is currently in here’ – I can’t enter the office, and then I’m back to the same screen. Seems bugged to me – any tips/am I using a bugged version?

        Secondly, just purely out of interest, how do you get to touch up Bridgette’s tits? I have her happiness almost max in the library, she kisses me etc. but I can’t feel them.

        FInally, to get caught in the elevator by Laura and Seb, do you have to do each action right? I.e. no getting her to say something like ‘I don’t like that’ – does this waste time, leading you to get caught by Principal V instead – do you get fired still if you get caught by Laura?

        Sorry all this in a rush, just need a hand tying off these ends – also, don’t think you originally replied but you seem clued up the academy series so i’m trying my luck here! Cheers in advance. Here’s hoping we get to fuck Laura and principal V in ep.5!

        Thanks mate.

        1. Bridgette in the library at 10:00… Kiss her. Push her into the corner. Kiss her again. Then go for her breasts.

          Camera… You retrieve that earlier in the day (2:00 I think). At that time V and R are not in the medical room. They are in the conference room. You can only retrieve the camera successfully at that time of day. V will fire you afterward, but you can still complete the game. At 3:00, you will be retrieving the laptop. Look for the proper places on the screen. You should be able to retrieve it no problem. When you are in the office, click “turn around” and then “hide in the corner.”

          Elevator… You either get caught by Valentine, Sebastian, and Laura (fired) or just by Laura (not fired on the spot, but you still cannot successfully finish the day). I know there is an achievement for getting caught by Sebastian and Laura, but I don’t know how to trigger it. Could be a bug. I don’t think anyone has found out how to trigger it.

          1. It happened again. So i’ve retrieved the camera, gone to the principal’s office at 3 to get the laptop after leaving the library, I step into the office, turn right twice and i’m stuck looking into the empty office (with the hint saying “no-one is in here”,) and the only selectable option being “finish looking and turn around” and the only other action is to turn left and listen or open medical room door. I’m stuck here, never been able to retrieve laptop or finish the game. Getting quite annoyed – is there a way to check i’m playing the right updated version?

            1. Sorry, I have been working on another project for the last several days.

              There is a walkthrough in the Member’s section under help. That may really be of assistance. You have to have the storeroom key (must have) and have retrieved the camera at 2pm. To do that, go into the Principal’s office at 2pm and look at the trashcan to the left as you go through the door to her office.

              Bridgette’s breasts. Hmmm, what entry key did you use when you started the game? You most likely will want something like B6047212. Kiss Bridgette once, push her against the bookshelves and then kiss her again. After that, you should be good.

              As far as the up-to-date version, to the best of my knowledge, there was only one update. This fixed a few bad images that would cause the game to hang. If you do not see bad images especially as you are about to go through the double doors that let you into the corridor passing the changing room, then you are good.

              I believe there is a bug that will prevent you from getting caught by Sebastian and Laura. But, we really need for dsp3000 to weigh in here. The bug could just as easily be between my ears. There are really only two “possible” bugs that I am aware of. And neither impact a successful game. Damn good considering the amount of code in the game. My hat is off to dsp3000 on providing a quality game of this size. Good thing it’s not from Microsoft.

              Look at the walkthrough and I would be happy to assist you moving forward. I will check the blog again Friday morning. Once the new blog posts, start a new post there and I will attempt to assist as much as I can. Sounds like bing6541 is giving you a lot of good advise too.

            2. Hint: No one is in the office. That means you should be able to enter it. Have you searched everywhere on the screen? I’ll have to play again, and let you know where to find the hot spot.

              1. I just looked at the Hint which says there is no one in the office. Bing6541 is correct. If you mouse over the door it will say to go into the office.. There you will hide until principal and governor have cleared the area and then turn around and pick up the laptop.

                1. Thanks for your help guys. I’ve tried to enter to room, but no selection comes up for me.. I’m stuck basically looking at the empty office. I’ll try again and report back.

                  1. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this one.. what happens if you get past this point? Do you get to have sex with Megan/Miss Goodhead? If nothing really happens after this I’m not too bothered with finishing

  19. Is Mr. Stomper actively developing any games?

    I was recently revisiting the game Anna, and without a doubt, it has the best, most elaborately-scripted sex scene of any “dating” sim by a country mile. I would love to see something new from him.

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