February 10th Update


Progress on Leanna, the upcoming new and free game, is still going steady. There’s actually not too much to report on the game beyond that. Hopefully, we’ll see a release date sometime in March, but it’s still not something I want to commit to yet.

Leanna takes the player to a roller disco to prove how totally fun she is. It doesn’t go well.

The player relaxes at home for a minute from the optional third person camera angle. Both male and female variants are shown. Note how the Male PC’s face is obscured.

This week I’ve also decided to remove one of the 13 sequences from the game. The hiking chapter wasn’t really adding anything to the plot that couldn’t be done elsewhere, so I’ve just decided to cut it and probably use it in Crystal Part 3 instead.

The Academy

For those worried from my comments last week that dsp3000 had disappeared, don’t worry too much. We’ve been in contact, all is well, and he is diligently working on Academy Part 4. There is not a scheduled release just yet, but it’s assumed he’ll be releasing it either April or May.


Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll last week. I’ve finally decided on a setup which serves a similar purpose to photoshoots, but also works very differently. It’s basically a sort of striptease, role playing scenario with the occasional photo. I won’t give away all of the details, but maybe this test render will give you a few clues.

For the poll this week, a bit of a random question. Do you have a preference on what the woman should be wearing during sex? Heels during sex are pretty common (either in my games or porn), but do you prefer barefoot? Does it even matter to you? Let’s find out.

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44 thoughts to “February 10th Update”

  1. inspired from a Kelly/Leilani scene in a earlier game i had a idea for a future game:

    you (the player) meets a woman harassing your friends(Leilani , Nelena , Latricia , Evana , Kitty(stripper from Maddison game) , Roxie and Annabelle ) for stripping and doing porn movies(the Latricia and Evana games) . you (the player) decide to convince the woman to stop .

    there are five levels of sucess :

    level 1 – complete failure :
    instead of stopping the woman increase her harassment and go from yelling stuff to throwing things at your friends

    level 2 – some sucess :
    instead of harassing your friends the woman decide to talk to them

    level 3 – some sucess :
    the woman stop her harassment and leave your friends alone

    level 4 – sucess :
    the woman become friend with your friends

    level 4 – sucess :
    the woman joins your friends on the stripperstage

    1. to clarify the 4th level results in possible threesomes while the 5th level results in a possible groupsex ending in style with the game Pool party

  2. Sneakers could be very hot during sex too. There was a sex scene in Tara games with sneakers and it was really cool

      1. I’d like to recommend a few things that could be sexy in upcoming scenes
        – Sexy lingerie (all styles and colors maybe try victorias secret or lingerie from lingerie shops brasnthings.com maybe or google other lingerie shops)
        – garter belts, stockings, knee high school girl socks, different role play outfits nurse, teacher, etc.
        – for a more dominating woman character how about cfnm also known as clothed female nude male

  3. I’m glad to see barefoot winning the poll. I’ve always appreciated how most of your games have one sex scene where the girls barefoot. What I’d recommend is if you want to do heels or stockings or something, you could have an option as you’re undressing the woman to take off footwear or leave it on. Either that or the sex scene could start with footwear on but when changing positions, you take them off. That’s just my idea if you want to try and make everyone happy. If you can’t do that, I hope you just stick to barefoot. I like them to be completely naked

  4. I think that they should have sexy black leggings on her legs that just go to her thighs for the sex screens

  5. Any footwear iz orayt, having sex topless but with bikini/panties still on maybe kinda hot, but only the bottom part, and not the long lingerie mind you. Either works for me. Barefoot is ok. Leanna looks great! ☺☺☺

  6. I Don’t focus to much on the feet just don’t make it a bigger deal than it has to be.
    I would like a camping or Lake house setting in a game although a hiking scene is interesting. A Lake house game could be very similar to the pool party game.
    I’ve been giving some thought to your nxt Betsy game and thought that her geeting a small roll on an indie film would be a good idea.She would call the Player to help her survive on set dramas focusing on the dramas of the (foreign born) Diva who has been cast in the lead.

  7. I voted for barefoot, because it seems most “right,” but I think boots can also be very hot.

  8. You can never go wrong with heels. Of course, you can always have other footwear or no footwear just to add some variety.

    What would make the most improvement to me, would be including partially clothed sex, with short skirts/dresses, and/or see-through/wet tops. They don’t even have to be an actual sex scenes with full intercourse, but involve foreplay/flirting/voyeurism that could be sprinked into different parts of a game.

  9. My preference is either barefoot or stockings of some kind. Which is almost, but not quite, barefoot.

  10. Is there going to be a walk through for this Game? If so when is it going to be available?

    1. Yeah, I’ll probably do a walkthrough to go with the game when it’s released (or about a week later).

  11. Chaotic,

    Its been a great job creating April and Violet game full version, I have been looking forward to the Leanna game and also The Academy part 4. I just hope that more stunning game would be created by you soon or later after the new up coming Crystal game be release online.

    What about having new games like A Virtual Date with a Race Queen, plotting such Virtual Date game would be fantastic, as the female character to be a japanese woman or an asian woman, where by the male player is to be a western American caucasian or a black guy, this type of game storyline would be great and awesome.

    By the way, you did ask for the players opinions on the coming Leanna game, what type of footwear to be worn by Leanna during sex relationships? I would definitely like to see Leanna wearing High Heels with pantyhose during sex. If it is a sex relationship in outdoor areas, I would like to see Leanna wearing sandals, sneakers, or shoes with high socks just like the gym, or any type of sportwears or fitness clothings which are tight that could reveal Leanna’s boobs. In the pool or beach areas, I would love to see Leanna wearing a bikini and swimsuit clothings with sandals footwear. Having Leanna to wear a skimpy lingerie outfit in a club area during sex scenes would be a great idea with high heels and pantyhose.

    That is all so far that you would want to know about my comments in the coming Leanna game.

    Thank you so much for asking Mr. Chaotic.

    David Ong.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  12. Personally I love heels, especially during sex scenes…maybe you could add them if her Karma is good….

  13. your pool is a trick right ?

    i mean.. why not using it like you plan in the game ?

    ok i try explain better :/ not easy for me.

    as the game will have way to make good, bad, naughty, BDSM etc.. about leanna. why not create different way based on different choice ?
    exemple :
    a good way will be with barefoot or sock (smooth way)
    bad way will be with heels and else (pain in ass XD )

    well, hope you see what i mean. i think the sex scene will be impacted by the way the player is with leanna.

    (this can also be used on others game, just an idea, that can be cool combined with your new bad/good system)

  14. btw…


    but …..

    i think you maybe can consider adding some masturbation scenes too (maybe in futur games)
    i mean.. whats the point to choose wich character sex we want to play, and have 3rd person view , if we cant be allowed to “enjoy” a little about ourself (well, see what i mean ? ^^ ). this can also impact on the good/bad way of the game ending/karma

    1. Check out ‘The Academy’ #3 if you want to see some masturbation.
      There’s a female masturbation scene in the shower, watched via spy camera.

      And another where the Principal Valentine gives you a hand job, and also makes me masturbate and ejaculate on demand.

      1. eeeh thanks but i already know that .
        i not talk about DSP work, also i speak about “player” masturbation…. not npcs

  15. Hey chaotic, I think I might have a good idea for a new Maddison game, would you like to hear it?

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