October 6th Update

Today, dsp3000 returns with news on his next game…

Hello from dsp3000.

Since the release of my last game a few months ago it may seem to many that I completely disappeared off the radar. It’s pretty easy to do when you work under and anonymous online alias… Speculation about long vacations, nervous breakdowns and creative fallouts may have been rife, but the truth is that I have simply been incredibly busy in my real life.

Along with the ongoing ‘Academy’ side project, I have a very full professional and personal diary, so sometimes other things have to take priority. If I had been able to forsee just how labor intensive and time consuming creating this series has been so far, I may never have begun.  I’m thick skinned enough to take criticism, and I do really appreciate feedback. I’d also like to thank everyone on the forum for their support too. It is nice to read and cofirms that I do give a shit about my creative output.

Despite some accusations of supplying a broken and unplayable game, I was actually quite pleased that ‘The Academy: Part Four’ only had about four very minor coding flaws when it was released. About the same number of images that had gone corrupt during the file transfer over to Chaotic. As far as I could gather these minor errors were rectified pretty quickly. I should add that none of these glitches could have stopped gameplay. The game has never been broken, but it is complex and perhaps unrewarding if you don’t spend enough time exploring and experimenting.

One thing that I didn’t find time to complete was the official walkthrough. Santa did a pretty good job of finding everything in his walkthrough, but there was always some speculation regarding the Alicia elevator scene. 

The official walkthrough and character guide should now be available in the members section. It will confirm that there isn’t a coding error regarding whether or not you can successfully complete the game. The key issue is how much time you have to fit everything in. I have also sent over a couple of minor updates to the game. These concern a couple of slight dialogue changes with Megan, a spelling correction and a change to one of the checkfiles in the elevator relating to what happens if the alarm button is pushed. 

So what’s next from me? Well about three weeks ago I made a start on my next game. I’m about 300 images into the production at the moment and I’m hoping to find more time to work more intensively over the next few weeks. Then I’ll be in a position to provide more of an update.

In the meantime I’ve included a test image from my development folder.

See you all again soon.


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  1. Great to hear from you! I was just replaying the Academy Series this week and I still really enjoy it. Are the updates in the form on a complete download or will there be a separate update file?

  2. Splendid news great job ! Glad you came back ! So that means you have started 5th day of the academy ?

  3. Man, it’s good to see Bridgette again, I am ten different kinds of excited to see how the final part goes. Take your time, I imagine something this ambitious is going to be fairly massive and I’ll be impressed if you can get something out by the end of the year. I don’t suppose you have a rough guess as to what the final image count will look like? I’m thinking you might need 2000+ if you want to cover all the dangling plot threads.

  4. “The official walkthrough and character guide should now be available in the members section. It will confirm that there isn’t a coding error regarding whether or not you can successfully complete the game.” Appears to not have been loaded yet. The Part 4 Walkthrough is still credited to Santa (and maybe Santa deserves the credit). Speculation regarding Alicia is still there. Characters are only updated through Day 3.

    Glad to read the word is progressing on Day 5. Thank you for sticking with this in the middle of everything else going on. It truly is a tour de force.

  5. Hope everything is ok in your personal life man.
    Also take as much time you need and wish you luck man.

  6. I think the academy series to date is one of the most entertaining and replayable games out there in this genre. I find the the style of gameplay in both chaotic and dsp3000 games far more enjoyable than some others on different sites I’ve played. Can’t wait for part five. Just remember for every one person that critisizes there are prob 50 that are perfectly happy with your game.

  7. Great to hear from you, dsp!

    Totally get the busy life deal. Hope it’s all going well.

    Can’t wait to hear more about Day 5.

  8. Woohoo! Glad to hear Day 5 is progressing, keep up the good work dsp! Image looks awesome! Can’t wait to hear more!

  9. Maybe I’m parsing words, but it wasn’t entirely clear to my when you mentioned your “next game”, that it will in fact be Academy Part 5, or whether you were taking a development break and working on something else before going back to that game. I hope it’s the former.

    Great hearing from you again, in either case 🙂

  10. Good to hear from you DSP. I was vocal some weeks regarding your absence, but I will admit that my real life is not busy at all so I have no understanding of that. Regardless, these games have been great, my favorite games to play to date by far. I think it’s better to receive some criticism regarding your absence than to receive none at all, it means that people give a damn about your games which is better than the alternative.

    Also a question to anyone else, am I the only one that doesn’t see an updated walkthrough/character guide? I have tried refreshing multiple different pages and the walkthrough is no different than it has been.

    1. I think dsp3000 may have just updated the walkthroughs for one to three a little bit. He seems happy that Santa’s walkthrough for part four covers everything.

        1. Bear with us.
          I sent an old version of the guide by mistake.
          I’ve now sent what should be the correct and fully updated version over to Chaotic.

          My bad.

          1. I’m curious dsp, since it was intentional that the alicia scene makes it impossible to retrieve the camera (which results in game over), why does one of the parts of the game 5 code track whether or not you did that scene?

            1. I’m curious on that too, as that option even being in one of the endcodes suggests that DSP at one point intended for sex with Alicia to not result in game failure. I brought up this exact question a couple months ago and Santa said he is familiar with programming and that sometimes you can code yourself into a corner and it’s easier just to work around it than to fix the entire code, this seems like a logical explanation.

              1. It wasn’t intentional to have what is effectively an obsolete code integer.
                Coding myself into a corner is a good explanation.
                At this stage it isn’t critical to resolve it because it doesn’t have any effect on the game play during part four. It could foreseeably impact upon part five though.

                It is my intention to update all four parts in the series before I release part five.
                This will sort out narrative continuity and allow for the correction of any remaining technical issues.

                I’d also like to add in some save points throughout the series and perhaps add in some extended or additional scenes.

                1. That is great news. Your Academy Series is by far my favorite.

                  On a side note, it was very clever of you to release “Breaking the Facade” for free, because the high quality of that series made me join your site.

                  I hope we will get to have sex with all the women who are still missing (Bridgette, Didi, the new Director, Alicia’s red haired sister… ). Would be great to even add a part six, for Saturday.

                2. Additional scenes for Monday-Thursday would also be great.

                  My personal dream scene would be a threesome with Bridgette and Didi, because, you know, these two already have a close friendship going on, it’s hard not to imagine them together, one cuddled in your left arm, the other in your right arm. There could be a contrived backstory like this: Didi is bi-sexual and she was hoping to one day get physically close with Bridgette, but Bridgette is too conservative for that. And now Bridgette is dating me. Or alternatively, she already had a Lesbian relationship with Bridgette. In either case, Didi wants to join in when we’re having sex, mainly for the closeness to Bridgette, but she doesn’t mind feeling a penis inside her either.

                  Looking forward to whatever is coming.

                3. I like! This means having to figure new things out. Almost like having a new puzzle to solve. Sounds great!!!

  11. I may be a bit on the thick side, but can anyone tell me where the update to Academy Part 4 is?

      1. Got it. Thanks much. It is nice seeing the Character Update and Walkthrough too. Thanks you DSP3000 and Chaotic!

      2. Hi. Just wanted to say Leanna is hands down the best ‘Vdate’ game ever made. Great job!

        On an unrelated note: I’ve been having an issue emailing you, as I do not use either gmail or yahoo and can not seem to be able to find your email address listed anywhere on the vdategames website. I would be very greatful if you could email me a link or list the address on the site.


  12. Since its been a long after academy part 4 can someone plz post the all good ending codes ? thank you

    1. If you read DSP3000’s post above, there may be new ending codes that may be superior to those currently generated. I would wait until he updates the Academy Part 4 before you bother.

  13. Dsp, take as long as you need to do this one, mate. You’ve left us with 4 great playable games, which is more than enough to tide us over until your new one drops, so don’t worry about taking X months to complete it, i think we’d all rather you be happy with it before it’s released rather than releasing it because you feel time pressured to do so.

    I’m very keen to play your name game when it’s out, and I think we all are. The big one for me is some action with Bridgette/Principle V. I even found Mrs Goodhead amazingly well rendered, and I hope i get to see a bit more of her!

    But, take your time – you’ve proven you can make amazing games, and they’re more than worth the wait. Take it easy and you’ll have it done in what will feel like no time to us (but keep us updated – I’ll make sure to clear a day in my diary to replay this!)

    Keep swimming!

    1. Dsp3000 said he won’t put in a new update until the next few weeks. Don’t know about Chaotic though, but if he wanted to put in an update now would be the time.

  14. I can’t finish the part 4, I have tried so many different combinations of choices, I have also followed the walkthrough but even when I don’t get the Alicia scene there is absolutely no time to get the camera before Valentine comes in. I feel like I have tried every possible option, do anyone else have the same problem?

      1. This is in the order of codecheck 1-8, probably not the right order from what you would have gotten from part 3. But I followed the walkthrough and choce these: B5130226

        1. Don’t worry about the order. If you are looking for a successful Bridgette ending you may want: B0347212. If you would prefer a good time with Jodi: A6057212. You need the “7” in the fifth spot to assure that you have and can get the storeroom key Without that you cannot “win”. So, after the morning staff meeting and your time with Bridgette in the Library, you will go to your office to retrieve the camera. Before entering your office, be sure to use the “7” to unlock access to the storeroom key. Then, upon entering your office, get the key from your desk drawer prior to getting the camera. You can then go to your meeting with the Governor.

          When you are in with Governor Ramsey, you need to look at his laptop and then plant the camera in the rubbish bin while he is out with Olivia Goodhead. If you don’t look at the laptop you will be unable to take it much later (which you need to do in order to win). Nothing special here. Just look at it and see the porn that he was viewing.

          This should move you along. Let me know where this takes you.

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