October 23rd Update

Surprise! Time for another mid week update!

Next Members game

So, the main reason I’m posting today is that new information has come to light. I’m probably not going to have as much time to work on a new game for the rest of the year as I’d like. It’s due to my ‘other work life’, but it’s in a good way where lots of new opportunities will be opening up for me. Might also mean I get to have more free time next year, so more time with the site and making games.

I still want to do a new members game though, and still release it around the end of January as I normally do. I therefore need something simpler to do, but also something that’s substantial enough to be worthy of a new members game.

I’m therefore very, very heavily leaning towards the Leanna game I mentioned in the last post. In case you missed it, the game was an epilogue to the main game and mainly centered around a large scale dare game where Leanna would have to get from point a to point b across the site, completely nude, and in broad daylight.

It ticks all of the boxes for what I need from this game :

  • I already have the characters designed.
  • I have many of the sets ready to use. Others are easy to get.
  • Since we already know the character and are in a sexual relationship with her, I don’t need to spend lots of time introducing and getting to know her etc.
  • I’m enthusiastic about it because it appeals to my exhibitionism fetish

Next free game

So, what of Molly, Mariana and the Nascar game?

Judging by comments, Some of you seem to prefer Molly, and some of you prefer Mariana. I’m still open to the idea of Mariana being the main focus (I will find an excuse to use those hacienda models somewhere dammit!).

So, as a poll which would you prefer be the main focus of the game?

Here’s a little reminder of what they both look like before you vote.

Mariana :


And one with them both…

Rate Maddison

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Other stuff

Another 20 or so images have been rendered for the ‘complete’ version of Leanna.

Also, for those of you still wanting the Maddison and Lisette scene you may be satisfied before the end of the year (*cough*advent calendar*cough*).

24 thoughts to “October 23rd Update”

  1. so are we gonna see a new game next month and continue with your great work you make amazing games on the site keep going

    1. I’ll be releasing the final version of Leanna in, hopefully, a couple of weeks fine.

      The new Leanna, smaller game will probably be released January (maybe December).

      The Nascar game will further into next year. I would guess, April.

      dsp3000 will also be releasing another game this year.

      1. thanks chaotic continue with your work and another in think in leanna final version are there gonna be new dialogue or photos in the male character or just in the female character?

  2. Hi Chaotic, Long time fan here not that it matters lol we all love your stuff! I was wondering if you needed help rendering. I added another 1080ti to my system and im able to put aside some time to help.


  3. the choice of Marianna and Molly is up to you do what you want best and everything should follow.

  4. Molly… and it’s not close. But, to be fair, Mariana is also hot. I just think Molly is a supernova.

    It looks like Mariana is leading right now and Molly is a distant 3rd. I’d be happy with Molly being secondary as long as there’s a decent amount of time with her.

    1. I believe story wise that Molly should be the main character since she was already in Leanna Game and could have been promoted by the feds since she did a great job covering the Leanna fanatic case and to go undercover due to her contacts in her fathers Nascar profession to uncover drug or money running, race fixing or corruption. however she runs into the photographer at the races with Leanna doing another story and they help each other.. Mariana could be the wife (or surprise villain) of the lead suspect (main Nascar sponsor, race car driver or head mechanic who also works for/with Molly’s father) and molly wants you to seduce her to place bugs or get/photograph evidence to build her case

      Chaotic, I hope this could cement everything together for the Nascar Game or expand on your story with what you already have. Im a big fan and I love the work you do Thanks

  5. You could use both. Maybe its just because of how stunning Mariana looks in that dress picture you could use Molly as the driver/undercover and Mariana as the race team owner/sponsor.

    You could still use the hacienda sets that way too. It might even make for a good Leanna transition if she were to have bought Mr. Hughes magazine (RIP Hef) and given Leanna the “sexiest tv host” title from the Leanna game.

  6. Hi Chaotic.

    I’d pretty much be happy with either girl, and not too disappointed if you’re going with Mariana, even though I slightly prefer Molly.
    If you decide to got with Molly, would it at all be possible to make her ass a little bigger? Perhaps like Leanna’s maybe?

    Btw, amazing renders of Mariana. Stunning!

  7. Molly has my vote mainly because I like all her photos meanwhile I’m not impressed with some of Mariana’s. However this is all my opinion

  8. Personally I hope you go with Molly and save Marianna for another game but choice is yours you know. BTW my favorite girls are Leanna, Betsy, Kelly, and Rachel (yeah I like blondes).

  9. Wow. Maddison + Lisette in advents calendar? A mini-slideshow like last year’s Betsy? I can’t wait!!!!!

  10. Although I do like Marianna more, I will be more than satisfied with either. Your track record is great.

    Best of luck in your other life too. I hope this means more opportunities for you.

  11. Hey Chaotic, a question. Will Maddison/Lisette on advents calendar be like a small game like Betsy last year?

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