September 22nd Update

Not too much else to talk about this week, so I’m just going to list where my current mood is in regard to future games.

Girl Group

Some time ago I stated that I was considering the idea of doing a game based around a ‘girl group’-  a pseudo spice girls style ensemble with three to five different singers.

I’m currently leaning towards this as my next game, which would be for members only as I really need to add something to the members section. This seems a good fit as, to be blunt, a game featuring multiple characters which you can have sex with such as the photographer games or the academy series always attracts more new members.

It would also be my return to Poser for at least one more game. It means I get to use unused characters such as Mia or Cherise.

I’ll see what happens. I’m certainly developing a more favorable attitude towards IRAY now that I’ve taken a break.

Part of the reason Leanna took so long is because I was also learning. Knowing what I do now, There’s a good chance a new game with IRAY might just take as long as one with Poser. I’ll have to do at least one more IRAY game to find out.

Crystal Part 3

For a couple of years now, I’ve been considering finishing my Crystal trilogy. I actually have a plot I’m really satisfied with and a good logic for how the gameplay should go. Basically, day times are fairly linear (though they can branch off in different directions), and the evenings have complete freedom, working more like Jennifer. This seems like a good way to have a plot I can control, but lots of space for the player to explore too.

I think part of the reason I haven’t really gotten too enthusiastic about this game might be Crystal herself. She’s my oldest character, and has appeared the second most amount of times in my games (Rachel is the only one higher). It’s not quite that I’m tired of working with her, but there has to be a change that makes working on her game worth it to me.

So, what I’m really leaning towards right now is to update Crystal herself and completely remake the character with Genesis 3 and IRAY. I don’t just mean transfer the character to the new base model either. I mean start from scratch. It would be the equivalent of what Arianeb did years ago when she upgraded from V3 to V4.

I would keep the general face structure and style of Crystal, but make her more modern and, hopefully, hotter.

Betsy 3?

I see ‘April and Violet’ as Betsy 2, so I do like the idea of a ‘Bynes family trilogy’ finishing off Betsy and co’s story.

At least one of you noticed the Easter egg in Leanna of her neighbor being named A Bynes. This was part of a possible setup for the next chapter in Betsy’s story. ‘A’ is actually her father, and the story would mainly be focused on finding him and reuniting the family.

I don’t have too much yet with this game when it comes to ideas though.

Nascar game

I also have some ideas and models together for a Nascar-centric game I was starting work on a while ago.

The main woman would be one of the drivers and you would be working with her to expose corruption in the sport. I also liked the idea of a hispanic main female (the site needs more ethnic diversity). I have a few Spanish villa models that would work well for this game too.

Now that most of you have played Leanna and seen Molly’s role in it, you can probably guess how she features in this game too.

Something else?

I have other projects I started doing tests for but never really got beyond that stage.

Here’s a couple of images of Kristen as a Catwoman like superhero for instance. I didn’t like my original Kristen for Leanna, so I just used the one I had here. It’s crazy how different, but still hot, she looks with her hair down and glasses gone. That definitely works well for a superhero persona.

We’ve already seen her with a gun, so maybe this would be a fun way to go a Kristen game. Developing different heroes and villain would also be quite fun for me.


So, what do any of you say when it comes to any of these ideas. Two polls this week with slightly different questions just so I can gauge the responses better.

When answering, try just assuming that whichever game I make will be free, as I have no idea what would be free or paid for yet. Hell, maybe they’ll all be free. The revenue from the members section has been consistent for a while.

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51 thoughts to “September 22nd Update”

  1. I’m getting excited for a potential Crystal game release. Would you keep Cherise for the Crystal game if you proceed with it, or will you move her to the Girls Group game?

  2. Definitely need to get more Betsy into our lives, it’d be great to have the PC reconnect with her and explore how she’s changed (or if Violet is to be believed, how she needs our help to do so). Also, more April and Violet would always be a good thing.

    Shame dsp3000 is still under radio silence, I can’t blame him since Part 5 is going to be massive but hopefully we’ll start getting updates in the next month or so.

  3. If you do decide to do Betsy 3 next then it would probably be a good idea to also make her look is different considering this would take place in the future and if you do add her father in the game perhaps he could be one of the characters you’ve already played as or just a stereotypical bad Dad

    1. Yeah, I aged April and Violet subtly for their game. I’d probably do something similar for Betsy.

  4. Honestly, I’m a bit lost when choosing only 2 things from the list, so I might try explaining my point of view a bit.

    The Girl Group Idea is excellent, and a new twist in what you usually do. In the Photographer series, we’d have mainly already known girls, but here, you can change the setup, and introduce more girls. As for whether you should work with Poser or IRAY, I tend to lean towards the latter. Leanna and the rest were absolutely amazing. But If you still don’t feel quite comfortable with IRAY, I don’t mind seeing it happen in Poser.

    For the Crystal game, I’m quite devided. Do I want a final Crystal game to end the trilogy? Hell yeah. Do I want a brand new Crystal? I’m not sure. You mentioned the Arianne exemple, but the change happened in the first game, and since then, the new Arianne was used in the other games and stories. So, since Crystal made several appearences in you game, changing just for the last one might make it a bit weird. You could also “update” Crystal in the other games, but that would be pointless, and time consuming.

    For the Betsy game, I’m glad that I was the one to point out the A Bynes in Leanna, and I was kinda sad to know that the MC broke up with her in April & Violet, mainly because we didn’t see it coming. So having a game deal with that, plus dealing with her family issues as you mentioned might be the best way to end her trilogy. You could also try something that you never did: a wedding end. It might be corny, but just like when we help Leanna, helping Betsy will confirm that you were made for each other, hava a happily evre after thing, with an epilogue.

    The Nascar game is also an excellent idea. Not just for the hispanic main lady, but for the theme. I’ve always wanted a game that deals with sport (mainly soccer), but i won’t complain seeing other sports as well. Plus, the “fighting corruption from the inside” adds a certain mystery to the plot.

    Finally, the super hero game. I’m againt using Kristen in it. Not that I hate her, but she’s an established character in a universe, and making her a heroine with super powers will be awkward, at least to me. But hey, you can do a Kristen game, now that she works for Mr Hughes. We can see her deal with issues with the magazine, and you can play the role of the journalist that she chose to help her. That way, you can have the “excuse” to make a Leanna cameo?
    As for the super hero game, you can make some changes to the current model (the pic has Sabrina in the name, so I guess it’s haers?), add super powers and everything. Heck, you might even do a League of some sort if you want.

    In the end, I hope that I made my points at lease somehow clear to you ^^’

    1. I know it wasn’t meant for me but I like your idea for a wedding ending would the epilogue be betsy giving birth to a baby or betsy pregnant.

  5. Hey Chaotic,
    I just have a quick question. If your are going to do the Crystal remake, are we going to see Erica in it? To be honest, I find it rather disapointing, that she doesn’t appear in any big game lately. The lastet game, we’ve seen her in, was the short game Erica and Crystal.I think it’s time to reintroduce Erica again and I think the Crystal remake is a good oppertunity for that.

  6. Well, I must say your girls (as shown in this post) are all epic. I am a huge Betsy fan; especially if it leads to more Cas. I loved the Cas/Rachel segment in the Photographer 2. And the threesome scene in “Betsy’s Christmas” left me wanting a LOT more.

    All of your game ideas seem hot. I really like the reworked Crystal. That is a face one could look forward to. Both of the women in the NASCAR “potential” game are also very hot. And the new version of Kristen is very exciting. In short, whatever you decide is sure to be fantastic.

    Keep on keeping on!

    1. I agree, the Rachel and Cassie threesome was the hottest thing. Now we need one for the two sisters and a foursome with the three ladies. Well, need may be a strong word but you get the gist. I wasn’t into the mother daughter combo or lesbian incest, but Chaotic, you have corrupted me

    2. Taht was freaking hot, but we need Lisette and Maddison full lesbian incest. I’m waiting for years for that to happen. Maybe introduce their mother on some game? the hot redhead milf?

    3. It’s worth mentioning that, if I did do Betsy 3, I probably wouldn’t have a massive incest orgy. even with Betsy’s wilder side exposed, I can’t see her willing to be intimate with her mother. It’s why I opted for a dream sequence in Betsy’s Christmas.

      1. You didn’t mention anything about Betsy bring unable to do anything with Rachel. Dso is that still a possibility? Still have my fingers crossed for the foursome though.

  7. When you started out with “Not much else to talk about,” I figured this would be a short entry. But it wasn’t! Lots of good stuff in here. I really like the images of Mia and Cherise.

    I chose the Crystal (IRAY) and NASCAR options because they seem to be the two options that best balance your classic work along with trying something new.

  8. I’m a bit surprised by all the votes for a Kristen super hero game. She came off as a domineering b**ch in her small part in the Photographer game, and I guess Leanna gave her a back story. I saw her as being a nice person until she was pushed too far by Leanna and went off the edge, turning her into what we later saw in the Photographer game. To me she just seems too villainous/domineering to fill a super hero roll.

    1. Yeah, as Nazim says, it’s Carol in Photographer 2, not Kristen. They just have a similar job, so dress a little similarly.

  9. I love the blonde in the 2nd picture but how about a baywatch lifesaver game or her with kristen as both spies in a james bond sort of game

  10. Hey Chaotic, I’m really enjoying the way you’re dealing with your new games. It’s definitely more intriguing and I hope you’re also having fun. From this side, it’s been great so far.
    I’d say that it’s more than fair to make the next game for members section. You’ve worked a ton lately and you deserve your income!

    Ethnic girls? Yeeeeeeeeeeeee

    You managed to do a freaking great work with IRAY. I’d keep working with it.

    And did you consider the idea of a collaboration between you and another artist?


  11. Not sold on the NASCAR concept (probably need to be a fan of NASCAR to really appreciate the setting) but absolutely would love to see Hispanic character with a lovely latin booty to match.

    The girl group concept would be a really good one – so many possible plot lines and possibilities for the main instiagtor (fan, manager, producer, support artist). Mia looks amazing.

    Some great ideas you have.

  12. Hey Chaotic, any word from dsp3000? I’m really looking forward to the conclusion of the Academy series. Any news, good or bad, would be nice, then I can be either disappointed or elated, rather than the nebulous area in between.

    Or just a confirmation that he’s alive, that works too lol.

    1. Nothing just yet. If he is planning Academy Part 5 for November, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if I don’t hear from him until October.

  13. Will there be an advent calendar but for Halloween. The Christmas ones are very hot, so I figured sexy costumes would be just as hot if not maybe even hotter.

      1. Figured, the last few months of the year are always so busy. And you probably would have needed more than a week’s notice to make room in your schedule.

    1. Rachel, Cass and Betsy in one at a time and also possibly a foursome in Betsy 3. What a wonderful game that would be. Who knows, Amber and Violet too. All in IRAY. Wow, that could be great!

      Could also provide a chance to do a “couples” sex scene where Cass is reunited with Mr. Bynes and you are with… Could be wild.

      1. You lost me at Mr. Bynes reuniting with Cass. But maybe Mr. Bynes has tricked everyone that he is successful and actually just wants their money. That way you get to keep the ladies to yourself.

  14. In betsy 3 would you play the main character from 1&2? and would everyone return for it coz iv always thought violet and the main character always had a thing, but others stuff got between them.

    As a suggestion you could do flashbacks to maybe their time in college??

  15. a new asian girl might be interesting.
    you always have a lot of people pushing you in different directions and I always admire when you make choices for what you enjoy best. I think some of your best games came out of that choice and would encourage you to do what excites you the most.

  16. personally i am for doing a Crystal game as she looks now for the same reason as i prefer the Vanilla bodies in The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim . it would not feel as Crystal if you did a makeover.

      1. OK, now I’m REALLY thinking about it. 🙂

        I’ve got the pool party set from Leanna. It would be a good reason to use all of the secondary characters people have been requesting to have sex with. Debbie, Leanna’s two friends from yoga/basketball…

          1. I would enjoy all of the secondary characters. Heck, maybe Leanna gets sent to cover some aspect of the party (maybe when it gets out of control – or perhaps her showing up pushes it over the edge). But the down side is that there is likely not going to be much complexity to the story. I mean, and they all show up and get naked. Doesn’t seem like more than a “pick your partner” affair. The Academy series, Leanna Anna and even Betsy made you do a little thinking and problem solving.

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