July 31st Update

Today, I’m happy to announce that everything in the game is now finished except the epilogues. This easily puts me on schedule for a release date sometime in August.

Following adventures on the beach (regular or nude), the player will then have the opportunity to take a small voyage into the ocean with Miranda. Should she be sufficiently romanced, this can include some naked underwater diving and watching the sunset with a kiss.

Here’s some previews…

boat5ย ย boat35 boat39


I particularly like the last shot where’s she’s naked. It took a while to get the lighting just right.

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    1. As i said in the comments section of the last blog post, “It will most likely be Jennifer, though I may change my mind. It also wonโ€™t be for several months yet.”

      1. You might consider changing the about section on the website. It still states that when you release a new members game that you will make one of the other games free to play.

  1. So, the last shot… Why do we see the sun through the water? Not trying to be picky or anything, but perhaps this was something overlooked, because, realistically, the ocean is not very transparent along the horizon.

      1. I figured it was a reflection, but the geometry does seem off. It seems much wider and deeper than the reflection of the sun would be, especially considering how low on the horizon it is.

        Just being nit-picky. lol

        1. It looks fine to me, but I get what you mean. The sun looks like its the full sun shining through the water as opposed to it being a mirror image to whats above the skyline. Looks like you can see her bum sticking through the seat in the second photo too, but that said its just being nit-picky too. Keep up the great work Chaotic ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Miranda look absolutely stunning!! I can’t wait to play this game! I also want to ask if dsp3000 is working on a new game? His Tara Part 2 Hotel game was amazing (I loved how he included Rachel). I hate to change the subject, but I was just wondering. Thank you for all of your amazing work!

    1. Yes, I believe he is working on a new game. He will probably start posting updates on it some time after I release Miranda.

    1. It’s a possibility. I certainly want a date-able character sometime who isn’t just white. I think the site needs a little more ethnic diversity.

  3. hey when are you going to upload this game, you seriously take forever to upload a game lol, your update notification states that it will be up by July 31st right. Well it’s August here in Australia, so when is it actually coming out??

    1. Are you the same person who commented last week?

      As I said then “The update is just the news update (the blog post and everything therein), as I do every week. The game will be out sometime in august.”

      Just reading the first sentence of this blog post should have made it pretty clear.

  4. The next free game will probably be Jennifer. Rachel Part 3 would probably be made a free game sometime next year.

  5. Hi Chaotic, I apologize, I didn’t read the everything written in the post which is my fault lol, but on a different note, I love all your games as they are all amazing. I am a big fan of yours and yeah great big thumbs up ๐Ÿ˜€

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