August 11th Update

Hello everyone. Time for another blog post, a little earlier this week as I want to work on creating images tomorrow.

While I did say that the polls last week were not a definitive way of judging what game I will be doing next, it looks like I’ve been swayed by them. Using the pool party template as a starting point, I’ve worked on a premise and story I really like. Here’s the basics…

The Motel (working title)

In the middle of the Great Basin Desert, there is a lonely motel. Tired from driving, your only option is to stay there for a the night. The place is a dump, but the only other people there are three attractive female guests and the receptionist. There’s also a very nice pool around the back.

After spending the night there, you wake to discover the receptionist missing, all of your cars have been drained of gas, and none of the phones work. The guests must work together to discover a way out of it, and a way to leave.

Although it probably won’t be part of the game, here’s a promo image I put together to showcase the main characters and the look I’m going for…


As I suggested last week, all of the characters will be based on the Genesis 2 and 3 base model, which generally look better than the ones I normally use.

After ‘The Motel’ has been finished, I’ll likely be working on Mia, then Crystal Part 3.

Since this is game of experimentation, there’s one more thing I’m considering and would like some feedback on. I’m thinking about not having it be in first person. Some of the shots and plot twists I have in mind would work much better from third person cinematic angles. It also means I can use some poses for the sex scenes I don’t normally have, which might be interesting.

Just to clarify for those who don’t understand what I mean, ‘first person’ is when you see everything through the eyes of the character. Essentially, the camera is their eyes. ‘Third person’ is when you can see all of the characters and the camera is watching them.


So, just this once, I’d like to have a player character you actually see, but I want to have some feedback on the idea.

As I said, it’s not the regular way the games will be going from now on, It’s just a one time experiment. He will be a white male, and you will be able to name him and control his personality, pick dialog responses etc. It’ll basically be the same as what I normally have, except you’ll actually see him.

How hot is Molly?

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Next week, I’ll be announcing something cool and new for the site which I’m sure will be making a lot of you happy.

EDIT : Here’s a large promo to give you a good look at each of the main women.


And for the hell of it, let’s have another poll over them.

Which player character would you prefer?

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EDIT 2: Another poll with more specific options fro what people want to see.

Which do you prefer during sex scenes?

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37 thoughts to “August 11th Update”

  1. Don’t just use The Genesis characters , but also use like the photographers 2 characters or maybe some from Tara Games as well Plz

  2. I’ve played other games that switch between first and third person angles throughout. It might be best to just mix the two camera types, using whichever one is best for the scene at hand.

    By the way the environment and lighting in that picture look great, so I’m excited to see how this new software turns out!

  3. I’d say yeah, go ahead with the 3rd person perspective, BUT only if we can have some diversity regarding the player’s color or gender (remember, this *is* your most uniquely defining feature against other games!)

    1. What are you talking about ? Who the hell cares, go force your diversity political issues some where else

      1. Umm… I don’t give rats about the political bullcrap, that’s not what these games are about. I like what makes the Vdate games stand out most, i.e. what actually separates them from the plethora of other games. You know what the best thing is? You get to CHOOSE whichever player you want to play as. You want to play as a white male, more power to you, you know why? Because you have that choice! Maybe some of us want to dyke it out and get off on twice the tits and twice the ass, but then again, to each their own. I’ve just been grateful that Vdate has been able to provide that for us and I hope it continues to do so!

    2. I am a SJW and I demand you put one japanese male, one japanese female and one jap trans, and one indian male, one fem, one trans, one dog male, one dog fem and one dog trans, one kid male, one kid fem, one kid trans, one alien male, one alien fem, one alien trans. Or you are a racist.

  4. Personally, I think the character development, story, and diverse character types are the things that make these games better. I could care less about color or gender of the main character if the rest of it is done well

  5. love the brunette in the cutoffs yummy!!!
    as for third person approach have a feeling it will be more popular if you are playing as a female character.

  6. After years of following your work, Chaotic, I trust you when you try something different. If you want to try your hand at a 3rd-person perspective, I’m all for it.

    I’m also really glad to hear that, as of now, you plan on working on Mia after this game. She was my vote from the poll last week.

    And as for this game’s few photos, the girl on the far right with the short hair gets my approval, as well. 🙂

  7. Sounds more like a classic adventure game, third person images could be better for storytelling, although first person can be good for immersion and atmosphere, like one on one conversations, examinations and exploration, perhaps using changes in perspective to define events and environments. As good a game this can be, it is experimental game on your part so play around with it as you will.

  8. About That first person third person game , I think you should make one with both points of view . Third person sounds like it would be cool and all, but there is something about first person that I think players will miss.

  9. Chaotic from the previous poll it was clear that most people want gender and ethnicity options.So why is there only a male and no gender options in this game

    1. There still might be.

      It’s just that rending with iRAY takes longer, so I’d rather there were less images to make. If the game doesn’t take too long to make though, I may add the options as well.

    2. The poll is about 50/50 so it’s not clear cut and personally I’d like to see a poll for just the paying members. I’ve been a continuous subscription member to the site for almost a year and I just cannot understand how you all want this option when it’s resulting in twice the work and delaying game releases. I’ll gladly pay the $19 a month because Chaotic and DSP are producing in my opinion the best stuff on the net in terms of the images of the girls, dialogue options, storyline and sex scenes but it’s frustrating when we’re getting 2-3 releases a year. If cutting out the female and black male options results in 5-6 games a year why wouldn’t anyone not want this?

      1. Totally I agree with you. I am also paying member, and I am angry that the survey on sex or skin color involved paying players who have just extended their complaints creation of new games. Always waiting with impatience for each new game and only thanks to these two surveys, the release dates of games still move. All games have been perfect, so I do not know why the matter had to change anything.

      2. I’d say a clear poll would be 55/45, 60/40. A +/-3% margin is pretty up in the air. But in the end it’s your characters/creations, your decision.

      3. Well that’s understandable so you would care if he do a black male and not a white male and you still get your 5 -6 releases a year cause I’m always a paying customer… Who been a member for some years now … I don’t care about , the male or female he can cut that .. But I do care for the color .. But he can do it like this … A game with a white main character and a game with a black main character. And even other races … I wouldn’t care .. But if he could release a game every month I wouldn’t care white black Chinese it don’t matter ..

  10. I would love to see the player options in this game, but I understand that you’d basically be making every image 4 times (as well as scenes for each gender). You’re the artist, do what works best for you.

  11. Hi Chaotic

    I just want let you know my opinion about the gender/ethnicity option. I am a white male, but I like to play the woman role sometimes. The Maddison and Rachel games, I played both as a man and as a woman.

    I think that option is not just a politically correct thing. It is also a tool for fantasy and makes the game a much richer experience!

    Thank you for your nice games!

  12. Personally I think that having a mix of 3rd person and first person would be nice, (i.e. during conversations have it first person and during the sex scenes have it third).

    Also I can see why only using a male character would be easier to do in the long run (new software may take longer to make images) but even making it a add-on/expansion at a later date may be something to look into.

    Keep up the good work, I loved Besty and hope to see her in more games with her mum and sister.

  13. Geez so many people here not giving you actual feedback lol

    – for starters, I think third person would be ok , but a combo of both first and 3rd could work combined as well. In the long run, go with your gut feeling, it doesn’t matter either way. As for the people saying if it’s third person, you’d need to choose the race. Can you imagine how long that’d take for Chaotic to pull off this game BY HIMSELF mind you, as a hobby; it just doesn’t make sense to make multiple races this time around

    – now onto the good stuff! Thank the maker that you’re finally creating a plot for your games man! This is exactly why first person or third person doesn’t matter. Because the story itself sounds immersive and will keep us hooked.

    – a few directions you can go with the plot. If you wanted feedback. There could be 1 or two other male characters who work at the motel. One of which, or both, are the ones who drained your cars of gas and have you stranded. Possible scenes could be them having sex with those girls as well (I know you don’t do rape and I’m not into that either, so something else to convince the girls to sleep with them or what not)

    – overall, it sounds like you really have something going here! Also, the girls looks great! I’d avoid using older characters just cuz our main character is traveling and at a random sleezy motel. There’s plenty of other women in the world, so it’s not needed to bring any of the old characters in this time around!

    – looking forward to this!

    1. > One of which, or both, are the ones who drained your cars of gas and have you stranded. Possible scenes could be them having sex with those girls as well (I know you don’t do rape and I’m not into that either, so something else to convince the girls to sleep with them or what not)

      What the fuckj

      1. Lol I meant not rape, but tricking the girls into sleeping with them, aka, playing the nice guy or etc, when in fact they’re complete assholes and are the ones who have you all stranded in the first place. But the girls don’t know and only your character knows. Or etc

        1. For instance, a bad ending would be those guys set you up and you get no pusy whatsoever and they make themselves out to be the heroes, making the girls willingly want to have sex with them

          I’ll just stop and leave the writing to chaotic lol

  14. damn yeah i have an favorite girl already… Molly.
    i love wompen with dominating and strong charisma ^^

    btw i vote to keep the 1st person view. better for immersion . its not i not like 3rd person (i love playing mass effect and else), but in these game i think fps is a “must obligation” (dont know if you say that in english lol )

    daaaamn, i see some IRay render and i love this. those color, those light/shadows , those definition and render…. daaaamn, this small pics and news make my day 😀

    1. maybe i have wrong but it look like
      kristen = the smart girl, shy but smart
      Leanna = the naive girl, beautyful but with 6 fingers by hand (lol)
      Molly = the fake-boy girl, strong and determined

  15. Wow, wish more people cared about the ability to choose gender. I much prefer being able to be a woman in these types of games.

  16. I say that you could probably use various views from first and third person, that would be awesome so that the person playing the game can see from POV or from 3rd person. It would be more dynamic for field of view but more in tune based on the way you modeled the questions. That is my 2cents and I generally don’t post comments but I enjoy all these games so how ever you make the game I am sure to enjoy and play.

  17. It maybe be odd but I would love to see girls withe better fingernails, I do care about it in real life and in the games, and it isn’t so much work to change that.

      1. Dont be so rude, I think it is important in girls, I am not Young and talked with a lot of girls, like in 70% of those girls, ex-boys carred about nails those girls, i just wanted to say, dont be mad. In acadamy this part is like very good, and I would Love to see again something like that.
        With Love.

  18. Wow! I’m really liking Molly. Kind of reminds me of Emma. You really need to do more cute chicks with short hair. 😀

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