May 27th Update

More images this week from the forthcoming free game, Betsy.


Betsy and the player make plans for the evening.


Betsy, Violet and the player have fun in the park.


April doesn’t appreciate you walking into the girls locker room.




A photoshoot on the last date with Betsy can take place in several different locations if her confidence is high enough.


Violet also has her own ways of boosting Betsy’s confidence.


But remember, not all endings are happy ones.

Next week, I should hopefully have a release date.


11 thoughts to “May 27th Update”

  1. Hi chaotic

    amazing pics

    When you will have finished the game of Betsy.

    Can you give news of the game of dsp3000 the academy part 2

    thank you

    1. As I said in the blog post, expect a release date announcement next week. I should know by then.

      As for academy part 2, you would have to ask dsp3000, but it won’t be for a while yet.

      1. thank chaotic

        I made one error when I wrote my message I knew that you would give us an answer for your game next week ^^.

        have a nice day chaotic.

      2. Very much looking forward to seeing Betsy too.

        As to The Academy Part 2. Still working away at creating this one.
        I’ve completed well over 400 images/pages and it’s not even lunchtime yet…
        It’s looking like being another very large game.

        Proper blog updates will commence after the release of Betsy.

        1. Oh dude thanks for news about it… probably you will release the game 2 weeks after betsy 😛 haha i’m joking

        2. Thanks for the update on Academy – really enjoyed Part One.

          Lola and Didi in particular – both look stunning. Two of the best girls since Zanya.

        3. By which you mean lunchtime in Day 2, right? 😉

          Thanks for the update.

          1. Yeah. Nearly half way through day two in terms of time but certainly not in terms of action.
            The afternoon will be very busy and varied.

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