May 20th Update

Not much to add this week in terms of information.

Progress on Betsy is going well. I can’t say for certain yet, but I think the game will end up being around 700-800 images.

Also, a few people have been asking what the next free game is, so in case you missed it, Betsy is the new free game. It is a completely new game for the site, and I am releasing it for free. See the last few weeks of blog posts for further details.


Rachel gives some tips on how to boost Betsy’s confidence.


When the player suggests watching porn, Betsy decides it isn’t really her thing.


April agrees to accept some help studying for her exams.


Violet and Betsy discuss who they’re taking to the prom.


Betsy finally decides she’s ready for something a little more daring.

10 thoughts to “May 20th Update”

    1. I would think not, since I believe Chaotic started the sex scenes only this week and still has to do the endings. Plus testing.

      Chaotic, I forgot if you answered this, but can you pursue April or is she just a side character? I believe you said last week in the comments that you can pursue Violet.

      1. Without going into the details, yes, you can certainly see April naked and have sex with her in this.

  1. There are a few transition errors when I downloaded the file. Also, it did not seem to matter what the boldness level was Betsy did not get the part

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