November 20th Update

More from dsp3000 on his upcoming game, Tara Part 3…

Firstly, many thanks to all those who have taken the time to vote on which character they would like to see included in Tara Part Three. With over 2500 votes cast over the past week, I’m going to call the winner as Holly.

For all those who voted for Amy or Lola, don’t be too disappointed. They will both definitely appear in my next game after the conclusion of the Tara Trilogy.

Speaking of which, Tara Part Three is creeping ever closer to completion. The image count has just ticked over 1000 and there are now over 1200 html files in the game too.

Now that I have my character selection, I have to create the scenes in which Holly features. This will probably take another week or so which, along with a week of full testing, leaves me slightly behind my intended release date. I now anticipate that the game will be ready for the very end of November or the beginning of December.

This weeks preview images include a bit of nudity and some more hints towards some of the locations and potential scene outcomes.

tara3_blog10tara3_blog9 tara3_blog11 tara3_blog12 tara3_blog13 tara3_blog14


Lastly, I’m going to finish with a quick word from me (Chaotic). The next free game will be Jennifer. It’s a little later than I would normally release a game for free, but that’s mainly because I like to pace out the releases a little more. Whether I release it before or after Tara Part 3, it’s still be pretty close to the release date.

I think I’ve therefore decided to release it a little after (so it doesn’t distract too much from dsp3000’s work). Expect Jennifer to be released for free one or two weeks before Christmas.

10 thoughts to “November 20th Update”

    1. Nope. dsp3000 said so himself awhile back because it was’t originally planned and he’s have to redo too many pics.

      Personally I love the multi gender/racial component of Chaotic’s recent games. Most adult games are dominated by white male protagonists so it’s a refreshing change of pace. Hopefully dsp3000 adopts this gameplay mechanic for his next series of games.

  1. Really looking forwards to this one – I’m hoping that those pictures mean we’ll be able to control a few photoshoots, which have always been my favourite parts of these games!

  2. Any plans for anal in the next few games? Loved Maddison but thought that it was just kinda shoved into the game with not too much thought for it all.

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