October 30th Update

This week, some first details from dsp3000 on his upcoming game, Tara Part 3…

Tara Part 3: The Assignment

The final installment of the Tara Trilogy picks up in the hotel the morning after where part two finished.

Faced with the late cancellation of professional models you have to help Maddison to complete the photography assignment. Fortunately, after last nights exploits, you are already well aquainted with Tara, Natalia and Maria.

What happens during the day depends on the choices you make and the locations you visit.

This game is currently about 70% complete with just under 700 images so far. I’m still on schedule for a release date some time mid to late November. While still only my third game, I’m now really getting to grips with the software I’m using. So far I’m really happy with the big advances I’ve made in terms of higher render quality, a more varied storyline, and better appearance of all the girls in this game.The images are also 30% bigger and I’ve worked really hard on making the animated sequences even better than ever.

These first four images should give you all a brief idea of what to expect.

tara3_blog1 tara3_blog2 tara3_blog3 tara3_blog4

More updates next week.

30 thoughts to “October 30th Update”

  1. Wow, the quality of the images are great. It’s good to see you improving with rendering, good work dsp3000.

    1. I think that Chaotic said in the past that there will be a “Photographer – Part 3” which will be set in the vacation area with those women. I’m guessing it will not be for a while since he would need to introduce more women first unless he uses people from previous games and places them into the vacation scenario.

  2. Looking great. The improved resolution is a bonus.

    The description implies that the foursome is the canon ending. Is it, or does it just mean you met all three of those girls? If that’s the case shouldn’t Zayna be mentioned as well? Maybe I’m just over analyzing this. Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

    1. Depending on how you played in part two, you will have at least met all five of the female characters in the game. You may be more acquainted with some of them more than others.
      In the forthcoming part three, Tara, Natalia and Maria are present at the hotel at the start of the game, hence their availability for the rest of it.
      If you want to reason why Zayna isn’t there, then it’s because she isn’t working the bar in the morning.
      She does however have a part later in the game.

  3. Looks good. I’m hoping there are some 1-on-1 scenes with Tara in this game. I was a bit disappointed that Tara 2 only had group sex scenes with her.

  4. Wow, for a third game, I think that you’ve improved, a lot. Especially the Natalia picture, it looks really wonderful!

    1. Thanks. I’m really pleased with the improvement in render quality too.
      It’s a combination of a much more powerful computer and more familiarity with the software, particularly with lighting and render settings.
      There’s also a fair amount of post work in Photoshop.

  5. Hope we get to cream Maddison’s mouth. Last game all the other girls had proper oral creampies except for Maddison. Was an awesome game though and so will this be

    1. I’m pretty sure that there is a good oral creampie with Maddison in part two during her solo sex and during her solo ending, plus some facial action during her threesome with Maria.

      Again though, it’s on the list for part three.

      1. True. The Maddison ending one was great but I was more thinking along the lines of something like Tara’s throatpie, maybe we could have both? :D. I’m sure whatever you decide to put in will be awesome. This is just a personal preference of mine.

    1. Daz3D for the modelling and rendering, Photoshop for image processing and all the animations and Dreamweaver for the game construction.

  6. I’m really excited for Part 3. You improved so well over the last 2 games so this one will beautiful for sure!
    And i hope you give the girls some toys like dildos and strap-ons to play with during groupsex, since there is no second guy around.

  7. Awesome news. Hotel 2 was my favorite game on the site. Nice to see there will be a conclusion. Hoping for a 5 some

  8. Loved the first two DSP. Some of my favourite games on this site. Loving the notable increase in visual quality too.

    Would love to see some mmf action in this game, thought that perhaps Part 2 was going that way, but alas…

    Would also love to see a surprise appearance by Lisette too.

  9. Looks great! Very excited to play another one of your games the last two were very good. Eagerly awaiting release of this

    1. Too late I’m afraid, plus it would at least double the amount of images I’d need to create for several sections of the game. At the moment it just wouldn’t be very practical especially given that one animated gif requires anywhere between 5 and 50 frames to be created.
      I think for Tara part two I created well over 5000 images in total, so adding in skin tone variation too…
      Well, you get the idea…

  10. Nice looking start. Although at this point I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks Maria deserves her own game. She was kind of the sleeper that stole the show for me in the second volume.

    1. I so glad that you like her. 🙂
      I have plans for Maria in the future, but for the time being she has got a really nice role in the forthcoming game if you play your cards right.

      1. Is tara3 going to e less chaotic as tara2? And about tara 2 in other topic (mirandawalkthrough) you responded on making a tara 2 walkthrough yourself, how is that going?

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