July 19th Update

Crystal Part 3

I need a second woman for Crystal Part 3. I have this subplot planned where both her and Crystal both entered a swimming competition (maybe the Olympics?), but she had to drop out due to a small injury.

To make her feel better, Crystal suggested she be the coach. The problem is that the other woman is now taking the training way too far and straining their friendship.

So, inspired by a recent blog comment, I thought – why not try and make it Erica?

It makes sense. They’ve both been previously established as working together, and they’re both into their fitness.

So, I’ve tried converting Erica to the G3 base.

She’s not finished yet. Sadly, she’s not converting as easily as Maddison, but I think I can get there.

Whereas I really want to do a slightly newer look for Crystal, I’m fine with just upgrading Erica as she is. Original Crystal was just the V4 base model, but by the time I made Erica I had learned how to use morphs correctly.


I’m just going to continue the poll from last week in order to get a more complete set of stats.

Which locations would you like to see in Crystal Part 3?

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21 thoughts to “July 19th Update”

  1. If I recall right, Erica was a yoga instructor. But yes, of the old cast, she’s the sporty one, so it makes sense. You just need to make a proper transition between the twe activities.

    1. Will this be a play as either gender game?
      Oh it will be soo cool if it had a multi ending.

  2. I don’t think Erica looks bad at all in the samples you posted and I think it’s a great idea to use here like this. Very much looking forward to this.

  3. Erica actually looks pretty darn good in the new render. Not gonna lie, I think she actually looks better than the new Crystal render (not that the new Crystal render looks bad).

  4. I rather like Erica’s new look I look forward to seeing her in the Crystal update. I am pleased to see that molly and marianna is on track for completion. I hope that a walkthrough is also forthcoming as well. Thank you for your kind attention.

  5. the only thing that would possibly (but doubtful) needs to be altered are her hair with longer front-hair . except for this she is fine as she is

    1. The hair is actually the same length as the old model (it’s the same hair prop), it’s just that he hair disappears into her chest for the above renders. 🙂

    1. I’m not chaotic but new games are generally members only. They only become free after they’ve been members only games for a few years.

  6. Looks great 😀 query, does anyone have a walkthrough for sci fi story? still cant finish it

      1. Yea seen them, really helpful, but don’t seem to be able to get to the orgy :/ managed most of the other things…

    1. You don’t need to ask, if he hears ANYTHING he will pose it on here l.

      It has been a while but Chaotic will post all and everything on here when/if news drops

  7. have a idea for a second Lisette game :

    Dasiy and her band are looking for a second guitarist and Lisette have the idea to try . but she needs your help . first you need to teach her how to play and then help her find a guitar that is good and affordable . then comes the concert and after you have the chance to talk to the band (Daisy , Tammy and Ashley from volleyball game in the Miranda game) wich can lead into a five some(like in Pool Party)

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