October 26th Update


Today, let’s go through the various things planned for this site over the next 6 months or so.

Molly and Marianna

First of all, Molly and Marianna are almost certainly happening now as a joint game.

The key thing was deciding on what their ‘second variable’ would be. For Betsy, it was her confidence and you had to increase it. For Leanna, there was a small twist in that you had to decrease something rather than increase it (her facade).

I wanted to do something similar for this game, but notably different. The answer, was tension.

Molly, as established in Leanna’s game, is a cop. Marianna is a notable criminal, and the pair have a notable history of one evading the other. For this story however, they have to work together alongside you, the player. The tension between them will start at 100, and your various actions with either of them can reduce it.

The lower the tension, the better everyone works together, and the better the outcomes of the story are. Obviously, less tension also means that both are more open to things of a sexual nature happening too.

Everything makes sense to me with this game now and I’m having lots of fun organizing the plot.

Photographer Part 3 – expanded edition

Before that though, the next release will be an expanded version of Photographer Part 3.

The plan I have right now includes 4 extra solo sex scenes and one extra threesome, as well and numerous scenarios during the daytime.

I should have this finished and released for early December.

Crystal part 3

As I stated last week, March 2019 will be the tenth anniversary of Crystal’s first game, and I was hoping to maybe release part 3 to coincide with this. Looking at this schedule though, It’ll likely be a little later in the year. Probably June/July.


That’s all for today. I will be posting more next Wednesday with some fun horror themed images to get everyone in the Halloween mood. See you then!

19 thoughts to “October 26th Update”

  1. So, is the Molly/Marianna game format will be linear like Leanna, but with the possibility of choosing your ending? I mean, choosing either Molly or Marianna, of both?
    Oh, and since I’m a huge big canvas fan, will the protagonist (you) be the same one as Leanna, or a new one?

    1. There will certainly be different endings.

      I’m undecided on whether or not this’ll be the same player character as Leanna though.

      1. I know that it’s your game, and you have the last word in it, but could I suggest something? Make it a new player, that way, you could add the older player and Leanna as a cameo of some sorts. And let me tell you why:

        You told me before that mostly all your games are set in different “univers”, meaning that you could date Rachel, and meet Crystal, without her reconizing you. But if you follow what I suggested earlier, we can imagine that the girls had their happy end, or even have sequels (like in Betsy, with April and Violet)

  2. Do you already have plans on how Crystal III will be or is it still pretty open? Also how about seeing some other classic characters like Leilani or Rachel again?

    1. Crystal Part 3 is pretty well defined at this point.

      There’s no plans for the return of any familiar characters in it, but obviously there will be threesomes.

      1. May I make a wish for Nelena? She deserves more attention!

        And I Love the plans you presented us!

  3. So Marianna/Molly seems like a longer-term project, based on what you laid out above, I guess? After Crystal 3? Because it would seem very ambitious if it’s somehow before C3.

    Love the idea, though. That’s a really cool twist to your normal way of approaching things, by having to actually figure out ways to de-escalate the situation and draw down a variable instead of building it up… particularly between two characters in conflict. I’m guessing that in certain situations you’d be able to add affection/lust to one of the two but add tension, as well. So probably more more strategy needed depending on what the player wants to accomplish.

  4. I thought there would be separate games for the two characters. Like, the Molly game could have the player as a rookie cop helping Molly catch a dangerous criminal or stop a crime ring or something along those lines while getting to know her, and with Marianna, the player unwittingly helped her escape from cops and now becomes her accomplice in helping her pull off a heist, or if that NASCAR concept was still relevant, the player is a race car driver who beaten Marianna to the finish line at the last second which made her mad at the player for taking her win and now the player has to make it up to her.

    1. Having 2 separate game was a consideration, but these characters and scenarios have been waiting long enough.

      I’d rather just get Molly, Marianna and Crystal done so I’m free to move onto the next thing.

  5. I am looking forward to the photographer part 3 expansion as well as your future projects. I hoped that free release of academy pt 1 portend a new release from dsp3000 for his next release. I trust that his health is improving rapidly. Please keep up the excellent.

  6. The release calendar looks good – I’m assuming dsp isn’t yet making regular updates, so his releases aren’t scheduled at this point. I hope he continues to do well.

    1. Yeah, presumably dsp3000 will be releasing something at some time, but when exactly, we don’t know.

  7. Is crystal going to go back to the classic vdate game mode? Meet girl in town or city and explore together with different options depending on what you choose to do? I like that style the best

    1. It’s going to be a mix of the two formats.

      Free exploring in the evening, with a more linear daytime.

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