October 31st Update

Happy Halloween everyone!

Last year I created a series of spooky themed images. I enjoyed making them , and you all seemed to enjoy seeing them, so why not do it again this year?

This time I went for a theme, and something more horror based. Strange creatures are loose in the city and everyone seems to have lost their clothes! How will they ever survive?

All imaged are 1920×1080, so perfect for desktop wallpapers if you wish.

Other things

There won’t be a blog update on Friday this week as I’m obviously doing one today instead.

Also, for those of you having trouble with Photographer Part 3, I’ve adding a new step by step guide to the walkthough section. Full credit goes to EscapeEvade.

12 thoughts to “October 31st Update”

  1. So, the cop and criminal are freaking out, meanwhile, the journalsir, her former assistant, and the ditzy college girl are fighting? So weird, that I love it XD

  2. Thanks for editing the walkthrough, Chaotic. I made assumptions about how certain situations worked, particularly timing. I didn’t try searching for code that indicated times, so I assumed, for the most part, that girls were present in a location for 60 minutes or 120 minutes, rather than cutting it short (I see one you edited to be just 40 minutes out of an hour).

  3. Awesome, but now I want to play a naked streaking/ bad dream horror game. If you do another Leanna steak game Chaotic, maybe one of the path Leanna takes her some place strange and spooky. Also would love a Betsy, Violet, and April big steak game of there own.

  4. Wow Mariana looks so good cant wait for that game to come out! Ill definitely be playing the path that leads to a 3some with her and Molly.

    Also pleas3 put Nikki in an upcoming game. Shes one ofcl my favorites, along with Jess.

  5. Love the look of Leanna (obviously) and also the redhead from Leannas game. Is there any chance we can see more of her? Like a cameo or get some easy side action with her in one of your upcoming games?

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