October 19th Update

The continuing evolution of Crystal

Next March will be the 10 year anniversary of my original Crystal game, my first game ever. It’s my intention to release part 3 of her trilogy to coincide with this.

In order to do the character the justice she deserves, I’ve been slowly working at upgrading her to the same Genesis3 base model I used for Leanna.

Here’s where I’m up to.

This is now with her original face morphs transferred over and dialed in a little.  She doesn’t look exactly like her older model, but that’s the point. Her original look really is just the base with a texture added. I didn’t know anything about face morphs at the time, which is why her face may have seemed a little boring compared to my later characters.

I don’t think I’m willing to say with certainty that this will be the final version version, but it should be pretty close.

Molly and Marianna

I will be going over more details of this next week, but I wanted to add a small note here to say that I’ve finally decided on a format I like for the Molly and Marianna game. So, that’s one game starring both of them. More details next Friday, but for now have this hot preview pic of Molly.


Based largely on the image above, what kind of rating would you give Molly?

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22 thoughts to “October 19th Update”

  1. I really don’t know about this “new” Crystal. This one looks a lot like Leanna (more like a brunette Leanna). I might get used to it, but still.

    1. I noticed you said this over the pic I posted on twitter. She has been a little refined following that one, including less of Leanna’s style of cheekbones.

      Do you still see the similarities in the one above?

      1. Well her cheek and jaw seems a bit “toned” (which is normal, since Crystal is an athlete), and that’s my point: Leanna is a fitness fan, so the two are bound to look a little alike.
        Now don’t get me wrong, this model does look great, and it’s a huge improvement from your previous attempt, but maybe rounding up the jaw might do it.
        And despite what I’m saying, I can learn to like her as she is, if you find that “improving” her will be difficul or impossible.
        And btw, thanks for showing that you care about you fanbase ideas and thoughts ^^

      2. `I don’t dislike this image. I think the eyes are the problem for me. The eyes on the new model appear more deep set and the color doesn’t quite come through as well too.

    2. i do not think it looks like Leanna but it does not look like Crystal either(more like a new character)

      1. Well the intention is to do a look more inspired by the original. She’ll never truly look like the old version, and I don’t want her to.

  2. I love the new crystal. Ive always thought the old version was bland. I also think they look pretty similar. I wouldnt change much honestly

  3. I think the new Crystal looks great! To me she looks slightly “older” which fits perfect given the almost 10 years since the first game. I wouldn’t change anything.

  4. The poll really doesn’t have enough options. Molly is, bare minimum, a 12 on a scale of 10.

    She hasn’t even had much beyond these renders you’ve shared and she’s pretty much become my favorite character you’ve created, Chaotic. lol I’ve been hoping since the first time you rendered her that we’d get a game with her.

  5. Perhaps you could centre Crystal part 3 on a wedding anniversary to fit with the occasion?

  6. Molly looks like Jane from the game College’s Life.

    For Crystal, I would personnally prefer the left one, because the right one don’t really have anything left from the original appearance IMO. For me it’s like asking somebody else to play the role of Crystal.

    What I say is only about perception and not about quality which I have nothing again and even found great.

    Anyway, a very soon happy birthday for Crystal and hat’s off for the work you’re done since that first project Chaotic ;).

    1. Good call on the Jane comparison. I can see that.

      Unsurprisingly, Jane is my favorite character from College Life.

  7. Chaotic, I didn’t realize you commented on the previous blog post.

    To your question, yes, absolutely! I’d be honored if you posted that in the walkthrough section.

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