March 30th Update

Just a few briefer words today.

Upcoming games

First of all, dsp3000 has given me an update on progress for Bridgette : Part 3. Things are certainly progressing, but slowly right now due to other commitments in his life. Currently, a May release is looking most likely. As always, don’t take that as Bible, and things are always subject to change here.

Personally, I’m still on my break, but I’ve still had a little time to experiment. Specifically, with Marianna. I wanted to create a body for her which was curvy, but not just ‘less skinny with big tits’. After analyzing some real life models to look at their proportions, and actually getting some measurements from a very nice and friendly cammodel, I’ve ended up with this…


One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument
So, it seems that recently there has been an influx of trolls stirring up hate on this blog. As narrow minded as obtuse as they are, really the problem is that they refuse to acknowledge any reply, and keep repeating the same thing over and over again.
Typically, I just let these things fly. They’re technically just stating an opinion, but the ban hammer is always and option. I’ve only banned 2 people from this blog ever though, so it’s not my natural first reaction.
So, what does everyone think? To ban those who are clearly just trolls or not?

Ban anyone who is clearly just a troll, or do they have a right to post?

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And as addendum, where do you think the discussion for the site should be? Currently, everything is just discussed here, but there’s also a lot of sense in moving it over to the new lagoon forum. It means I wouldn’t have to moderate everything, and also might encourage more people to join any discussions. I would still post blog updates, and include the occasional poll, but at the end of every one, I’d post a link to the forum where people can talk about it.
So, what do you think?

Where should we discuss things?

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That’s all for this week. No guarantee there’ll be an update next week, but I do have a series of ‘fun’ posts planned over the next month.

56 thoughts to “March 30th Update”

  1. No thank you on moving to the New Lagoon forums. I have a sour taste in my mouth from there from when one of their moderators got on his high horse about using acronyms. Wasn’t even acceptable to use an acronym, even if the game’s literal option to choose was said acronym.

    1. I’ve been around the Internet for 20+ years. Never once have I seen anyone refer to acronyms as “shortcuts.” It took me weeks to figure out what the hell that mod was talking about.

    2. New Lagoon has always has a lot of strange moderators there. They get very snobby and play favorites and have some very strange ideas. Please do not go there.

  2. Well, when dealing with trolls, the first rule is to not feed them. Yet, I’m against banning them (unless they go way too far), because they make laugh sometimes. Just don’t focus on them too much, and it will go smoothly. That being said, I have to add something: sometimes poeple treat rightful criticism as being a troll. Not saying that you do, but in the end, we are only human beings, we can make mistakes. Just something to keep in the back of your mind.
    I’m also against moving to another forum. This is YOUR blog, in which YOUR rules apply, and you have absolute authority here. Imagine if someone posts a comment for one of your games on a forum, a comment that you aknowledge as normal, yet the admin of the forum disagrees. It might cause some friction in the futur.

  3. Has DSP3000 condensed Date with Bridgette into three parts instead of four? I know he has made them longer than anticipated. I hope we have the option of going to the club where Lola, Amy, and the the other two are. I think that there should be an option to go with Bridgette and then take her home afterwards. That will be when all the dirty fun begins.

    Or you could “fail” the date and go alone to meet with the girls. Depending on how you play your cards you could get with any combination of them, all of them or none of them. I hope if that’s the case then we will finally get a chance at Lola’s ass. I think Lola has a great figure and is my favorite girl after Annie. She has been teasing that ass all week and I think it’s only fair that we get to go in. Not that Lola won’t love it!

    My furthest hope, one which I don’t think will be realized is sex with Bridgette and one of the girls at the club. It’s just too far fetched. Maybe that tease of a threesome between Bridgette and the barmaid Alexa will be realized, but I kind of doubt it, as Bridgette is less than happy if you mention the barmaid proposition, but maybe your adventures have made her more daring and willing. I’m forgetting all about Didi though! Maybe that will pay off?

    1. On DSP3000’s last post, I believe he did say three parts. Of course, of everything I’ve lost, I still miss my mind the most.

    2. You have sex with lola i part one dont you? Im sure we have already seen her ass tho its been awhile. As for the threesome thing im guessing thats the direction youd be heading in if you got bridgette to invite didi to the club and she agreed

    3. Yes, the original plan was to do four, but he’s decided to do just 3 with a larger third part than the rest.

  4. Okay Chaotic. No more changes to Marianna until you publish her phone number. Wow, she is looking great!

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised that these trolls are the same few people.

    And I agree to keep discussion to the blog- please do not move to a forum like New Lagoon.

    1. perhaps it will be best to warn them if they repeat negative posts over and over that, even though its their opinion, they could be banned if it really offends other people’s morals, ethnicity, sex, etc and that it would severely hurt that person to cause them to hurt themselves or commit suicide. Cyber Bullying is not worth it, to give it or take it.

  6. Re-posting this here in the newest blog post since I didn’t see it at first.. for some reason I have issues with this site not automatically updating without me hitting the reload/refresh button of my browser. I have the same issue with multiple computers. Feel free to leave the other post unpublished.

    Saw the new “more realistic” body for Marianna on Twitter… looking good.

    Question… have you ever considered ditching the first person POV? I get that there are people who like to customize their characters (well, their sex/skin color and name) and you’d probably have to abandon that but I think it’d have nice upsides too.

    Most importantly I think the sex scenes would benefit A LOT from not being always tied to the same POV.

    Also I think it could help give the player character more personality, no longer being this faceless, nameless guy with very little distinctive traits. Again, I’m sure some people want the main character to be this “blank slate” on whom they can project themselves on, but I tend to find them a bit dull. Think about it.

    1. I have thought about having a third person game with a character you can actually see, but whenever I’ve had a poll, there’s something like 75% of people against it.

      Although I agree that switching views would open up more possibilities when it come to ‘positions’ and such, I think having the player be ‘you’ is also a unique selling point of these games. I can’t think of any others games site where the player is emphasized as the main character. It’s our ‘thing’. 🙂

      1. I agree Chaotic, I really enjoy the fact that is it is first person, it allows the player to immerse themselves into the game and as you said have the player character be “you”. I have played the crap out of Redemption for Jessika and while that game is amazing as it is, you don’t get the same connection as you do with your and dsp’s games. Just my opinion of course, just enjoy your break and keep making great games 🙂

  7. I am against troll banning.
    My (very personal) opinion why:
    There is allways a thin line between banning trolls and banning people who just write an unpopular opinion (to the author or the mainstream). I am a Reader of every Update and I know the Comments you are referring to and Yes these are (or at least the very most of them) obvious trolls. But dont let People say you censor anything. There is no reason to do that. The followers who aren’t trolling can see the difference anyway. BUT you dont have to Take any insults. These can be banned immediatly.

    And I am highly against moving to the new Lagoon. I enjoy this Blog with the Comments.

    1. For the most part trolls are unbending in opinions and unwilling to see an alternative point of view insisting they are only person that is correct, whereas someone making an unpopular opinion does at least concede that other people have different views and even enter into a proper discussion,

      Agree with keeping discussions blog based though.

  8. I go to the Lagoon and here. The Lagoon is a good place to check on other games, but I strongly prefer to discuss your stuff and dsp’s stuff here. The staff at the Lagoon is… interesting. I, too, have been rubbed the wrong way about how they mod there.

    As for the images, I like what you’re doing with Marinna a lot. Still prefer Molly, but Marinna has always been a very intriguing render.

    That’s unfortunate to hear about Bridgette Part III taking that much longer, but it is totally understandable. We’ve all got our regular lives to go about. Hopefully dsp is doing all right.

  9. while i feel every one has a right to express themselves
    trolls do not apply to this sense there only here to cause a distruption and do not have any real sense of providing proper feed back

    so drop the ban hammer on those num nuts ^_-

  10. based solely on the fact this is YOUR site and YOUR rules apply here, I say keep discussion here. As to the trolls, they’re just suffering from massive blue balls due to not having any spank material…. LOL! Just let em rip, bud! you do good work. If they’re gonna be dicks about it, let them try to make a damn game for once in their lives. I tried it. It’s not as easy as some might think. I was able to make a lot of girls in DAZ3D…. got pretty good at it too…. but actually rendering games just wasn’t in my wheelhouse I guess. ah well.

    Enjoy your vacation and thanks for the COURTESY of an update….

    because you don’t owe anyone a damn thing!

  11. Wow, Marianna’s looking incredible! I think she’s one of the best looking girls you’ve made, love her look.
    Can’t wait to see more of her after your break! Keep up the good work buddy!

  12. Never thought to ask before but does dsp have his own blog or twitter account to follow?

  13. Don’t waste your time worrying about the trolls bud – everyone on here knows who they are – they never add anything worthwhile to the discussion. The games are great – the last Leanna game was short ( to be fair you told everyone beforehand) but it was still enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next Bridgette installment too. Would it be possible to get Tlero and Mortze to publish their pandora games on this site? ( they would be a great addition ) keep up the good work bud and enjoy your break

  14. Is Marianna going to be free for everyone when released and when is it being released?

    1. Still undecided so far.

      I will say that if she is only for members though, I will be releasing a game for free too.

  15. Just here to say a quick hello and to confirm what Chaotic has stated regarding current progress in the main blog post.

    The final stage of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ is still in production, but other personal and professional commitments mean that I don’t have much spare time to progress more quickly.
    As much as I would like more time to work on making games, I can’t simply step away from the other things in my life which require my attention. Things upon which other people rely.

    From a purely financial perspective it might well be a good idea to pursue making games as a full time occupation. But I’m not all about the money and it’d burn me out pretty quickly.

    So apologies to anyone waiting impatiently for the next games in the series. It’s frustrating I know, but I’m afraid it’s just the way it has to be.
    I’ve not disappeared, I’m not on a break, I’m working seven days a week. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the update DSP3000. Both you and Chaotic always provide quality games and information. Take your time and do it right. And I am not just speaking of games.

    2. Thanks for the update – i’m sure ‘A date with Bridgette ‘ part 3 will be worth waiting for – if the other parts are anything to go by – great job

    3. We’ll all just have to sit tight, dsp. Take care of what you need to first and foremost.

    4. No worries regarding the delay, just gives me more time to play through the back catalogue of games onnhere and find as many different endings / attain achievements as possible

  16. I know i’m new to this blog, but it seems to me that Chaotic and Dsp3000 are polite and helpful whenever they answer any players questions.

  17. I was wondering- have Chaotic and Dsp3000 ever collaborated on a game – if not , would it be something that you would consider? ( just a thought – it might help with the workload) You would be able help each other – with plot lines etc. Any thoughts on the subject? ( just an enquiry not a complaint)

    1. So far, the most collaboration we got from them is Chaotic lending Maddison to him, in the Tara second and third game, and DSP3000 doing some images for the advent calendar.
      And while your idea is good on paper, it might be hard to do. Both of them have different writing styles, and rendering methods. Just my opinion, but I think it’s unlikely to see something from the both of them, in the near future at least.

    2. NOTE: Chaotic, please feel free to remove this post if you do not think it appropriate.

      As Chaotic has posted their work on this web site, I feel that it is fair game to make a comment here regarding collaboration siting Tlaero and Mortze as an example. In this case, Mortze handles the images and Tlaero does the storyline and programming. Well, I am sure that there is a lot of discussion between the two when it comes to developing the broad storyline. Anyway, when you read their posts on Patreon you will quickly gather that there is little to no advantage to the speed at which games are developed. The advantage seems to me to be that it allows both to leverage their individual skills in putting out quality games. It does not result in games coming out more quickly.

      In the case with Chaotic and DSP3000, both have skill sets that appear to completely overlap. So, given the need for greatly increased communications, it may actually slow things down a bit when collaborating. I personally believe that if you were to allow them to develop independently, which is what is happening now, they would combine to be more productive than if they worked together.

      Just an opinion.

      1. I Agree with Santa and would add, While Chaotic’s and DSP3000’s skill sets over lap their styles are different. The format we have now allows us to enjoy separate games that benefit from those differences in style. Collaborating would force a blending of styles. I would prefer to see them continue as they are now, perhaps joining forces for one game should THEY choose. But on the whole keeping their separate games and format as it is now.

        1. Great to hear a few thoughts on Chaotic and Dsp3000 ,it was very informative. They are both very good at making games ( judging by the standard elsewhere on the internet ) Anyone got any favorite characters- that don’t star in their own games ?

          1. Hard to say. I do feel that DSP3000’s characters deserve their own game, like Bridgette, just to get to know them better. As for Chaotic, I’m waiting for Molly and Marianna.

            1. I like Holly and Lola ( dsp3000 ) and the policewoman from Leanna’s game ( Chaotic ) I wonder would it be possible to see them in different situations or stories ( as if they were actresses playing a different roll ) just a thought

              1. Well, it’s hard to turn an already estblished character to something else without an asspull. But in Holly and Lola’s case, it might be possible, when they finish school

              2. I think the future will make you happy regarding the policewoman (Molly). Chaotic has already announced plans for her moving forward. If you go back and read blog posts from earlier this year you will see how this is evolving.

                1. Thanks, guys for the information ( will check back over the blog posts) I have an idea about the amount of work ( although probably still underestimated) just the sheer amount of illustrations ( characters, backgrounds, renders etc) whilst still trying to fit it in with family life, work etc . Thanks one again for all the dedication and hard work ( Chaotic, Dsp3000 , Tlero and Mortze)

              3. I do have some ‘alternate reality’ versions of characters. Erica and Tammy have both been seen in a scifi setting, and some others have been seen in a fantasy setting.

                So, something like that could be possible.

      2. Yeah, there’s been plenty of discussion about dividing the work, or even hiring more people. Sadly, the nature of the work doesn’t make it that useful.

        Each game is several thousand small jobs rather than a handful of larger ones. Basically, the amount of time it takes to explain to someone else what you want, you can probably just do it yourself.

        Hope that explains everything well.

  18. Hello,
    is there any news on the progress of the game with Dsp3000
    I have a proposal for the next version of Bridgette,
    Why not have the opportunity to make sex with the Principale Valantine,
    we could meet annie nightclub who would invite us home and we would see her mother depressed to have lost his job, we must change his ideas

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