November 17th Update

This week, news from dsp3000 on his next game…

Hello again everyone. My last update was in October and I’m now in a position to reveal what my next game will be.

To recap, over the past 18 months I’ve released the first four parts of the Academy series of games. These are based around four consecutive days working and having fun at The Goodhead Academy. Part four of the series left off on Thursday afternoon and so in theory part five will start on Friday morning. However, those of you familiar with the story will know that one of the main achievements you could gain during part four was to get Bridgette’s phone number so you could ask her out on a date with you. I had thought about including a date with Bridgette as a final sequence in part four but shelved that idea because I wanted more time to really do it justice. Cramming it in at the end would seem a shame. I then thought about having the date as an element of part five, but again struggled with fitting it into the narrative.

So a while ago I came up with an idea which I think is much more satisfactory.

The date with Bridgette is going to have it’s own game. Think of as ‘The Academy : Part 4B’. It will be a full game that totally compliments the series as a whole and will also effect what happens during part five.

For the past few weeks I’ve been busy creating this new game and from a creative perspective it’s been great. I was getting a bit frustrated with the limitations of the Goodhead Academy location, but this new project has allowed me to introduce several new locations and a few new characters too. I’m actually quite excited about it. I don’t get excited very often.

At the moment I have completed well over 1000 images for a game which may even reach 4000 by the time I’m fully done with it. That will give the impression that it will be months before this game sees the light of day. But don’t despair, I’m in negotiations with Chaotic about exactly how and when this game will come out. It will be sooner than you expect. More on that next week though.

In the meantime, and as always, here are a few images to keep you all interested.


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  1. Awesome announcement. I’m loving how it’s going back to the roots of this site of dates with a full game for Bridgette. And 4000 images? Wow, this wait is going to be rough.

  2. I 1000% approve of this announcement – anything to expand the Academy universe is good news. And considering the size of the game, I can imagine there will be a lot of content in addition to Bridgette.

  3. A whole game with Bridgette? Oh God yes. I’m glad you’re doing it this way, I figured it would have been tacked on to the end of part 5 and been little more than a flimsy excuse to go out to dinner, chat for a few frames, and screw. Fingers crossed we get it before 2018?

  4. Nice to get an update.

    I’m not even annoyed if this delays part 5 and Didi, more of the Academy is just a good thing.

        1. It is worth mentioning that I have removed some errant passwords and logins that people had shared online and were being used to illegally access the members section.

          Since Hakimi has not contacted me with their credentials as suggested, I do suspect that they were using some of those, rather than genuinely having issues with an account they’ve payed for.

          Is it the same for you?

          If not, and you are a genuine, paying members, please email me you login info and I’ll see if I can fix it.

  5. 4000 images, that’s over twice the size of the previous biggest game if I’m not mistaken. Bridgette has been my favorite since Part 1, so this is great news! I’m also excited to see the barmaid in the background, I wasn’t sure if she was just a one-time thing, but now there will hopefully be a path to have some fun with her.

  6. Quick question. Is there a reason why blog updates don’t always show in the little “recent posts” section to the right? For example, to be able to see today’s post I had to click wildly on all the other posts and comments until one (this time the Nov. 5 update) made today’s update appear on top of the recent posts section.

    1. The site has always had cache issues, if you just refresh the main page everything will be brought up to date.

  7. I never could see just how DSP3000 was going to fit the story into just 5 parts. Now I see that DSP3000 had similar thoughts. This is really good news from a story point of view.

    Now, a separate game with lots of images implies a complex game with a number of logic paths. This sounds even better to me.

    I really like the POV images. This is a nice artistic touch.

    I look forward to hearing more.

  8. Fantastic announcement. I enjoy everything that expands the Academy universe, because the characters from this series were all amazing.

    I wonder if this game will include a threesome with Bridgette and Didi, because these two are girlfriends and seem to be close? And they look hot together.

  9. Glad to hear about the plans to do Bridgette as her own spin off game. Chaotic, is there anyway to use any other type of payment system other than epoch? Not that they have poor service or anything but my credit cards has flagged it as a suspicious site multiple times causing my card to be cancelled and other problems so it’s hard to want to risk a subscription lately due to the credit cards hassle that might ensue.

    1. Epoch is the only option I have at this time.

      I don’t normally condone/suggest this, but if you can use a European or UK proxy to signup, Epoch let you use Paypal.

  10. thats….. ridiculous…

    i mean, no offense but… why Bridgette ? why dont you make tons of games for dating with each girls ?

    thats non sens to me, its just my opinion but, i dont give a care about Bridgette.
    soo, that mean this part of academy is not for me πŸ™ , its a bit unfair.. as peoples who like her will enjoy this part and who doesnt like her will not.

    yeah yeah i know, i talk for myself only, but still… why dont you make a game where we date our girlfriend redhead ? ( after all, we supposed to be boyfriend of her , kind of )

    i not agree with this idea, because its very weird and unfair. but again, its just my own opinion. and i think , the most important part is.. that make her the main character of the academy serie, and, to be honest, i thinking it wasnt her at the beginning. i feel super weird now and lost in this serie..
    i dont know what the hell are you gonna create for use in next episode, but i m lost in the maze now lol . i m very curious to see what you prepair to us XD

    1. Since when has life ever been fair?

      I’d love to make a dating game for every single character in the Academy series, including one for Sebastian. When you have been through the process of making just one of these games you understand that it would take a lifetime to do so.

      I could make a date game with Maria (the redhead) but she has featured in three of my games already, plus her relationship with the PC has moved on.

      A date with Bridgette is a very natural progression to the story so far. I’d go as far to say that part five won’t work without fleshing out that part of the relationship.

      Oh and one more thing. It’s a game so it’s supposed to be a bit like a maze.
      Puzzles are there to be solved. That’s where the treasure lies. It’d be boring otherwise.

      1. “” A date with Bridgette is a very natural progression to the story so far. “”

        well, i dont understand that , to be honest.
        if i remember good, we can refuse to help her (and them) against the principale. soo is that have any influence on the game ?
        if i refuse to help her (them), logically i didnt get a date from her right ?
        is the save of this addon-game will be used on the rest of the academy games ? like the choices maked during the date will impact on relationship with her for the rest of the serie ?

        lots of questions, sorry, but i dont understand everything about this game

        1. “”lots of questions, sorry, but i dont understand everything about this game””

          Neither do I just yet, but I suggest you at least wait until you have seen the game until you pass judgement.

          The narrative paths within the first four parts can end in many different ways. The example you have used regarding not helping Bridgette means that you won’t have got a code at the end of the game and therefore ended in failure.

          So getting Bridgette’s phone number at the end of ‘Part Four’ is actually an important part of progressing to ‘A Date with Bridgette’, and what will happen on the date will have an effect on what you can do during part five.

          It’s quite complex working out a multiple path story over a series of games. Every branch that opens eventually has to close in order to give a logical progression to the next part.
          You can take different routes but you have to find a common end point that can be picked up at the start of the next part in the series.

          1. Totally agree with you. I am not a big Bridgette fan. But this is where the entire series has been pointing. Four parts and then ditch it??? Sorry, that is crazy. We have to have Bridgette as a key component. And I love the “maze” to be solved. That is why it’s a game and not a comic book. Keep on DSP3000! I love this series. I consider it a plus that we get at least 6 games now instead of just 5.

            1. The more I think about it, a dating game where you act as Sebastian’s ‘wing-man’ on a night out would really be quite entertaining.

              “That donky dick couldn’t get laid in a morgue.”

              On a serious note, Bridgette is a very important character in The Academy as is her relationship with a number of other characters.
              As mentioned, her friendship with Didi is a curious one, and Didi knows a lot about what goes on in The Academy.

              Have you noticed how Holly has some influence over Bridgette? Finding out why could be to your advantage…

              Also, it’s clear that Bridgette doesn’t like Principal Valentine, and Principal Valentine takes the opportunity to undermine Bridgette whenever she can. What has happened in the past to cause this?

              In terms of Part Five, everything you discover and achieve during a date with Bridgette will become important.


              1. This seems like an extremely interesting, and for me a very fun, game to play. Many mini-puzzles to solve and a lot of background information to be found out. You already had me hooked. Now you are making me anxious to sink my teeth into 4B and 5. I am really looking forward to this set of games. My only misgiving is that it may be the end of a really fun story line and some interesting characters that I have come to enjoy over the years (counting the Tara series too).

                Keep up the great work@

                1. I agree, the Academy series has been one helluva great game and I can’t wait for 4B and 5. I also hope part 5 isn’t the last we see of Goodhead Academy and the beautiful women working there. This game and all the characters have laid a great foundation for multiple expansions if dsp3000 chooses. Even if he moves onto some other projects for a time, which would be understandable, I hope we get to see more of these characters at some point. But that’s still a ways off.

      1. Awesome!

        Also please do one for that hot brunette who is posing in a pic you have up on Tumblr, that is currently on the home page.

  11. Interesting move, dsp.

    So what does this to, generally speaking, for Part 5? Had you been working on Part 5 and just shelved this or is 4B what you’d been working on already, just wasn’t sure where to slot it yet?

    1. All it does is mean that part five won’t be the next game that gets released.

      I’ve had a basic script written for part five since the beginning of the Academy series and I’ve been going back to it throughout the production of parts one, two, three and four.
      I hadn’t properly started on part five because I didn’t feel ready.
      The extra development time will help me iron out a few parts that I’m not yet happy with.

      I probably realised some time ago that the Bridgette part of the story wouldn’t fit in as just a bonus scene, and I like the character too much for that.
      That’s why I included getting Bridgette’s phone number as a key achievement at the end of part four but didn’t squeeze in the date itself.
      There is also Bridgette’s friendship with Didi that needs exploring but both are far too professional to allow that while they are at work.

      So it’s definitely a sequential narrative progression rather than just an expansion.
      It will work as a stand alone game too though.

  12. hell yeah, been dying for an academy update, one of the best games of this sort if not thee best, can’t wait, keep up the good work!!!!

  13. Keep up the good work dsp3000 and Chaotic. You have revolutionized the concept of erotic games from meaningless porn to something much closer to human emotions. Hats off !

    Just a request though. It is really difficult for us to wait for upcoming games since they have really long wait periods in between. Thus I suggest you to hire employs to do the mundane repetitive work. I know this will increase the production cost but will speed up production exponentially. I suggest you to stop releasing free games completely or just 20% of all games developed. Your work is so good that people would still buy. Make it a full-time profession and trust me you would not fail.

    One game in two months would mean everybody would remain hooked just onto you and not explore other creators.

    1. You’d think that hiring people to do some of the work would speed things up, but oddly with these games it doesn’t. Basically, the amount of time it takes to explain to someone in an email what you want done is at least the same as the amount of time it would take to do it yourself, often more since you also have to account for the time until they actually read the thing.

      A good example is Tlaero and mortzes’s games. Tlaero does the writing and coding, and Mortze does all of the images. Because extra time is added due to communicating etc, they end up releasing only one game per year, compared to 2 per year like I do (or closer to 3 per year like dsp3000).

  14. Very excited for this spinoff game! I’m hoping that having such a large game focused around Bridgette means there will be lots of fun group encounters to uncover (Bridgette + player, Bridgette + Didi + player, Bridgette + barmaid + player, etc.).

    Keep up the great work dsp!

  15. Yeah, a game about dating Bridgette is a great idea but I would like to see a sex scene with Principal Valentine too, I’m kinda disappointed :/

  16. This is great news and I’ve been warming up to Bridgette over time and several playthroughs (although Lola is still my favorite). Can’t wait for Academy Part 4B to be released. Best of luck dsp3000!

  17. Good explanation of why outsourcing wouldn’t really speed up production.

    Creating these games is a bit like an author writing a book, an artist painting a picture or a band recording an album. You wouldn’t expect an author to get somebody else to write for them, or have an artist spend time training another artist to paint just like they do.

    As Chaotic says, it’s quicker just doing it yourself.

    Another approach could be to spend months writing and refining a script, production schedule, and screenplay. Then story-boarding it all out just so it can be handed over to a production team.
    It takes more time in real terms because of the endless to and fro between different people with different skills, aspirations and motivation.
    Experience has shown me that the more people involved in a creative project the slower the process will almost always be.
    Plus running a team like that is expensive.

    I’ve spent nine hours working on my game today and completed around 40 – 50 new images/pages.
    One of the biggest time factors to account for is render time. I’ve been investing in hardware to speed things up as much as I can but ultimately creating games is a very labor intensive.
    Every page I create requires the use of at least three pieces of software, all of which needs to be mastered before any ideas can start to be turned into anything resembling a game.

  18. Crunching the theoretical numbers a bit, you’ve mentioned this game could end up totaling up to 4,000 images, and you’ve got over 1,000 done. Let’s say you’ve got 2,500 images/pages to go. Even at 100/day, that’s 250 days of effort, with no days off…

    I applaud your vision and your hard work, but I hope and pray my numbers are waaay off πŸ˜›

  19. DSP 3000,
    Great job on all your games so far! I am relieved that your are going to continue Academy series i have very much looking forward to interaction with the principal.

  20. Sounds awesome dsp! When I first played the very first academy game I have to admit Bridgette wasn’t my favorite. Her breasts are a bit large for my taste but over the course of playing the Academy series she has grown on me and I’m really excited for this game. The chance that Didi might make an appearance is fantastic as I find her damn hot. Overall your Academy series is one of my favorite games. Absolutely gorgeous characters and I love the entire concept. Damn fine work dsp!

    To Chaotic, thanks for the smoking hot image of Kristen on your Tumblr page. The more I see of her the more I want. She’s an absolute stunner.

  21. So Dsp is there going to be more girls then Bridgette to interact with in the academy 4B, and I was also wondering what kind of hardware you were running? Also would you ever consider making a game in the future with Iray like Chaotic did with Leanna?

    1. Firstly yes; there are more girls to interact with than just Bridgette.

      Hardware: Currently I’m running an i7 Quad processor with Corsair Hydro cooling, 128gb RAM and a Geforce 970 card.
      I am mostly using 3Delight rendering in Daz3D with custom shaders for characters but have increasingly been using iray renders for backgrounds.
      Everything gets composited together in Photoshop along with a little post render refinement if required.
      The game itself is built using Dreamweaver.

      If I could get average the iray render to be much faster then I would consider it.
      I’m not 100% convinced you need photorealistic images for these games. If the skin quality doesn’t look absolutely perfect with iray then it’s much more noticeable in my opinion.
      Iray is almost like it’s attempt to be too real, if that makes sense.

      These games aren’t real which is why Bridgette isn’t upset she’s been called a ‘fat fuck’.

      I might be upgrading to a faster processor and dual graphics cards at some point soon.

      1. I kinda feel the same way about iRay, it seems like a lot of extra effort for something that doesn’t add a ton to the final product (and can sometimes be a bit too “uncanny valley”). Leanna looks fantastic, but I think the same story and experience could be had with last-gen renders. Faster renders mean we get the game that much faster, too πŸ˜‰

        It would be nice if you upped the image size a bit, since most of us have 1080p monitors these days. I’m guessing that’s a hit on render time, too, though?

  22. Bridgette is a fat fuck, I’m very disappointed that she was even in the Academy, much less this recent announcement.

  23. I think everyone is entitled to their opionion and Bridgette may not be for everyone but for me she my favorite character followed closely by principal valentine. The other girls just seem a little too easy with not much of a challenge so for me the previously mentioned seem like a challenge and more interesting

  24. Well, I guess they have to drive up their numbers somehow. Thanks for the tip. I enjoyed the new image of Kristen.

  25. @dsp300.

    Is it remotely possible to somehow get Holly involved in a big portion of the game in part 5 if not 4B ? I just love her. Way more than any other character. And make her more challenging at the same time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not dissatisfied with what you have given me or will feel bad if she doesn’t feature much in future games. Just being curious due to my extreme attraction towards her. Can’t express how hot I find her.

    1. Holly is an important character and I like her lots too.

      One achievement you could gain from part four was an invite to Holly’s party.
      I can’t promise much more than a little Holly in the next game, but she will feature in part five and eventually, if I get that far, I’d like to think she would be a very accommodating hostess at any party.

      1. I really like that! I think Holly owes our character a little something after the trip to the storeroom in part 2. And, I too like the character (ever since Tara 3). I really like what you said regarding part 5. You really hit one of my wishes there. I also like the inference to beyond part 5.

        Smooth sailing DSP3000.

  26. I don’t understand the downers on Bridgette: she is not my absolute favourite character in the series, but she is an interesting character and i can see why she is key to the story. Much as i want to get to part 5 and see how it all ends up, another part of me likes this game universe and the idea of a ‘Bridging’ game with Bridgette offers an interesting twist, and the new characters look interesting as well.
    Given the quality of DSP300’s work, I can certainly live with what looks like parts 4b, 4c, 4d, and 4e before we reach part 5.
    In a different way to some of the above posts, i am curious to see if it is possible to reach a conclusion in part 5 without having taken Bridgette on a date.

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