November 11th Update


Just a simple update today to summarize where I am at with the Leanna update.

For those of you who are not aware, I am planning to release an expanded version of Leanna : Breaking the facade very soon, mainly adding the option to choose you gender and ethnicity. There will also be some small expansions to the sex scenes.

There are currently 181 new images rendered. all of the non sex scene images are now rendered, so from here it’s just pure sex. I’m starting with the sex ending in Leanna’s bedroom, and I’m nearly done. I think there’s just over 100 left to do (plus animations of course, but that won’t add too much time).

Here’s a selection of what to expect.


One more bonus pic since I’m starting to work a little on Molly too.

At least one person was commenting on her ass, so let’s have a good look at it.


I’m regularly using Tumblr, but it’s been nearly a year since I tweeted something.

Out of curiosity, what do you use?

You can pick up to 2 answers.

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38 thoughts to “November 11th Update”

  1. Will you make the pool party girls as an fuckable characters?
    I mean the red head girl with big boobs and the other with the bunny hat.

    1. In Molly, probably not. They’re an possibility for the mini games I’ll release alongside it though.

    1. That’s dsp3000’s baby, based on his last post and subsequent radio silence I’m guessing not until early next year.

  2. Good golly, Miss Molly! You made a great call putting her own game into production. Can’t wait to see more of her.

    1. Hear, hear! I am really happy Chaotic is going down this path. Molly is a super-nova. maybe the hottest character Chaotic has ever rendered.

  3. How much of the existing Leanna game are you having to rework to have both genders in the story?

  4. I don’t have an account with either, but I find the way you set up tumblr easier and more convenient to use.

    Molly is looking great, and the Leanna game is gonna get even better. Maybe it’s a good idea to add newer patches to older games. It’d be faster and you would only have to do it when you feel motivated. As a momentary break when you get tired from a long project.

  5. Molly looks absolutely freaking perfect! That is a fantastic ass. I also love her hair and I hope you keep it short like that. Damn fine job Chaotic, damn fine job. I can’t wait for her game. You’re constantly outdoing yourself.

    I don’t use Twitter or Tumblr but I do check out your Tumblr often.

  6. Molly looks great but I feel like we need to see the same image with Marianna, you know for science.

  7. use twitter more.

    btw i have see that tumblr start to “lock” the adult content. like now, you cant visit tumblr who have adult content on it without being logged into tumblr.

    nice update on leanna btw 😀

  8. Could you make a picture of all your Girls naked together one day? Maybe the Girls fein tue Academy or Anna too

    1. Fingers crossed for the Christmas Advent Calendar.

      Maybe one image can be all asses and the other all in missionary.

  9. For players who aren’t bothered about gender/ethnicity changes will there be much to expect in terms of new content, such as, extended studio sex seen and Streak/Kirsten endings?

    And what about this two path version you’ve been mentioning, high/low facade
    (I’d love to see it added), is it something you are still considering?

    Speaking of the Kristen ending it seems a little unfair that only Leanna gets a prize for beating Kristen in basketball. Perhaps if you are still intending on a two path version: low facade could trigger a Leanna victory; but high facade could trigger a Kristen victory, where she dares Leanna to do something crazy in public!
    Or (if you are no longer doing a two path version) the player could be given the option of controlling Leanna for the shot/distract Leanna while she shoots, to trigger either the lesbian sex seen or the Kristen dares Leanna seen.

    P.s. Loved the game, I think it’s your best work yet, (especially because of the Streak/Kristen endings), hope to see more games like Leanna in the future!

    1. The studio sex scene and streak sex scenes are getting expanded a little.

      I’m probably not going to do the high facade version of the quiz as i’ts basically just a glorified fail ending.

        1. Not that I’m aware of. The only one’s I’ve talked about are the streak sex ending and the studio sex.

  10. Please give Molly longer hair. The short hairstyle is repulsive. Some guys might like short hair on women but a much larger majority is comfortable with longer hair.

    Don’t disappoint a whole lot of people to please a few. Not at all excited about this game if this is what the character is going to look like.

    1. I assure you, ‘the majority’ are fine with either short or long hair.

      Please do not push your own view with exaggerations like this.

  11. Quick question, in Finding Miranda how do you get the achievements Back Door and Multisexual? I’m only asking because been trying to get them for weeks and I’m finally asking for help. If anyone know, can you let me know?

    1. The Multisexual achievement is gained when you have seen all sex scenes in the game. You need to explore almost all of the game options to achieve this one.

      The Back Door option is achieved by licking and probing her ass during the lowkey (introvert or extrovert) scene. Also in the pool at the casino. Then, in the ending after Chloe is gone and you are in bed, turn her around and lick her. You can then finger her anus, ask if it is OK, keep fingering and then get the lubricant (on the floor beside the bed). You should be good from there.

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