October 20th Update

Good news, everyone! I think I’ve finally decided what I’m doing next game-wise. Well,l one of them anyway.

Next free game

It’s looking like the next free game will be a large one based around the Nascar premise.

I think what was bugging me was the main character. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I have a bunch of Spanish hacienda style scenes and was looking for a reason to use them. This is why I leaned towards the main character being Hispanic.

She has a name now : Mariana. The problem with the character is that I just don’t think she looks the part though. There’s something a little stylized about her skin textures that I haven’t been able to change. I’m not fully sure what it is. Is she a little cartoony? Does she look more like a Poser character rather than an IRAY?

I was working on the plot a little and really liked the idea of it being a direct sequel to Leanna. I’m going with the idea that you are now working with Leanna at the TV station, aspiring to be a journalist reporter yourself. She gets a tip off regarding the corruption at the Nascar track and sends you undercover to investigate.

The plan was to have you befriend the driver, who would also be the main object of your affections. A secondary character would be Molly, who I introduced as a police officer in Leanna. She would also be undercover here. The three of you would team up and defeat the villain and expose the corruption.

I mentioned my reservations about Mariana above, so I though, “Let’s play around with Molly and see where this goes.”

I think I’m smitten.

So, basically, I’ve decided to make the game with Molly as the main character. It actually makes a lot more sense this way too!

She can be undercover posing as a driver. You go undercover too, you meet, recognize each other, then team up.

I feel like her look even matches the role better. The slightly Tom boy style. She suits being a grease monkey. She looks great in the outfit too.

Next members game

I still want to do a members game next though. The only thing about it that I’ve truly decided on is that I want it to be a bit shorter. Not a mini game, but maybe half the size of the standard. Miranda is a good example of this.

The girl group game is a possibility, though if there’s at least 3 main women, I don’t see how it can be short.

Re-purposing Mariana is a possibility. I can’t remember if I’ve even mentioned it before on the blog, but I was considering a game with Mia at one point. The whole thing would be set in a hotel. You meet the main female at the bar, but the whole thing is based around discovering who she really is. Evidence like a gun you can discover in her room hints one thing, her diary can indicate another. She would look good as a femme fatale type. I’ll try and render her in a black dress sometime this week.

I still wouldn’t be using the hacienda sets though. Maybe do a western? That would work, and be a little different for me.

I did mention a Lisette and Maddison game in previous week, but I’m less enthusiastic now. We’ve already had one threesome with them in Lisette’s game. Would an entire game based around the technicality of them touching vaginas this time be worth it?

I also thought an add-on to Leanna might be fun. Set after the main game, it could all be about a wild day you have. Maybe one of you challenges the other to get from one point of the city to the other, but completely naked. I’ve already mentioned that lots of stuff was cut from the streak ending in the main game. It might be fun to put them all together in their own game. Just nude Leanna trying to cross the city in the middle of the day. Using the subway, sneaking across the freeway, cutting though the park with sex along the way.

I need to have a good long think.


Speaking of Leanna, the remaining renders for the ‘complete’ version of the game are well underway. Looks like there’s about 200 images to do, plus animations. Hopefully, it’ll only take a couple of weeks.

One of the issues players noted was that the homeless woman was too dark. I’ve re-rendered the images with her and made them a little brighter if you were curious.


One possibility I’ve been considering occasionally is doing an interactive erotic story, rather than the normal first person type I make.

In it, you would essentially play the role of a narrator, rather than being there. It would be a case of “After looking for a while, Jenny finds a cave.” Then you can pick ‘Jenny enters the cave’ or Jenny keeps looking’.

It would be a good way of doing the pseudo Tombraider game I made some renders of recently. It could be a good way of doing a fantasy game or superhero game too. Using the Egyptian characters and setting is also a possibility. Something I can make a little cinematic. I’d be willing to take suggestions.

It means you wouldn’t essentially be playing as character in it, but that also means I could probably produce the game much quicker, since I won’t have to do dialog choices or extra image for genders and ethnicities.

So, to summarize : It would be a game where you control the plot, rather than controlling a character in a game.

What do you think?

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39 thoughts to “October 20th Update”

    1. while the first leanna game? you can not leave the game incomplete!
      you said they would put a female player character 🙁

      1. Am confused.

        AliceCpher is complimenting the Leanna game’s progress, and in the blog post I am stating how well progress is going.

    1. There was some news in the last blog post if you missed it.

      there may not be anything new from him for a couple more weeks.

  1. A western sounds like it could be lots of fun, and not just because I’ve recently been watching Westworld. Like the superhero one you mentioned, it would be different from everything that’s gone before.

    But I still would love to see more Maddison & Lisette. I get what you mean about already having done stuff with them, but they’re gorgeous models with well-defined, sexy personalities; just because I had one helping doesn’t mean I’m not still hungry for more 😉

  2. Not a huge fan of the interactive erotic story idea, but I voted yes anyways because trying it once can’t hurt, and because I’m a big fan of that Tombraider girl you made. If that’s a way to get her in a game, I’m all for it.

    Also, at the top of every blog page there is a link to the November 26th update from last year. Whether I’m using Firefox on my laptop or using my phone’s browser, they both show it. It’s not a big deal, it just seems out of place and I’m not sure if you were aware of it.

  3. Love it, thanks for the update, I kept checking in every day thinking, “There’s got to be something there today!”

    Those Molly shots are incredible and I’d like to put in a request for her to have pubic hair since that’s something I’m into and I think would go nicely with that character and it’s pretty rare on your female characters.

    Thanks again!


  4. Madison and Lisette are easily two of my favorite characters. They seem much more fleshed out than some of the other NPCs and it’s always nice to see them in games. As models, I love their look and they feel a bit more real than some of the other characters — especially Madison. It’d be interesting to learn more about them and dive deeper with established characters, rather than keep introducing new ones (although I did really like Leanna).

    I suppose I just like the idea of taking characters we’ve grown attached to new places or having them fleshed out even further. Standalone stories are great but there’s something about the vdate world being interconnected that appeals to me. These are characters I care about and any chance to see some of my favorites again is welcome.

  5. I like your stories a lot better than dsp3000s anyways and about that leanna streak game, yes please make it happen.

  6. I like the Molly game I like her much better.
    I saw the black and white pic on the site and think you should keep experimenting with the black and white maybe do a noir or pulp style game.
    There was a pic you posted of a new age woman awhile back that I think you might want to consider doing a game for in the future.
    Love your games I always enjoy theme.

  7. Very disheartened to hear that Mariana was tossed by the wayside. As such I’m hoping that Mia gets some much needed attention.

    1. Well, if you want to check the post again, you’ll see that I’m still considering using her for my next game. 🙂

  8. just came up with a idea for Leanna : as a reporter she is send to cover a film festival and invites you along . at the filmfestival you encouter several girl from previous games : Evana , Latricia , Nelena , The Captain(real name Kate) , Josie , Aletta(without makeup) , Tammy and Erica . all these girls are there because they just made a western but they are not to eager to do a intervu and it becomes your task to convince atleast four of them this will lead to a party after were all intervued girls are avalable for groupsex (this will combine the stiles from THE PHOTOGRAPHER with POOLPARTY)

    1. unlike in THE PHOTOGRAPHER you do not have to return to Leanna after each girl , giving you the chance to convince all of them and adding girls to the party groupsex .

  9. Hi Chaotic, I miss Leanna on your girls page. Also in my eyes Marianna is/looks not that bad as you mentioned. I can imagine her in the NASCAR game also.
    And that a cop looks as nice and sexy like Molly – holy cow!!! If she would sit on the edge of my bed – I would know in which direction I would her push. :-)))

  10. While the idea of te Nascar game is good, I have a slightly discomfort about it: the game being a sequel, means that it shares the same MC, who is dating Leanna. And after all what you’ve been through together, it feels almost like he will be cheating on her with the new girl…

    1. Well, despite everything you went through with Leanna in her game, I never felt like you actually ended up in a dating relationship with her. It more just a ‘sex buddies’ role.

      1. I don’t think so. For me it looks in the end like a relation ship between the MC and Leanna but both are open to let near friends participate (like Kristen).

  11. Mariana sounds like a brazilian name than a hispanic name, i think, since I never went to any spanish origin country. Not saying you should change the name, it’s more like a curiosity.

    1. Meh. It’s just a first name.

      She could be named Elizabeth Wainscotting Appleby García and still be Hispanic.

  12. while the first leanna game? you can not leave the game incomplete!
    you said they would put a female player character

  13. About the Lisette and Maddison game, I would say it’s totally worth to have a game were the sisters would full lesbian interact. I would be down for that. first Lisette game was the reason I became subscriber to your website, that’s the one thing I’m waiting the most.

    You don’t need to make a game centered on both sisters, maybe put that “sisterly-bounding” part as a bonus on the game. You can fit them on other scenario.

  14. I think the majority of people agree that a game with Lisette + Maddison is worth it. In my opinion, the threesome in Lisette’s game was good, but the sisters barely touched each other. In Photographer Pt.2 we had a threesome with full mother-daughter interaction, that’s what I want. Please, do it! =D

    1. Forgot to mention… what comes to Maddison and Lisette, I’m actually happy if you decide to focus on new characters instead.

      I never liked these two to be honest, Lisette’s face is pretty unattractive and Maddison’s ridiculous boobs are just too much.

      Your newer girls, Leanna, Molly and Mariana are what I’d like to see more of.

  15. Any game theme with Mariana in it would be a great addition. I still would like a “Betsy 3” game, but Mariana is quite hot.

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