February 17th Update


Pretty much just more of the same to report this week. Progress is continuing, images are being rendered and content is being written.

I did some math yesterday, and it’s possible Leanna will be finished in about a months’s time. It also looks like the game might have slightly less images than, say, Betsy. I think this game will have around a thousand when I’m done (unlike Betsy’s massive 1600 ish), but I won’t know for certain until later in development.

One thing I’d like to draw attention to is the title, which some of you many have seen in the coming soon section. The full title will be ‘Leanna : Fading the Facade’.  I think I’m going to start formatting all titles like this – the name, a colon, then a subtitle. Standardizing it like that will mean people know which series and creator it comes from, as opposed to just having it be a name, which is kind of vague.

A casual conversation with Leanna in her dressing room.

Two images from the yoga class you can share together.

Random extra

Earlier this week I had an idea for a game I quite liked and would like to share with you.

How about a game where you are helping a ‘girl group’, that is a group of female singers? A sort of Pseudo Spice Girls. There could be five of them each with their own personalities and looks. I could make sure there’s at least one blond, one brunette and one redhead. I could have a variety of body shapes, some skinny, some more voluptuous. I could even have some variety in breast size, from large to very small.

It’s not a full premise yet, but I like the idea of a game where it’s centered around a group of women rather than just one. A bit like pool party, but with 5 brand new characters instead.

Let me know what you think below.


How do you like the sound of game idea above?

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80 thoughts to “February 17th Update”

  1. Glad to see Leanna coming along. And I’d love to see you make a small/petite brunette/black haired character that has big breasts. Maybe make her pale

  2. What about one of this five girls be a asian/black/arabic girl? I really like non-caucasian girls and could be nice have at least one in a game with multiple girls.

    1. Yeah, if I do make this game, at least one of them wouldn’t be simply ‘white’.

      I just had an asian Dylan in April & Violet, so I’m thinking black for this.

      1. I’m particularly fond of the love/hate relatonships in anime were its centered around 1 male character starting a relationship with each girl in a harem of beautiful girls even though the male character tries his hardest it sometimes ends with him perving on them and then them getting angry at him but soon forgive him due to his clumsiness or good naturedness. Will we see a story like this in the future Chaotic?

        1. also they have good storylines to them if you need more inspiration. I would really love it if you would make one like this

    2. I think Arabic could cause controversy due to the religious implications. I’d say a girl of Latin descent would be a safer choice

          1. oh come on that’s a good idea to see a arabic girl that can be really sexy
            that’s stupide to inclu religion,all arabe are not religiouse don’t bring religion in this augustus

            1. as i know.. arabic mean someone who speak arabian language, not someone who live in arabia.
              based on that, they are tons of peoples, such as thailandese, maghrebian, etc…

              you mention “I’d say a girl of Latin descent would be a safer choice”.

              i can say same thig about this based on some american mentality.

              i mean … who care about origin if the girl is a beauty ? not me for sure ^^

  3. i must say that leanna images look absolutely fantastic,don’t get me wrong because i always liked vdate games,but those images look few steps ahead in quality than some previous titles

    regarding your idea for new game i like it as soon as you mentioned redhead,i always was a sucker for the redheads,that’s why erica and maria are my favourite characters

  4. The girl group sounds like an interesting idea. But let me suggest something along those lines, but a little different. Instead of all the girls belonging to the same group, the game could take place during a multi-day music festival (or conference) of some kind, where you encounter different independent artists; they could be solos, duos, trios, etc… and you can interact and “help” them in some way. Think something like SXSWS, but a little more female-centric.

    This would allow for more varied interaction and character combinations. The main character could be a hardcore music fan, or someone who works in the music business, or even a fellow musician/songwriter.

    It would be a pretty large game with multiple branching paths and replay value.

  5. First off, id like to say that leanna looks great. Can i play it on firefox better than in google chrome? But personally im excited as hell for Crystal part3 though hahahaha!! The girl group sounds cool. Maybe change the plot a little bit. How about if you’re a doctor or a physician and instead of singers, they’re beach volleyball athletes in their tight little bikinis and then they go to you for checkups and physical assessments and then thats the part where you get to know them a bit more, etc. Then they invite you in their practices and games, and so on and so forth, you know how it goes hahaha! Or better yet, make a poll about the plot and ask other people what they want to see, just a suggestion. Leanna looks amazing by the way, cant wait for it in a months time!! NICE ONE!!

  6. Oh yeah, not that i have a problem with photography as ive seen in one of your polls. But can this be that other situation where theres no photography involved? Just saying, as photography i think is oversaturated as a theme. The doctor theme i think is a little bit new in your games scenario and might be somewhat interesting. Really wishing for crystal too, your pics on tumbler looks amazing!!!

  7. Good to see development is coming along nicely and the new game idea sounds great, but I have to add that so long as you finally make an orgy as 1 of the endings to a game, I do not care what you do with any of your others, just please do not loose inspiration or the drive to see it right through to a good end, not like AaV with an end that I have to say is your worst end so far.

  8. The new title sounds really cool, like it could be part of a series of games with different characters in which every game is about doing something concrete, in this case fading the facade, other could be like, increasing the confidence, like Betsy… I don’t know, just a random idea.
    The new game idea sounds really good, specially because of the redhead, you could add a latin too and it would be perfect.

  9. I really like the idea of the all girl band. Are you actually thinking a girl band in the vein of the spice girls, or are you floating around the idea of other types of bands? Not sure how feasible it is for you from a story and inspiration idea, but an all-girl rock band would be super cool. Not that i would actually complain about pop band style, and I would rather you go with what you would be comfortable with so you can focus on the story, but I thought I’d float the idea into your brain now while we are still in the larval stages of this one.

    By the way, I voted “Yes, but I’d rather see some other games first” because I also REALLY liked that other idea you were floating around recently about that race car lady.

    1. i agree , he have also been talking about Photagrapher 3 , Pool party 2 ect. and i would suggest that he focus on those first .

      1. Photographer part 3 and the “Girls Band” game would take the place of Pool Party 2 from what I understand from these blogs. I was actually hoping for Crystal Part 3 to be be next, but I can wait. I’d be more than happy with any game he does decide to proceed with, they all have amazing potential.

        1. I think it’s still more likely that Crystal (or possible the Nascar centric game) will be next.

          This game will need five brand new and hot women designed, and it’ll take a while before they reach a final draft.

  10. i like the idea of an group of singer-frinds to help. pretty similar to academy in a sens when you help an full class of students.

    still, i hope you have an good idea, because i have more than enougth of the classical-cliché story : they are an troubles between the group members so you need to convnice them to stay friends and continu blababla.
    i really want something original and new if this game come out.

    ps: you should post some screen of how leanna can be when she is angry of if we fail something. i mean, she is a real bitch in style (like you say, we need to try her and maybe change her) , but you always show some screens when she is pretty happy. i want to see a pic where she is awfully angry, just for get an idea of how things can turn bad

      1. thanks ^^

        believe it or not, she look totally different… damn i didnt expected that. what a big difference :O

  11. The Pseudo Spice Girls one seems like it could end up being the most amount of work of any of your games, with so many characters to deal with.

      1. Ah, I guess that’s true. I guess I’ve gotten more used to you doing games with smaller casts since the last Photographer game.

  12. Love the idea.

    One of each, with various outcomes depending on one’s favorute.

    Protagonist could be:
    Singer-songwriter in the industry

    1. a Fan is too cliché imho

      a manager will put the player too much in this

      i would prefer the player to be an simple guy , maybe an boyfriend/girlfriend of one of them. or a simple friend.

      or even better , why not the player can be the person who write the song ? that sound ike a cool idea to me and between all the girls, at end, the player can decide wich girls are going to sing the song, can be 1 or more and even all of these girls XD

  13. was looking forward to the crystal game nxt. The band game sounds good you’ll need a venue where you work closely w/ the girls perhaps a interview or blog segment maybe just behind the scenes.

    1. He said he’ll probably work on that one next or the NASCAR game. He still has to create the new characters for the allgirl band, that’s why.

  14. i would like to see the “cnoose a girl” section updated , for example Cassandra has a cameo in the Betsy game(so does Rachel) but it is not mentioned . also some girls now have first and lastnames(in Photagrapher 2 it is revealed that Cassandra , Betsy and Rachel lastnames are Bynes , Crystal reveal in the first game that her lastname are Daniels and Violet are called miss Ravitsky by a teacher) .

    1. Lol!

      Ah, yes. I remember now. That was actually the reason I was trying to get in touch with dsp3000 recently.

      Thank you for reminding me. 🙂

  15. I think another idea that might work for the girl group would be to have them be a group of thieves with the main character being the cop/fed assigned to catch them. One of the thieves could be the character’s girlfriend or be related to the main character’s girlfriend. This would open up the options to catch or help the girl group. It could also use a morality level to determine the interactions as well as the ending. This way there are multiple endings based on your morality and who you’re loyal to.

  16. Will there be any other women you can have sex with besides Leanna in this game. Something like what happened in Madison or Lisette.

    1. Not at all. Photographer Part 3 is still a game which might not happen. The only guaranteed ones are Leanna and Crystal Part 3 for now.

      1. Aww, too bad. Was waiting so hard for it. I guess I’ll have to wait for the Maddison / Lisette threesome later. You could think about Lisette 2 for that scenario. What you think? =)

        Thanks for the answer Chaotic, keep strong man.

    1. yes, she look pretty. have you see the blog pics too ? she is very nice, i hope she is a leanna friend and this can be an possibility ^^

  17. One game I would like is another Maddison date and one ending is that Maddison asks you straight out if they can visit lisette and have a threesome with her. I’d find seeing Maddison ask for a threesome straight out would be sexy as hell. Please reply with feedback

    1. Yeah the Maddison / Lisette threesome has to happen, it doesn’t matter in which game.. So many people are waiting for it.

      1. Unfortunately you will be waiting along time as Chaotic has no interest in that sort of Fetish, hell I think we were lucky to get Betsy’s Christmas special

        1. You’re right, but I’m looking at these comments since forever, the Maddison/Lisette threesome receives a handful comments on every post, and I’ve only seen a few talking about Betsy / her mom and sister. It was a bit of a let down knowing he choose to do the threesome that had less / no requests at all. I have to believe he is planning something special with it, I just hope it doesn’t take another whole year or so.

  18. This is a rant directed to paying members and Chaotic so if you are not a member please continue playing the great free games and enjoy yourselves.

    I have some concerns in regards to Chaotic’s appreciation for those who pay to access old or crap games when the good games he makes are all free.

    Every poll is made public, so the none paying public gets to choose what sort of game we have to pay Chaotic to make, this is why I believe that the members should have a separate poll in the members only section to deal with the future games, there designated fetishes, whether or not the game should be made public and/or for how long it should be held back before it is released to the public

    Which brings me onto my next question, why are members paying you for 3 months for you to make 1 FREE game, maybe you should have a members only period on these free games that lasts 2 months since that is how long it typically takes for you to produce a game.

    So far Chaotic the games you have produced for members only have been somewhat lazy but the free games have been a huge success, the last good game you had for members was Maddison and you have dropped your quality since then apart from the free games, April and Violet started out great but because you lost the drive to finish it, it came out half assed and Grace was just too short to be called a members only game.

    The only good thing for members right now is the amazing Academy series, which I personally really love and hope that it will have a true gangbang but I will ask DPS this later as he seems open to it after what he placed in part 2, but this was not made by you, it was made by somebody new a novice (I think) and it just proves that your members only quality is dropping

    Don’t get me wrong I think Leanna is going to be an amazing game but like I said above the members are paying you to make a free game, but I am a critic so I cannot speak for every member here

    Let me say 1 last thing before the abusive replies begin, I have been paying you £20 a month for well over a year, now if 3k people (going by the current poll) pay you to make a free game than that is there choice and I respect them for helping you realize your dream but I wonder just how many of those 3k are really truly members who pay you to make these games, do not forget that it is thanks to members that you made it this far so appreciate us and stop ignoring us, ask us for our opinions separate to the publics.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this, now if you will please excuse me I have a Patreon game to play.

    Rant over, let the abusive comments begin 😀

    1. i just want to say, that the money vdg get by the pay member go in most part for pay the server , then the “material” for create the game (aka software like Iray etc..).
      it can sound ridiculous, but most of the money dont go directly for the creation of the games, but more in the golden plate created for allow this website to stay alive. a server rent is very high price.

      i know what you feel, i pay lots of patreon games too, like mortze/tlaero ,etc.. (and i saw some get abandonned simple as that, and this is horrible)

      all i want to say, is : all the money dont go in the game creation, in fact, i shouldnt be surprise that only a few bucks go for it, after you pay for server rent and all the business-stuff-blabla.

    2. I totally agree brah, i mean, why not ask the people for some opinions right? They might have good stuff to say that might help him in future games.

    3. Yup, totally agree with this man.. i mean, the april and violet started off good but the ending turned out to be smack.. I love chaotic’s games man dont get me wrong, and i think leanna looks good wih all the hardwork chaotic has done over the past, however it might be another too familiar setting or too predictable.. i know how you feel coz im paying too, and i suggest why not the next time make a poll on how the next game’s setting will be like..

    4. OK. I will be blunt.

      I’m not going to address your comments about the members section much as it’s obvious what the answer is – it’s there to support the site and the games. Releases there are seen as a perk in return for your support, and if you don’t want to join, you don’t have to.

      I am however going to address your user activity.

      Basically, it turns out all of these users are actually the same person :

      – k7avenger
      – Stargazer
      – Enthusiastic Fan
      – Ash Hil
      – Pissed Off Fan

      So, pretty much all of the people pushing for the hardcore fetish stuff.

      In comments just below, therealkoaladancer and Mics47ginking are also the same person. I do not know yet if they are the same person as ‘k7avenger’, but they do have a suspicious habit of replying to things that they say. It’s worth mentioning though that their ip address places them in the Philippines, and English is clearly their first language, which is not impossible, but suspicious.

      Although there are no official rules for this blog, this is clearly an abuse of it. I have blocked ‘k7avenger’s’ access. I may re-enable it in a few months time and then we’ll see if you can behave.

      therealkoaladancer/Mics47ginking, you may consider yourself on notice. Please stick to one user account and don’t keep pretending you’re different people. Should your misleading activity continue, you will also be blocked.

      1. oh damn, i feel ridiculous now :/

        i mean, trying to answer something decent to someone who probably dont care at all….

  19. Read that first line a bit too fast… genuinely thought you said you’d “done some METH…” haha and I was wondering why it would take a month instead of a week!! Haha

    Leanna sounds like a fantastic game, I can’t wait to play!
    And the ‘Pseudo Spice Girl’ game is an incredible idea! Again, I can’t wait to see that one come into development! Are you thinking it’s going to be a full game or episodic like the Academy? And varying story paths where you get with one or two of the group, or opportunities to get with them all in one play through?! I know it’s probably too early of an idea, but it sounds like an absolute winner!!

    Keep up the good work brother!

    1. Yeah, I still want to use Mia in something somewhere.

      Should I go with this girl group idea, it would certainly be easier for me if she was one of the members.

  20. I Love that Leanna have changed from like cartoon to like real woman. Her face, body, even fingernails look like real woman not like kid’s. You are doing Great job , keep doing that.

    1. lol that remember me that tool he used some times ago. that auto-program that can detect the age (approx) of peoples on screen. i wonder if it will give her an new age now.

      cant test myself, i completly forget the name of this program 🙁 but i m very curious to know the result

  21. here is my suggestion for the girl group idea :

    the player have 2 tasks

    task 1 – convince Cassandra to let them perform at her club

    task 2 – convince Daisys band to perform with them

    these 2 tasks could lead to a great group sex scene (counting 9 girls involved plus the player)

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