February 19th Update


I think it’s time for another small survey for this site. I think it’s been at least two years since I had one.

Answer as many as you’d like to.

How do you rate Molly in her own game?

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For more details on what I mean by a 3D game, see this post here.

How do you rate Marianna in her own game?

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In other games similar to mine, I often see the images switch to third person, especially during the sex scenes. I’ve always avoided it, as I feel switching from first person spoils the immersion, but would people like to see this? It would still have the ability to customize the player character though. The third person camera angles would probably be positioned so you can’t see their face.

How do you rate Leanna's big streak?

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How do you rate a new Maddison game?

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February 12th Update

Today I’m finally going to do something I’ve planned for a while – A blog post with a big pile of fun trivia for the site. I hope you enjoy it.

Characters and Places

  • The original plan when I started making these games was to have first and surnames of all the characters alphabetical. This was a homage to arianeb, the game which inspired me to start making them. So, the list would go Ariane B, Crystal D, Erica F…and then I did Leilani and the whole thing fell apart. It’s probably for the best though as I would have ran out of letters on the 12th character.
  • Crystal and Kelly were originally going to be sisters. This is why, if you look closely, their facial structures are almost identical. Check out this comparison of them without hair.comparison
  • Do you remember the Mysterious ‘Lady’ who owned the nightclub in my earlier games? Well, under the mask it was Rachel. It wasn’t something I intended to have as a twist reveal though, it was just the model I used. It was easier than creating a new character from scratch.
  • In case you haven’t guessed it, Mr. Hughes is basically supposed to be Hugh Hefner.
  • Jennifer was originally going to be an updated version of Crystal. Hence, they both seem to like dressing in black leather.
  • The most commonly used character in these games is Rachel, appearing in far more rendered images than any other character.
  • Before I learned how to do background images myself, I used screenshots from Hitman : Blood Money and Grand theft Auto 4. If you can, play them and see how many locations you can spot!
  • Ellie was originally going to be an Elf in one of my fantasy games, alongside Naria as a warrior who helped her, and Maddison as the Princess who they were rescuing. I couldn’t come up with enough ideas to make me confident in it though, so I ended up transferring them all to Photographer. I still have all the models and outfits though.
  • fantasy
  • While I’m talking about it, is there an interest in seeing this game finished? Looking through the files is making me feel all nostalgic about it.


  • Vdategames.com gets around 150,000 visitors per month. Sadly, though, less than one per cent sign up for the members section. 🙂
  • About 68% of users use a windows desktop. 11% use an android smartphone or tablet, 9% use an IPhone or IPad, and 8% use a mac. 2.3% use a Linux.
  • 65% of users are from the United states, 18% are from the UK, 14% are from Germany, 10% are from Canada, 9% from France, 5% from Italy, 5% from Russia, and 5% from Poland. We also have a very small amount of people accessing from places like Iran and China (you rebels!)
  • The most played game on this site ever is Photographer Part 1.
  • Vdategames.com has a global rank of 214,694. In other words, it is the 214,694th most popular website in the world.