November 16th Update

Only a brief post today to announce the upcoming events on vdategames.

The next game will be a free game release, and as many have correctly predicted, it will be Zoe. It will be available to play for all on Monday, December 2nd.

Since it was surprisingly popular last year, I will also be doing the advent calendar this year, starting on December 1st.

I also have a new version of the members section nearly ready to upload, so members will see a change during the next few weeks. No new content will be added, but it should look much nicer and more appealing.

Final thing to say is that I am also working on the next game (or is it games? :)) for the members section.They will most likely be available in the new year.


3 thoughts to “November 16th Update”

  1. Do you have any plans of including Miranda, the girl on the boat in Zoe in any of your future games? She was beautiful and an underutilized model 🙂

    1. Yes! I do have plans for her.

      You’ll have to wait until after Christmas to find out what though. 🙂

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