November 22nd Update

Just a simple update today with some new preview images for Crystal Part 3.


Some blog users have said that some of the recently posted images are too dark for them to see. They seem fine on my monitor, but it may just be my settings.

How is this image for you?

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9 thoughts to “November 22nd Update”

  1. Perhaps the people who are saying the image is dark are looking at it on their mobile phones, because it isn’t dark on my computer.

    BTW I like the pic with Crystal in the pool.

  2. I gotta admit, it does appear dark on my computer. Like there isn’t enough lighting in the scene itself, to be exact.

    Meanwhile, those are some demonic eyes from Erica. lol

  3. Looks like a poorly lit store. A supermarket should be brighter. That said, I can see everything, all the details, no problem.
    The pool renders are beautiful. Some very cool contrasts.

  4. Too dark to see on the monitor? No. Too dark to plausibly be set in a convenience store? Absolutely.

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