October 25th Update

Finally time for an update about the specifics of Crystal Part 3.

At least some. Silly to explain the entire plot at this point.

The big thing with this game is that I wanted it to be open when it comes to choices and exploration, but a still maintain the slightly linear character driven aspect of Leanna or Molly and Marianna.

What I’ve ended up aiming for is a game which has 3 fairly linear points –  the beginning, a segment in the middle and the end sequence. Everything else is open to your own whims of where to go next. This is probably the most open game I’ve done in a while.

Your base is the hotel you and Crystal are staying at, but there are eight different activity driven options around the hotel you can explore in the order you choose. These include a restaurant and a bar, but also things like a strip club or a lingerie store.

The key to the fun/sexy aspect of the game, is to firstly gain Crystals approval at these places, but also to be strategic. You can charge into the strip club first, but if you want to see her on stage, you should probably visit it later in the evening.

The idea is that each of the eight locations have some sort of sexy activity to unlock. You just have to organize how to get there. Plus, of course, there’s sex at the hotel at the end of the night, but your choices through the game can even affect what exactly happens there.

Next week, I want to give a summary of what will be happening character-wise in this game.

This week’s preview come from the lingerie store.

5 thoughts to “October 25th Update”

  1. i had a idea last night : how bout a game where you will have to walk around town(for example the town in Photographer 1) and encounter the girl during day and have coffee with her when encountered at the bar followed by dinner when encountered at the restaurant and have drink with her when encountered at the nightclub . then there is a date at night .

    the trick is to be at specific locations at a specific time or she will not be there but some other girls will allowing you to have fun with them to .

  2. Sweet. I’m actually really happy there’s a bit of a return-to-roots with the setup for this.

  3. Hey Chaotic!

    I’ve thoroughly enjoy many of these games, though I don’t think quite all yet. This new Crystal 3 looks amazing. Certainly not trying to rush you…just curious if you have a guesstimate on a release date. Keep cool!


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