September 13th Update

Time for a quick update on Crystal this week.

I finally have a fairly comprehensive plan for the game that I’m happy with. This means I’m deep into the next stage which is creating and setting up the various outfits and locations.

This will be Crystals main outfit.

As you can see, it’s a bit of a twist on the original, but also distinctly different.

Right now, I’m currently focusing on locations.

Here are some test renders of your hotel suite, and the hotels’s pool.

That’s all for today. Might add a poll here if I think of something.

15 thoughts to “September 13th Update”

  1. Well, her new outfif is a bit edgier, but yeah, I can see it work out in the end. Now that I’m hyped up, can wait to see the final story about Crystal!

  2. Crystal looks spectacular in the pool picture i hope that the game will be as hot as the pictures are spectacular. All the best for your game. Thank you for your kind attention.

  3. Here’s to this game having the option to play as female and remastering older games to include the option to play as female.

  4. Excuse me but inspired from your membership game Leanna : The Big Streak,I wonder if you make a membership game where it takes place in a nudist beach with only naked lesbians and a forest game where it involves female lesbian nudist campers having fun doing a hike in nature ,skinny-dipping and lesbian orgy sex.Will you be interested in making that?

    1. Public nudity is always a big part of my games, but we’ll have to see.

      I think you’d be very interested in the new ariane b game.

  5. Crystal looks great, and I particularly like the atmosphere of the pool area. The environments are really well done!

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