December 14th Update

Today, an update from dsp3000 on where he’s currently at with, well,everything…

It has been a few months since I gave an update on progress so here goes.

It’s been a difficult year for me but it is looking better and I have been very busy when time and energy has allowed. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

To recap; The Academy series takes place over one week, with each part representing one day. Parts one, two three and four were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Part five will be Friday.

‘A date with Bridgette’ takes place on the Thursday evening, and that’s where we are at the moment.

It’s been a long week…

In terms of game production, I’m going to present progress in the form of numbers as they seem the most tangible.

Academy : Part One = 997 images

Academy : Part Two = 1500 images

Academy : Part Three = 1797 images

Academy : Part Four = 1824 images

Okay, so the first stage of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ had 848 images and stage two added a further 2287 images. Both of these stages were released earlier in the year.

Since then I have created another 5427 images, which by the time I finished will be pretty much double the images from stages one and two put together. Adding it all together brings the overall image count for everything in ‘Date with Bridgette’ to over 8500 so far.

But size isn’t everything…

Those of you who have played stages one and two will know where you are up to.

The concluding story paths take in another two new locations in an evening which at least starts with Bridgette but doesn’t necessarily have to end with her.

As I have hinted before, there are many options, paths and characters to explore.

I originally intended to make this game in four stages, then changed the plan to three. Due to the sheer size and complexity of the game and the various options in the story, I’m back to thinking that four stages would work better structurally.

I’m over 90% finished with the remainder of the overall ‘Date with Bridgette’ game. Around 95% of what will be stage three is done and about 85% of what will be stage four finished.

This means that I expect to be able to release stage three early in 2019, with stage four completed and ready to release not too long after that.

The size of each part will comfortably exceed anything I’ve created before, partly due to the variety of story paths and partly due to how extensive some scenes are.

Again due to the complexity of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ and it’s role as a critical part of the Academy series, I have already started work on ‘The Academy : Part Five’. I’m kind of having to work backwards from a projected end points in order to make things all connect properly and make sense.

Looking forwards, ‘The Academy : Part Five’ may well be the most complicated part to produce of all of them. But that’s for the future. For now I’m hard a work on just moving forward.

I’ll update with more information in the new year.

In the meantime all the best to you all.


24 thoughts to “December 14th Update”

  1. It’s great to hear from DSP3000, and that he’s doing well, and he’s progressing in the game (and we’ll finally get rid of those ‘DSP quit lol’ comments). Welcome back buddy!

    And Chaotic, any ETA on the calendar?

      1. He said he won’t do it in the normal format, but he’d make a gallery of 25 pictures (unless he changed his mind about it)

        1. I am indeed doing a Christmas gallery this year instead (though no guarantee it will be exactly 25 images).

          I will be adding it to the blog this Friday.

  2. Great to hear from you and thank you for the update. I’m very much looking forward to your next release!!!

  3. Welcome back to the fold. Do keep up the great work. I hope that you will have a walk through for the upcoming games. All the best in the future. Thanks for update. All the best.

    1. Thanks.
      There will be a walkthrough for the remainder of this game.
      I keep detailed production notes as a necessity, otherwise I’d get lost while working on it.
      These should be pretty easy to adapt and transcribe into useable walkthroughs.
      Also essential for testing it all works.

      I’m nearly on the home straight now which is cause for a bit of optimism.
      Game first, then walkthrough.

      1. Good to hear you’re alright man. Thanks for the update.


  4. Hey dsp. Great to hear from you. Glad you’ve done well. I’m definitely looking forward to more from the series, but on whatever timeline you need. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

  5. Great to hear you’re doing better dsp! Can’t wait to see the conclusion of Bridgette’s night, and then the conclusion of the Academy series!

  6. Wonderful to hear from DSP – I hope he continues to do well, both personally and professionally 🙂

    Of course, the update for the Academy/Bridgette series very welcome news. The progress made so far sounds fantastic! I’m not surprised that some work is being done in parallel with the Academy, since the story is intertwined. I’m really looking forward to the continuation of the Bridgette story-line.

  7. Yup, that’s great to see some news from DSP.
    Looking forward to your next releases of the series.

    1. It’s not something I’ve really considered to be honest.
      It probably won’t as part of The Academy series unless perhaps I do a future expansion where you can play scenes from one or more of the female character’s point of view.
      Maybe in future projects though.

  8. Nice to hear from you, DSP3000. With all the adult games appearing on Patreon lately, I’ve come to realize how terribly underpaid you must’ve been – and it’s so like you to produce 5,500 images silently without cashing in on it like people there would do. I wish we could donate you a graphic card or something, so that you’d move on to higher resolution renders and still be able to save time on top of it. (You’ll remember that I posted you some suggestions for html code to deal with higher resolution pictures.)

    Regardless, thanks for letting us know there’s a gift coming in 2019. The Academy is still the gold standard of the genre to me in a couple of ways.

  9. Great news that dsp3000 is okay. Working part aside its nice to hear that he is doing fine healthwise because only if he is healthy and well then only we can enjoy his games. So it is heartening to hear that he is fine. Now waiting for 2019 for Bridgette part 3 and part 4 and Academy part 5. It has been my most favorite game so far so I hope I have a good 2019. Best of luck to you again dsp3000 for everything.

  10. Here’s another idea, DSP3000. To bring the chapters to roughly the same length, you might consider merging the existing stages one and two, and then maybe move from the label “stage” to the label “part”:

    A Date with Bridgette Part 1
    (called stage one and two during development)
    ~3000 images

    A Date with Bridgette Part 2
    2500+ images

    A Date with Bridgette Part 3
    2500+ images

    If you permanently keep the subtitle “called stage one and two during development” on the download page of Part 1, this should clear things up for the people who downloaded the game in 2018. Also the existing stages one and two have in common that you spend both of them with Bridgette and can’t leave her yet to be with someone else, so thematically you could probably fit them together.

    In my own playing experience, I went through Bridgette stages one and two much quicker than through the first two days of The Academy, meaning that these chapters felt comparatively short. Which would be another reason for merging them. Or maybe that’s just me who got through these stages quickly, because there was no full-on sex scene to stop and indulge into. 😛

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