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I know I don’t mention it very often, but this site has had a bit of a long term debate with google. Specifically google’s advertising branch, adsense.

I’ve had google advertising on my sites since day one, and I’ve always been in this weird grey area for them. The problem is that google do not allow their adverts to be displayed on sites which they see as containing adult content.

However, they’ve never really been able to decide what this site falls under. I mean, there’s clearly explicit moments in the games, but at the same time it’s clearly very different from a hardcore pornography site. They’ve scrutinized this site before, but ultimately felt that it didn’t count and I was free to continue displaying their adverts.

This has now changed as adsense have made their new and final decision. The site now falls under “pornographic cartoons or anime (hentai/ecchi)”, which is is against their terms of service, and as a result I have been restricted from displaying google adverts on the site.

Though there may be blows in other ways, this mainly comes a a finacial one. Adsense revenue accounts for about 20% of this site’s income (with 75% from the members area and 5% from the paypal store).

So, yeah…this is kinda annoying.

The site won’t need to shut down or anything, but I may have to work on a few ways to gain a bit more revenue from it (though I will say straight away that I won’t be increasing the membership fees or anything like that).

So far, I’ve replaced all the adverts with ones from juicyads. I’ve already been using them around the site for a while now, and I’ve found them reliable (ie they pay me), but the adverts aren’t worth nearly as much as google ads.

If you have your own site and want to advertise through them, here’s the link for this site : Right now, I only have ‘filler ads’ displaying, but I get a lot more if someone actually buys space.

If anyone wants to email me with suggestions on this, you can find my email address on the contact page.

Over the next few weeks though, I’ll be trying a few different systems to see what works (clicksor is a possibility).

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3 thoughts to “Adverts on the site”

  1. Not sure if this is due to juicyads or not but your site is now completely unviewable on my android based phone when using either Firefox or Chrome. Every time the page finishes loading a redirect immediately loads a random porn page and trying to go back only redirects me to a different porn page. If I get the timing just right I can stop the page from loading just before it finishes and avoid the redirect, but it’s highly frustrating.

    Whatever is causing this is relatively new since during your production of Maddison I would regularly check the site for updates from my phone without an issue.

    1. I was experimenting with some mobile ads earlier today, but took them down.

      I just checked the site on my own android to be sure, and everything seems to be accessible.

      If the problem turns up again, let me know.

  2. I still find the members fee too high for the amount of games you put on… Sorry if this might sound awful, but I can’t pay 20$ for a game each 3 months. I would prefer to contribute less and have members only for 1 month. For instance 5$ for 1 month is good…

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