July 6th Update

Photographer Part 3

I’ve made a satisfying amount of progress on Photographer Part 3 this week. My main job has been to build the mansion which most of the game will be taking part in.

After you ‘recruit’ each female character to your team, they’ll be lounging around the mansion and occupying themselves. Visiting them in a certain location at a certain time of day will can yield some very interesting results. Image rendering-wise, it means that right now I’m just trying to cover every image I might need ; Lisette in the kitchen, Lisette by the pool, Liseete by the pool with Maddison etc.

I’ll be going over the details of this next week when I explain the logistics of the game more thoroughly.

16 thoughts to “July 6th Update”

  1. This game looks like it will be awesome. Cant wait to see which of your characters make it into it that haven’t been announced yet. Or is there a roster already that Ive missed….

    Also any chance we see The academy part 1 and 2 released in free section?

    1. When dsp3000 feels well enough to complete it.

      Could be next month. Could be November.

          1. Didn’t expect such an answer from you but I’m sorry I asked you about dsp3000’s project. Sorry once again won’t ever ask you again about it and that’s a gentleman’s promise.

      1. For those of us who didn’t know there was a post yesterday…. Was the content shared any different?

        1. Extra pitch for a future fame, but I decided I wanted to focus all of the attention on Photographer 3.

  2. Hey Chaotic I don’t know if you know this but I think something might be wrong with the downloading thing because the game I’ve downloaded in the past won’t open and the games I’m trying to download right now won’t download. If you’re not too busy maybe you could look into this or maybe notify Epoch and have them look into this?

    1. Hey Chaotic found an efficient download that you put on. It’s not real fast but it only takes a few minutes and it works good so I guess you can disregard my first comment if you want except one thing. Can you give me the download link to betsy christmas and the Lisette and Maddison christmas downloads?

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