10 thoughts to “May 25th Update”

  1. You still have not added a new free game even thought you have realeased a new one. Thanks for reaeing.

    1. I always release a free game between paid-for releases. Right now, I’m releasing paid-for games once every six months, so expect the next free one around 3 months after Rachel part 3’s release.

  2. Hi,
    as per blog post dated: February 24th.
    Today I am proud to announce that Rachel Part 3, plus the three mini games, will be released and added to the members section next Monday, the 3rd of March.

    Around 3 June 2014 then for possible free game release.

    Thank you,

    1. It’ll probably be a bit later than that.

      As I say, I aim to release free games at the mid point between 2 paid for releases, so I need to first gauge when the next game will be released. Right now, I’m roughly aiming for releasing the next free game on the July 4th weekend.

  3. hi,chaotic please can you release the game of maddison for free or Rachel part 3 please,but I prefer the game of maddison final cut. another question are you planning to have another game of maddison?

  4. Hello, Chaotic.

    I have the same question that bigeke. Have you planned to do another game of Maddison? She’s one of our favourite characters by far. We’d love it.

    Thanks for you work and effort.


    1. Yes, It’s very likely that Maddison will have another game sometime. It won’t be the next game, but it may not be too long after that.

  5. I want to know if I can change the smiley faces and the rest of the variables with a number?

    1. For instance, If 4 smiley faces are equivalent to 40 ‘influence’ with a character is there a way to display the actual number on the screen instead?

      Thank you 🙂

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