August 10th Update

So, if there’s one thing I’ve decided over the last 9 months, it’s that I really hate working with IRAY. I can’t wait to get back to producing games with Poser.

Progress with Leanna is respectable, but I’ve made a decision regarding at couple of things over the last few days.

The main content that needs to be rendered now are the variations for gender and ethnicity, many of which are animations. That makes how long they will take to render very unpredictable.

So, this is what I’m going to do…

Leanna will be released next Friday, August 18th. However, this release will only come with the option to play as the white male character.

In a few months time, when I have the stomach to face this project again, I will complete the other options and release a ‘complete edition’ of the game, with the option to play as different genders and ethnicities. I will also be releasing the game in an optional 4k format as well (next weeks release will just be the normal size your all used to). I’ll probably expand a few scenes etc too.

It seems like the best option as I’m sick of this project going fast then slow, then fast then slow again. I just want it to be done and released, but while not sacrificing any plot or quality. This way, I should easily finish all of the images tomorrow, and that gives me a full week to finish the writing and check for bugs.

So, it’s official. Leanna : fading the facade will be released next Friday!

So celebrate, here’s a final selection of random images from the game.

47 thoughts to “August 10th Update”

  1. Fair enough. I feel that most people play as the white male in these games anyways, so you will still be pleasing a lot of people. It’s unfortunate that you don’t like working with IRAY, as the image quality produced with it is simply stunning compared to Poser.

  2. It’s really a shame that you won’t be working with IRAY anymore, the models were stuning to say the least. But I’d rather see you woking with Poser, and enjoying what you do, than having a higher product who’s making you miserable.
    Anyway, great news about the release date, can’t wait for it, and for the complete pack (I like to play as a woman), but not so much for the 4k fomat, who’ll just take too much space, with subtle differences with the original game.

    1. I’ll probably go back to IRAY after a little break.

      I wouldn’t be too surprised if I alternative between a Poser game an IRAY game for a while.

    1. Not yet.

      He’s taking a break. I would expect to hear some new September or October-ish.

    1. I would, but you’ll just bitch about how it looks awful during production no matter what.

      Then, when it’s released, you’ll just bitch about how awful it is no matter what.

        1. Yeah. Matris is basically the site’s pet troll.

          He criticizes absolutely everything and is never happy.

          1. Don’t let anyone pull you down your games are always fun and full of content there is never a game that has no bugs on release. If they don’t like it let them try to find a person that makes games like these that are the quality you produce….. Won’t happen

          2. What? I am not really a troll. I am a big fan of the academy series. I love when the game is made well, and hate when it’s done badly. I don’t want to lie you for the sake of keeping you happy, I want to tell the truth and help you to make better games. If I kept lying like rest of the people here, then it wouldn’t help you to improve your games at all. Criticism improves the game, not praises. So the only person who actually helps you (as far as I know) is me by giving you REAL HONEST feedbacks, the rest of the people only back you no matter what you do, they are not fans, they are just zombies.

            1. You do not offer criticism. You simply turn up every so often and post ‘work faster’ or ‘she ugly’. That’s not how constructive criticism works. That’s how trolling works.

              Also, if you truly believe that last sentence, then you are deluded.

              1. let’s take a look at your new update. you said that there is going to be a delay. Now that’s what I have been telling you. you take more than a month to complete a pre-rendered game. I understand it’s tough, and takes time, but you could have reduced the development time by hiring more people. You have to understand that, I am telling you this because I love some of the games in this site, otherwise there is no reason for me to waste time by criticizing. besides you get enough support to the development, you don’t do it entirely for free. so why don’t you hire more people, speed up the works, increase the gameplay time with the money, resources you have? since most of the people love your games, I am sure you can then see a good income more than now. I am not telling you this because I want to troll here, I am telling you this because I like to see a good progress in your games.

                I said she is ugly because she is ugly. take a look at the girl in glasses, she looks so pretty, and that’s the real beauty. but this main girl looks so weird. she looks like suffering from malnutrition. if you still want to make skinny looking girls, then take a look at didi. natalia.

                1. Matris, you really need to get out of here. It’s obvious he isn’t going to do what you want and since it is obvious, you are obviously here to troll.

                  As to what is pretty and what isn’t you can say what is pretty to you and that’s fine, to each his own. I have to admit to sharing your opinion of her. Blanket statements of absolutes that you declare are meaningless and insulting to others.

                  Bottom line, it’s not going to be done your way, your opinion is meaningless here so go if you don’t like it.

                2. Matris you are a colossal moron. Chaotic already stated that bringing in more developers to help could prove time consuming if their vision of the work differs from his own. By working alone, the project takes longer but is true to Chaotic’s creative vision. Instead of simply calling Leanna ugly, offer some suggestions on how to improve her appearance. Until you design your own game, get off your untalented ass and do something constructive with your time, you colossal tool bag.

    1. Not in this version, no. But they will be added before the end of the year.

      Also, in case you can’t tell by the top image in the blog post above, Leanna will be doing some naughty stuff with another female character. 🙂

      1. Oh well…I have waited six months for the game, I guess I can wait till december to play as a woman…

        I know she’s going to get naughty with another female but I always intended to play as a female.

        Patience is a virtue so I guess I’ll become more virtuous!

  3. Hi chaotic, Great job. I usually play as the dark skin toned dude since I am dark myself but I guess i will just have to wait. The renders look amazing, Great job!

  4. The first one may be the hardest. Maybe next time you won’t feel so irked by iray.

    The images look great.

  5. I always play a white male first then the others, so it doesn’t bother me much. Still looking forward to the additional options though.

    Are you sure about making 4K though? I doubt many people will even be able to fully appreciate renders that big. I’m on 1440p and it’s more than enough to make fantastic graphics in video games.

    1. Yeah, most people won’t be using 4k so it might not be worth the time. Then again, maybe a 4k demo game might be a good experiment.

  6. I haven’t kept up in a while but this games is going to be released in the members section, right?

  7. I think there is no sense in games with 4K resolution. Many play your games from your mobile devices. I guess you do better to improve playability on mobile devices. Maybe conduct a survey for these users? Or to ask the question – what problems do you experience when playing on mobile devices?

    1. I have been working with Kexter to produce a more mobile friendly version of my game engine.

      Leanna will probably be upgraded to it sometime.

  8. Excited for the game.
    I’m curious about one thing though, and I get it if you want us to find out about it ourselves, but does Leanna have pubes?

  9. Good work on the game so far. I have played all of your games on the website and they have been great. Keep up the good work!

  10. Consider having multiple player characters of varying ethnicity’s and genders. One per game.

    One Game could have a white male, the next could have you play from the perspective of a black female and another could be an asian.

    More ideas down the road that way and your content can continue to be diverse.

    1. Unless I am misunderstanding what you’re asking, Chaotic gives you a male/female option and light/dark skin option every game.

  11. Will you be making more black girls in your games because you have only two of them and I think you need more

    1. There’s a possibility that my next game will be centered around a character called Mia. She may by what you’re looking for. 🙂

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