May 13th Update

So, what locations will be in this game?

Well, the school, obviously.




You will also be able to visit the clothes store, the pool, Cass’s nightclub, the bowling alley and Betsy’s house. All the images for these are done.






I’m nearly finished all of the date segments, which means all that will be left is the actual sex scenes. After that, I’ll just need to do the endings and I’m finished.

It should be at least a few more weeks of production though.

18 thoughts to “May 13th Update”

  1. The images are great! It’s a big progress after Miranda. She looked good for me, but I think this game will be a big step forward in many aspects.

  2. Hi Chaotic

    do you have any news of dsp3000 the part 2 of the academy
    the game progresses well

    thank you

  3. The more I read about this game, the more excited I get. Take your time man, this one is gonna be amazing!

  4. Looks really good. I don’t know if you have done this already, but if you weren’t paid to put those beer logos, or any other products placed in the game, you might want to ask permission from the companies that make them, unless you already paid them, or vice versa, as I previously stated. Otherwise, it look like a really great game! I also noticed you have improved on refining how the characters contrast to the background, and you have been using a lot more rule of thirds! Even with those guidelines, your graphics look way better. Did you get a better coding engine or higher quality graphics cards recently?

    1. yeah, Chaotic, even with learning and intimidation that you got from seeing how much more detailed and realistic Mortze’s rendering is, it looks like you have been practicing a lot even with dsp’s games being the main focus for the last couple of months. I also do like how you are going away from using cookies now, a lot of people would prefer to not be tracked if you know what I mean. ~tips fedora~

    1. Betsy is the new free game. You can keep track of it’s progress by checking this blog on a weekly basis.

  5. Would be really interesting if it included a few twists. For instance if you raise her “daring” or lust too high but not her happiness/love, does she end up going farther than you wanted her to go in the play or with her director/co-star at a wrap party?

    Just something more than hey we did it or we didn’t…

    1. Ya I agree, like if you mainly focus on lust, she ends up being like the school slut or something, which is “sort of” a bad ending. She leaves you due to her newfound popularity.

      If her stuff isn’t high enough. Then you don’t get to have sex with her

      And the best case scenario is doing everything right and a “happily ever after” type ending or some shit where you have sex and end up together long term

      Btw Chaotic, can you have sex with April in this game? I really would like to see more of her

      1. no offense I think western visual novel game makers are a bit lazy because I have seen many japanese visual novels that expand like even 10 hours or more and contain a ton of arts and animations. you can check the vndb and find out how some visual novels are so big. unfortunately a lot of them ain’t translated to english.

        1. No offense calling them lazy? If you haven’t done one yourself, you don’t have a thing to say.

        2. You could call me lazy, but I have two other jobs that come before any work I do on making these games.
          For me, game creation is just a part time creative side project that I enjoy doing.

          Positive feedback is always nice, constructive criticism is mostly useful and always welcome.
          Apples are apples, pears are pears.

  6. I’d love a girl with a few extra pounds, thats really wild wearing hugging outfits.

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