January 29th Update

Grace has now been released and is available in the members section. If you can’t see it, make sure you refresh your pages.

The final image count is 123, with two main endings to aim for. So, much larger than other mini games like Kelly Solo, but not as big as the biggest ones of course.

As stated in previous blog posts, this game is all about Grace, who decides that today at work, she is simply going to amuse herself. This can include things like browsing the internet for funny cat pictures, dancing in her office naked, or eventually, sex with Sarah.


endcard1 endcard2 endcard3

18 thoughts to “January 29th Update”

  1. I liked Grace, but it is a very short game. She’s a good character and i’d like to see her featured a little more often. This has whet my appetite though. I’m looking forward to the next game. Are we expecting DSP’s game next? Or will it be Crystal Part 3?

    1. The production of my next game is progressing well.
      I reckon there will be enough to give a proper blog update and approximate release date fairly soon.

  2. Random question: Is there any chance we’ll see a Latina character in an upcoming game? It just hit me that these games have plowed their way through female characters of pretty much every other major nationality at this point.

  3. Hey, can someone help me with Sarah.
    I tried everything, but when I kiss her (when I’m nude) she left the room, I don’t know what to do to have sex with her.

    (SPOILER :

    With Sarah I tried : – Compliment her
    – Ask about bra sizes
    – Asker to see her ass
    – Flirt with kinky clothes

    Doesn’t work

    1. What I’ve tried (and worked for me): after asking about bra size, flirt with her in kinky outfit. Then wear the suit again, and instead of asking her to see her ass, ask to see her underwear

  4. I really enjoy the games and the web sight. I am in a rural setting so can’t stream too much, so I try to download. windows 10, IE 11. I unzip and get the start htm but the opening page opens but then the game will not start. Any suggestions? Also, even though I turn ‘ON’ the sound, no sound will play. Probably a stupid oversight on my part, but they won’t play on several computers. The sound would be a fantastic addition to the experiences, particularly the actress voice in the Jennifer game. Keep up the fantastic work, and thanks for the help!

    Tom Blair

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