January 15th Update

Through a combination of last weeks poll, the ideas I currently have to work with, and my personal preference, I’ve decided to do a Grace Mini game. I probably won’t be labeling it as a mini game though, as it looks like it’ll be much larger than, say, Kelly Solo. I’m estimating it’ll be around 150 images. It will also likely be finished and release two weeks from today.


I’ve also decided to make Betsy a large game later in the year. If you had your heart set on a Tammy or Daisy mini game, or perhaps Pool Party 2, don’t worry too much though. There’s a likely chance some of them will be appearing throughout the year too.


23 thoughts to “January 15th Update”

  1. I look forward to it. I feared Grace would always be just a supporting character as she is a lesbian. It’ll be interesting to see her be the main attraction.

  2. Hi, will there be anymore incest scenes in the year and if so will they be hardcore or more like Rachael and her mother.

    Also an idea of a game type where you choose to play as a brother or sister to 1 of your main characters like Jenifer or somebody maybe even the third sister of Madison and Lessetti.

    1. and no Naria game unfortunately. Naria was the sexy black girl in the green bikini at the beach on the first Photographer game

  3. Holy crap! If you listen to every demand in the comments, you’ll find yourself doing a game per week…

  4. Chaotic, do you have a subreddit? If not, you should consider opening one up. It’d be another great way to communicate with your fans and get more ideas that way, as well as for the fans to communicate with one another.

  5. Oh, yeah! this will be a great year! Thanks Chaotic! I want to see Grace & Pool Party 2 🙂
    But, I really wish if it’s possible a Sophie game at some time 🙂

  6. Hi Chaotic

    Great news and looking forward to your games as always. I have somequestions about some of the girls.

    Will there be a return of Naria? (Pool party 2 ør solo game?)

    And will there in the future be a possibility of seeing lisette, maddison and Maria in the same game. Maybe lisette 2 efter the tara triology story 🙂

  7. Hey Chaotic,

    Loving the image.
    The poll got me thinking that maybe, rather than a pool party game, you could do a camping trip game with all the school age (ish) characters, it would be a similar format to pool party, just keeps it a little fresh.

    Of course I’d love to see a MASSIVE school based game too, featuring these same characters.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Grace game, she always has been one of my favourites. Good look Chaotic, look forward to seeing more soon.

  8. I was eagerly waiting for the Grace game but now hearing it would be 100% lesbian I feel extremely disappointed.

  9. I love lesbian games!!!! So go on Grace’s game and please make her make love with as many women as possible….

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