August 14th Update

Three out of the four epilogues are now finished. Hopefully, that means I should easily be finished everything from the game by next Friday, which in turn means that I’m still on course for a release date of Friday the 28th (giving me a week to check for bugs).

As teased last week, for this blog post I will be showing a few images from the Miranda and Faye threesome. The epilogue will have all three of you journeying to a small, empty island on Mirandas boat. If you have sufficiently impressed Faye during your previous encounter, naughty things can ensue.

epil15 epil31 epil41 epil54


The game currently has 550 images, so will probably be around 600 by the time I’m finished. Next week I will probably be making a long post outlining all the possibilities and locations from the game.

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  1. Seems nice. Seems like I need to become a subscriber agian soon… When the money’s there…

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