August 7th Update

Time for a little nudity this week I think!

I know I’ve been teasing a bit over the last several weeks, never quite showing a naked Miranda¬†where you can actually see anything, but that changes now.

Here are four preview images from the main ending, where the player and Miranda finally have some intimate private time.

Work on the epilogues is going well. I’m nearly finished the threesome with Faye (hopefully I will be posting some preview pics of that next week).

Right now, I’m looking at a release date of August 28th, but the unpredictability of making these games means I can’t fully commit to the date just yet.

end12 end13 end61 end76

5 thoughts to “August 7th Update”

  1. Nice work Chaotic especially on the first image. I don’t know how hard it is to create reflections but in my opinion they make the games images look great.

  2. Very nice!!! I really can’t wait to play this game, Miranda is extremely sexy! I especially love the first and last pics. Amazing work and looking forward to it’s release!!

  3. Looks good, I especially appreciate her landing strip! I’m not one for wading through underbrush, but I never really liked the shaved bare look either so it’s great to see another character with a bit of sexy grooming.

  4. Chaotic puts a lot of effort into creating these games. I can’t imagine how long it takes to render each individual image, let alone how long it’d take to create a game featuring every girl.

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