April 20th Update

More from dsp3000 regarding his forthcoming game, Tara Part 2 :

“This week I thought I’d introduce you all to Maria. She works at the hotel you are staying at along with Tara, Natalia and a few other guests. She has a quite sizeable role to play in the game, depending on how you play it.

You may have already met Maria at the end of part one. She comes across as very
professional and maybe a little shy, but she is keen to make sure you have a very
pleasurable stay.

If you play your cards right there are more than just few pleasurable things that
she may be willing to show you.

Still on target for a May release date. More next time…”

tara_sample5 tara_sample6 tara_sample7 tara_sample8 tara_sample9

12 thoughts to “April 20th Update”

  1. DSP3000, I really like your vision and design work on Tara, but this character is too cartoonish compared with your other characters, I mean you done great job on Tara and Natalia but this one has a broken face.

    1. A broken face…? If you do play the game I’d suggest that telling Maria that she has a broken face might get you a slap.
      In the game she can be avoided. You can still have plenty of fun if you really don’t like her.

  2. hello,
    I can not wait to play, I do not remember if you had already told a date on the release.


  3. Jinx maybe describe what is cartoonish about her not just say it overall. dsp she looks great. Maybe Jinx means the eyes and lips have a flat depth appearance, looking at the top picture I can see how it would appear to look somewhat 2-d in her facial area.

  4. I hope you will release this game as a free-for-all game. Are there any more games you’re going to make it free-for-all?

    1. Well, the oldest games on the site are Nelena, SCI-FI Mission and Tammy, but they’re still Member only games.

  5. When Maria is hiding behind the curtain in the room while Maddison is there, where does Maddison disappear to after she goes to the shower? It feels like I’m missing a possible interaction with Maria and Maddison at the same time.

  6. Ever thought of making a futa video game? Just found out about that kind of thing and it’s weird but an interesting idea.

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