10 thoughts to “September 11th Update”

    1. How about you play the game some before requesting a walkthrough? Or do you prefer “story-mode” style games because you can’t figure out how to advance to get the goods??

      1. I don’t know what you mean by story mode but the last part is true. I can’t figure out which cycle is the one that gets me closer to winning. THat’s why we need a walk-through ASAP.

  1. Please consider a game with more Alex in it (the secretary girl) she is real cute, kind of my favorite when it comes to the appearance, of course I am sure you can make her look even better with the graphics you are using in the more recent games. In the other games the interactions with her are limited and the sex scenes too. So I feel like she could use more attention.

  2. I was hoping for more games where you play as female, or games where you play as the girl like Lucy, and Sarah. I really liked those games.

  3. I think there are some bugs in this game. I downloaded the files and I’m pretty sure there are paths that are unreachable without cheating.

    For example, I went through all the image files in the game and haven’t seen anywhere that would allow you to buy a dildo for the “Little Friend achievement”.

    A walkthrough would be nice since it would allow me to see whether certain achievements are even possible in the games current state.

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