July 3rd Update: July 5th

It feels like every year I intend to do a fun set of themed images to go with July 5th. But then I’m always working on a game at this time of year.

Well, not this time!

I went with the top 3 winners of the recent playoffs. There’s also a bonus image of Maddison with another hair style.

Happy 5th of July everyone!

11 thoughts to “July 3rd Update: July 5th”

  1. Doing a 4th of July post, calling it 5th of July, while posting it on July 3rd. If this is intentionnal, then you, sir, are a legend.

  2. Everyone that asked for updates from DSP Chaotic has said that when he hears from him he would let us know

  3. Apologies for my OCD kicking in, but I wish the Leanna shot was full head to toe (without the feet being out of the frame). Still looks gorgeous, of course.

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