February 10th Update

So, what’s happening on vdategames in 2020?

I’ve toyed with a few ways to open this blog post, but found myself completely unable to settle on anything. So, I’m just going to bluntly state it – I’m taking a year away from the site and making games.

As at least some of you will know, making these games and maintaining the site isn’t my main job. I have a ‘real life’ career I juggle alongside it. There is a massive opportunity for me to do something with it this year, and it’s really hard to say no, so I’m taking it.

It’s something I knew would be happening for a while now, hence I’ve tried to tie up any loose story arcs lately (such as finishing the Crystal and Photographer trilogies). There is also the possibility that, should it go particularly well, my retirement from these games won’t be too far to away.

It’s hard to say at this point. I’ll be able to give you a much clearly picture on how many more of these games I’m likely to make at the end of the year.

We all know I’m not going to be making games like this forever, but this isn’t the end just yet. More the beginning of the end perhaps.

So, what is happening on this site this year?

Well, I’ll still be making blog posts at least once a month. I’ll be making some renders for fun, and probably small galleries for holidays (July 4th, Halloween etc).

Other contributors will also (probably) still be releasing games. I’m assuming dsp3000 will have at least one game this year, and we may hear from MrStomper.

I will also be releasing some games for free (from the members section), throughout the year. The next free game will be released on Friday the 21st.


This is certainly an au revoir rather than an adieu. I won’t be going too far. I’ll still be around on the blog if you have questions.

But, for now I’m taking a step back for what is set to be a very exciting year for me.

So, let’s finish on a positive note and a Valentines themed render.


19 thoughts to “February 10th Update”

  1. First DBZA and now this, I’m fine with what you taking a break but it still feels like I’ve been punched in the heart and now the dick.

    Good luck with ya career, ya filthy animal

  2. Not that I expect you to be back sooner, but I get the feeling you’ll probably get the itch to make another game sooner than a year from now.

    But, whatever the case, it’s been a great run so far, chaotic. It stuns me when I think of how many years I’ve been following your work. It’s truly impressive.

    Until next time, take care and thanks for all you’ve done for us fans so far.

    1. Yeah, we’ll have to see. I have at least one game idea I could give a few days every month too this year. Maybe see how far I get throughout year.

  3. I’m with Vito, congrats on your new opportunities. I’m old enough to know that they don’t come along all the time, and so you should take them when they do. I wish you the very best in your pursuits.

    Thanks for all the games, and we’ll see you around! 🙂

  4. Congrats, and I hope everything goes well 🙂

    vdategames has had a very good run.

    Speaking selfishly, I would be content if we simply got the conclusion to The Academy sometime this year, but I know that’s not your project, and there are certainly more important things in life than visual novels.

  5. I hope you do post at least once a month just to let us all know you are doing ok.

    You have to jump on those opportunities when they come along. Good luck with it and thanks for all the fun!

  6. Nothing worst than regret, jump at the opportunity, succeed wildly, fail spectacularly, but jump at it. Your work has been a bright spot in the genre, you’ve stuck to your plans, produced fantastic work, and left a legacy, not bad for a side gig. Much success to you, Chaotic.

  7. can you make every game free for today because its valentines day?
    By the way, I love your games they are AWESOME!

  8. Congrats on the new job opportunities, my dude! That’s huge, good work on getting to a place where that was available to you. Hope you make the best of it, and have a great year! See you around here and there. 🙂

  9. I like the idea of you ending on Crystal 3. It’s poetic; you started your gaming endeavor with Crystal and now Crystal 3 is the culmination of your work. Thanks again for everything Chaotic. Your games truly are valuable pieces of art.

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