January 24th Update

Crystal Part 3 in now available for all members. As always, if you don’t see it listed yet, remember to refresh.

The final image count is 1045, with 5 sex scenes in total, including one threesome.

This is the most open game I’ve made in a while, with a very freedom driven main mid-section. Eight different locations to visit around the hotel, and you can try each of them in any order. Choosing good orders to do them in can make the game much easier.

There is an easy difficulty setting if you get stuck.

Not much else to add, so enjoy!

16 thoughts to “January 24th Update”

  1. I’ve got to say Crystal is like a smoking gun. She’s hot and you want to load her up and pull her trigger again and again and again. Only she’s better than a gun, way better.

  2. Hey Chaotic! Just wanted to say congrats on another great game! After playing the game I couldn’t help myself but to go back and play M&M and Leanna. I just wanted ask any possibility we see a sequel possibly somewhere where they all end up on an adventure together, or a spin off solo for Marianna or Molly with the MC? Thanks and congrats again on another great one.

  3. The download of Crystal Part 2 is buggy. I decided to revisit the game in the build-up to Part 3’s release but there are a TON of issues with it

  4. Is it me, or there’s something missing with the bar scene? When you talk about celebrating with a sex party, while she’s wearing her normal clothes, it changes to her wearing the skimpy outfit

  5. This is one of your better games. I found Violet’s appearance very interesting. Will there be a walkthrough for this game. When will we hear from dsp3000. Thank you for your kind attention

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