February 22nd Update

One more post from dsp3000 on his upcoming game…

I was thinking back to a previous blog post from somebody several months ago who was suggesting that making these type of games was easy, shouldn’t really take that long or be worth paying a subscription to access. He was only speculating though from a position of ignorance so I’ll cut him some slack.

It was telling that Chaotic, Mr Stomper and I all stepped in to challenge his theory based on fair amount of combined experience. I can assure any naysayers, doubters or aspiring creators that there is more to it than rendering a few images and building a few web pages.

To illustrate my point, the ‘Date with Bridgette’ production folder currently stands at 45.8GB, with 42666 files in 561 folders. I’m working through about 30 pages of production notes relating to the 2757 HTML files in stage three of the game. There are also now just over 4000 new images to add to those in stages one and two.

I can’t be exact with the image count just yet because I do still have a few more to make.

Don’t ask how many hours all that equates to. I long since gave up counting.

I have mostly been testing over the past seven days, and it’s been going okay.

I’m almost done and there’s only one scene still left to test.So during the weekend, all that should be completed.

What remains is the creation of the aforementioned remaining images, and then the creation of the checkpoint achievement images, plus a bit of coding out for the carry over codes for stage four.

I am really happy and confident that this stage won’t disappoint all of you loyal supporters out there.

On course for a March 1st release date.

32 thoughts to “February 22nd Update”

  1. Glad that you took it nicely. It is really frustrating when someone, without any knowledge in the field, talks without any basis, and debating them will only result in headaches. So, to you, Chaotic and Mr Stomper, I say thank you for your hard work, creating images and stories for us, less talented, to enjoy.

  2. I tried to make games multiple times. I’m pretty decent with creating the models and rendering pictures. I’m also a writer and editor by trade, so story is not an issue for me in the least…. I have a number of great game ideas and models out the ass I could use…. but the technical aspect of it all is just absolutely beyond me…

    So when somebody says it’s just slapping down some words on some pictures, I quickly realize they’ve never tried it…. Do your thing, Chaotic, Mr. Stomper and DSP…. I wish it could be done faster, sure…. because I enjoy good games….. but some of us do understand the endless hours of work you put into it…. and we thank you.

  3. Hello Chaotic, big fan of your works as well as other members of vdategames developers. Really sorry if I sound rude or anything like that, but can you lower your monthly subscription prices for the third world countries/ poor countries like steam does. I would love to pay 5$ equivalent in my currency but beyond that is out of my budget. It’s completely fine if you deny.

  4. I definately appreciate all the time and hard work you guys put into these games. It’s nice to hear a little about how much goes into all this. Thank you for the update and looking forward to next Friday release !!

  5. I’m a big fan of your work DSP3000, and your games are worth the wait. Can’t wait for the next chapter to drop.

  6. That’s for all the hard work and dedication you’re putting in. I honestly can’t image everything that creating games of this magnitude entail but I can tell it comes with a lot of love and effort. So I’m excited to see what’s coming up next! Thanks again.

  7. Thanks dsp for the effort you’ve put forth. Keep up the good work. Someone who will not be named can learn a thing or 2 from you.

  8. I have never been disappointed by any of the games on this site. I can’t wait to see this new chapter. The waiting makes it even sweeter. I guess I had better clear my calendar for next weekend. Thank you in advance!!!!

  9. Seriously, you can’t let ignorant people get under your skin! The fact that you are still mentioning that person months later seems to indicate to me that he managed to upset you. His speculation/opinion is worth absolutely nil if he doesn’t engage his brain first. He just embarasses himself. Don’t pay attention to people that aren’t worth it.

  10. Love that screen cap of Bridgette looking over her shoulder, like she’s just waiting for you to suckle that MASSIVE AWESOME TIT OF HERS!

  11. Looking forward to something sexual with Didi and one of the twins I dont remember her name who danced in underwear. She was the one was acting hard to get during the Academy series. Let’s see what’s in store though. Eagerly waiting for March 1st.

  12. Bridgette looks amazing in the image above with her hair down and glasses off. Can’t wait for the release!

  13. I wonder what the chances of an early release tonight would be? Wink wink. Really looking forward to this game!

  14. As a game player who likes to download and “adapt” games for my private gameplay only; I can verify that just going through the HTML pages to change a line of dialog here or there, change the name(s) of the other characters, alter a page choice selection to give a consistant outcome rather than a goal-accomplishment-oriented outcome; and then modify some game images to resemble myself, celebrities or people I know etc… all of this relatively minor bit of tweaking takes a lot of time, skill and knowledge. It makes me much better able to appreciate how much more all you actual game creators must go through to produce these modern marvels. So for anyone who thinks it’s not a lot of work; just try doing a bit of tweaking on your own and you’ll see what I mean. A very big thanks to all the game creators!

  15. My comment hasn’t shown up – no reason onscreen was given to me when I hit the “Post comment” button. Are posts moderated before clearing?

    1. Posts aren’t moderated, but new users have to be approved. 🙂

      You can post as you wish from now on.

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