December 7th Update

The Photographer Part 3 expansion has now been added to the members section.

This adds new solo sex scenes with either Lisette or Maddison, as well as small photoshoots for Kimiko and Miranda.

Here’s a quick guide to how to find the new content :

  • Find Kimiko in the studio around 15.05 to 16.00
  • Find Miranda in the studio 16.15 to 17.10
  • Find Lisette in the shower 16.55 to 17.25
  • For Maddison’s new scene, choose to go straight away on Sunday morning.

Hope you all enjoy the new content. Next week hopefully I’ll have some time to get started on the Christmas gallery images and Molly & Marianna.

11 thoughts to “December 7th Update”

  1. Its nice to see The Photographer part 3 expansion. It is a great game with so much prospects. I love this game. I would also like to know if there is any news on dsp3000, is he okay. Not heard for a long time from him and neither have you been giving any updates so I am a little worried as to whether he is fine or not.

  2. Awesome! Can’t wait to play later. Looking forward to more Miranda content. And Kimiko was really fun in the main game.

  3. Hey Chaotic to play the new updated photographer 3, do you have to download the game and expansion or just the expansion?

    1. You can just download the expansion and add it to your existing game.

      The full download version of the game has the expansion already applied.

  4. Chaotic, your games are incredible and myself and others do enjoy playing them. Unfortunately, people like me and others cannot/ aren’t able to buy your membership. It’s really annoying because we have played all your free games however we cannot, play the new games because of this. I know this is business and you need to gain profit in some way, but we would like to know if you would release some games so that they are free to play. Thanks for taking your time and reading.

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