November 9th Update

Nothing really big to announce this week, but I still felt compelled to make a post.

I’m nearly done with the plan for the Photographer Part 3 expansion. I’ll be starting production next week.

I’ve also been looking into what images I can do for this years advent calendar.

Just to make this week’s post a little more worthwhile, I’ve also rendered some new images of Crystal, Molly and Marianna.

6 thoughts to “November 9th Update”

  1. The images posted in this update are extremely beautiful. I am looking forward to the Photographer Pt3 expansion. I am wondering if there is an update forthcoming from dsp3000. I hope is well and continuing his work on the excellent Academy series. Thank you for the excellent work.

  2. So much teasing, it’s unbearable! I hope that you can finish the expansion as soon as possible, so you can start with Molly/Marianna!

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