August 17th Update

Lots of progress also made this week, so I’m very happy right now.

  • Miranda and zoe threesome complete
  • Cherise solo sex scene done
  • For half of the images for the Lisette and Maddison threesome done

Including animations, we’re now up to 2383 images.

Over the next week, I should be able to get the Maddison and Lisette threesome finished, then there’s only the Paige and Mia solo sex scenes to do. There’s other smaller scenes to add of course, but they should be smaller and easier to do.

Best of all, I can start drinking again this evening! So, that’s pretty neat.

29 thoughts to “August 17th Update”

  1. I noticed this with Kimiko last week, and now with Cherise. Why is there a black bar covering their breasts? It seems odd to do that, considering that the others are displayed in their full glory

    1. The ones who aren’t censored are those that everyone has already seen naked.

      If I’ve never sen them naked before in another game, I’m still teasing. :0

  2. This is shaping up to be pretty great! You’re making fantastic progress.

    Any word from dsp300? The silence is concerning.

    1. Why is it that you think Chaotic would not tell you if he heard from the other designer(s)?? Chaotic always has updated whenever hearing from dsp…. And we’ve had months of silence in the past, why so concerned about this silence, it has been relatively short in comparison.
      Chill out. Have a drink. Relax.

      Chaotic – Cheers!

    2. Depression takes a while to overcome. He could be in rehab for all we know, then months of therapy after.
      This is Chaotic’s site- dsp3000 is just a major contributor. All we can do is wish him the best and be supportive.

    1. i do not understand why everybody want that so much … it has allready been done in Lisette . and i liked Cassandra & Rachel threesome more

  3. I have a question:
    Will there also be Lisette, Maddison, Miranda and Zoe solo Sex scenes? Like at the other Photographers, where you had a Choice?

    Looks Great.

    1. Good question.

      I have decided against solo scenes for some of the characters. Both Zoe and Miranda, and Maddison and Lisette only have their threesomes. It was a decision to save on production time.

      If there is a large demand for solo scenes with them too, I’m not against expanding the game sometime in the future.

      1. Yeah, that might be interesting. A pack with new solo sex scenes, plus a female player would be good

      2. Feel free to add tons of Maddison’s content… don’t worry I will be VERY happy šŸ˜€

      3. Come on Chaotic. We are hungry beasts that will gladly devour anything that you offer us.

      4. I would obviously prefer having more options. That allways was the best part of the games.


      5. But (and no offense intended here!) I think it will take ages if you decide to add the solo scenes later. Now you are in the middle of creating it, you have the momentum in your Side. I can imagine It will be much easier to stay in the Creation Process, than getting back Into it. After the Game is finished you will want take a break from the Game (totally legitimate).
        So I am Not Sure what I should Think about the “adding later” idea.

      6. I actually prefer solo scenes – I just think that an attractive woman deserves your singular, undivided attention šŸ˜‰

  4. Given all the history with Maddison and Lisette Iā€™m down for solos l8r

  5. Hi Chaotic,

    if you’re using a reflecting material like the floor in the second image it looks weird if all the environment will be reflected but not the girls – or are they vampires??? šŸ™‚

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