August 10th Update

Lots and lots of images rendered this week. I chose to focus mainly on the sex scenes and it’s paid off.

The Emma and Kimiko sex sequences are all done. I’m also hoping to have the Zoe and Miranda threesome finished by the end of the day (or maybe with a little work tomorrow morning).

28 thoughts to “August 10th Update”

  1. Seems to be coming along nicely! Big fan of Miranda so glad to see finally see her in another game (hope it won’t be her last appearance!)

    Shame that we haven’t heard from dsp3000 (would be good to see something academy/bridgette related, but we know his situation) hope he’s alright.

    1. Yes a maddison titfuck would be awesome. Honestly i hope to get one from another character as well… i bet Cherise could give a good titjob too

  2. For a moment I thought “OMG that’s Lucy what a surprise!!!” but shortly after I looked at the image name… well, a man can dream.

    Keep the good job!

  3. A Zoe-Miranda threesome? On paper, it seems like a great idea. However, I must ask this: In Miranda’s game, the good end implied that the MC (you) and Miranda started dating, with both of them realizing that, quote “it may never even end”. So, does the photogrpher happens in sort of alternate univers, or things DID end with Miranda?

    This might sound weird, but I do find it odd in terms of continuity, that some of your games act like others didn’t even happen at all. I mean, we dated both Zoe and Miranda, and we’re supposed to have a threesome with them, without the previous dates even being mentionned?

    1. I think it is like Quantum Leap, “you” are playing the MC but it’s not you you if you get what I mean

    2. Unless it’s explicitly stated to be a sequel, all the games take part in a type of alternate reality where the player never met the character.

      There may be a couple of exception though. I guess Maddison’s game takes place after Photographer part 1 happens.

  4. I completely forget; have you said this will have a selection for male and female or just male?

    1. You don’t believe that Chaotic would give an update from DSP if he had one? I mean really, I get so tired of people asking for updates from DSP. Every single time there has been an update, it has been shared, why do you think this next time it might not be if you don’t ask???

      1. he say the same thing over and over again because those are the only words he knows ha-ha

    2. I suppose he has already mentioned that dsp is having some trouble and might not be back by the end of the year so there’s no sense in asking him again and again.

  5. Is there a threesome with Maddison and one of the other girls? Or is there an orgy scene?

  6. The girls are looking good 🙂

    The image quality of the environments look a tad dated, but I do understand they aren’t the focus. Not a criticism so much as an observation.

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