Friday 14th Update

Just a quick post today to list recent changes to the site.

Nelena has been re-added to the members section. I forgot to include her when redesigning the members site, but she is now available to download for all members. This now means that there are 11 games you can access there.

It looks like there was only one real bug in Rachel Part 3. I’ve corrected the issue in both the online and downloadable versions.

If you bought a relevant package recently via the paypal store and want the Rachel Part 3 patch and/or Nelena, email me at Be sure to include your paypal transaction id and state which you would like sent to you.

For those wondering about the next game I transfer to the free site, I have not decided which one or when it will be yet. Usually I make a game free halfway between new game releases (Zoe was made free 3 months after Jennifer was released and three months before Rachel Part 3 was). A game will most likely be made free around the start of summer therefore.


3 thoughts to “Friday 14th Update”

  1. sir chaotic, for the free game we would like to see .. uhmm tammy and maddison. :)) and keep up the good work. i hope i can get my first credit card this summer to avail the member thingy.. and thanks

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