November 5th Update

So, after many weeks of deliberation, it looks like I finally have a full plan for my next group of games. I have plenty of conviction towards the characters, and it gives me some time to do the other, non-VDG things I must before the end of the year.

Mariana and Molly

I am going to give give both Mariana and Molly their own games. They are both very hot, and I really don’t want to downgrade either to a supporting role.

First up will be the Nascar game staring Molly. You will be working with her (an undercover police officer) to expose corruption in the sport, with Molly showcasing her considerable driving skill along the way.

Mariana will be getting her own game soon after. The reason why Molly comes first, is that I want to have much more time perfecting Mariana’s skin textures. There’s still something a bit ‘off’ about them to me. There’s a couple of solutions, but each is going to require lots of trial and error, which means more time. By the time I get a Molly game finished, she should be perfect though.

But what will she be doing? I’ve decided to expand the other premise I was considering with her (the one where you meet her in the hotel bar). In it, there was going to be the implication that she is some kind of international assassin. I’ve decided to just run with that as it’s got lots of potential, and also has a very different angle of how your romance progresses. It’s also a good reason to use lots of outfits I don’t normally get to, such as a leather catsuit. I can still keep her heritage and use the hacienda sets I have with this premise too.

I also like how these ideas could combine together into one big story arc. Tlaero and Mortzes game seem to be aiming to some sort of crossover where each of the women’s superpowers come in useful. It would be fun to do something inspired by that – Leanna as the intrepid reporter, Molly as the driver, and Mariana as gun wielding kick ass assassin. That would be a cool team.

(BTW, both images above are 1920×1080 if you want to use them as wallapapers)

Members section

Last year, I made April and Violet for members section. While I enjoyed it, it was clear that I lost some conviction towards it, as I really wanted to be working on Leanna. I suspect that, if I started working on a big members section game now, something similar would happen as I clearly want to get on with these two games.

So, as an experiment, this is what I’m going to try. I’ll work on Molly with the intention of it being a free game, but I’ll release it to members first when it’s done. Then, after a couple of week, or maybe up to a month, I’ll release it for free. At the same time as I add it to the members section, I’ll also add a bunch of smaller stuff. I’ll think I’ll release a bunch of mini game at the same time (similar to ‘Kelly Solo’ or ‘Strippers’), and also add a new pile of members area exclusive galleries. Between all of them, I think I should get a reasonable number of people signing. up. It’ll be an interesting experiment.


So, if I’m perhaps aiming for a game in the long run with Leanna, Molly and Mariana, that does make thing a little more complicated for the player character. If you are technically playing as a different character each time, who do you play as in the game with all three of them?

An obvious solution is to have it be the same character in each game. some players have expressed reservations about this though, as it means you never really end up in a true relationship with any of them. This works with the ending of Leanna, as I never really felt you ended up that way at the end. You were just two grown adults you liked have lots of sex together. It’s not like, say, Betsy where a clear, fairly long term relationship was established.

So, what do you all think? Is it fine that the player character and Leanna only end up good friends and ‘sex buddies’? Or do you feel that it’s only worth it with a proper, romantic, at least fairly long term relationship at the end?

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Update, November 6th

So, some interesting information has just come to light regarding my ability to make a 3D game. One of the main suppliers of my 3d assets has just released a new license which would allow me to use many more of my established characters in a 3d engine.

Just to clarify, by a ‘3d game’, I mean one that exists in a 3d environment. My usual games are a series of 2d images. A 3d game would be more like what you’d normally play on your game console. You can move around freely, explore the environment etc.

Let’s have new poll so I can gauge how interested everyone might be in this.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

30 thoughts to “November 5th Update”

  1. I feel that the player character would have casual sex with each girl in their games such as PC with Leanna amd then the story leads to PC and Molly in her nascar game and then PC and Mariana in her assassin/spy/bodyguard game and then when it concludes in the final game with all 3 women the PC has to choose who they want to build a relationship with and have their own epilogue ending OR maybe no relationship with any of them OR maybe all 3 want the PC depending on choices the player has made Chaotic could even have a 4th female character by the time everything is done

    1. We already have game merges to work with that u could build on to save u the extra effort, if u want a new game how about a brothal simulator game that would allow multiple storylines to merge aswell as allowing to have new characters and stories to be added to it.

    1. I second this.
      Shes made many appearances as a potential 3some partner but its not the same.
      Great character that deserves another focused game!
      Want to see her in the new rendering techniques really bad.
      But I understand it seems Chaotic wants to do some new stuff.
      I vote no on the 3d games. Your bread and butter games are great and I have no complaints about the gameplay.

  2. I always like the freedom over storyline in your game, I loved the first Rachel game, as there was so many possible way to go and you get to go around the city, I wouldn’t mind at all loosing realism over freedom, all your game are phenomenal tho, keep up the good work.

    1. I like the free roam around a city or town too. Different bars and things to do with different sex partner options. I loved leanna and betsy but they felt too linear.

      I like discovering a new place. Like “oh i didnt notice this bar the first time i played”

      It took me three or four playthroughs on photographer1 before i discovered the office building with a surprising amount of women willing to pose!

      1. Yes, exactly how I feel, I really like to be able to explore around and try all option in multiple playthrough.

  3. If you’re going to make a game about all 3 of them and it’s not going to be yet another foursome with the same PC, I think it would be the best decision to make 3 games with different established playable characters. The player cannot choose name/gender/race, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to differenciate between them. Without it, there would be confusion with “who dates/bangs who” just like with your other games like Rachel/Photographer/Maddison ones. And you’ll have to figure out unique personality for each male character as well, otherwise as NPC they would be very boring. I don’t know who you’re going to choose as a protagonist for each game (including the crossover one) or if you plan to have PCs from other games show up in the crossover at all (IMO, you should, otherwise it wouldn’t really feel like a crossover) but canonizing the protagonists would open many possibilities, both narrative and sexual.

    Regarding Leanna, I’m fine with either choice. If you plan to make a serious relationship, then, again, you’ll have to canonize him, otherwise it wouldn’t really feel like a relationship if he is missing from the crossover at all. If you’re going to make them friends with benefits, you’ll just have to figure out with whom this PC will end up and whether or not the other girl would be okay with sharing him with Leanna.
    In the end, there has to be something that separates the girls from one another and makes them unique (not just looks), like their view on relationship. I know it’s not usually the goal in your games as they are more geared towards having fun and giving the player a choice but it would be a nice change of pace if at least one female character has a strong personality and wouldn’t agree on anything less than a serious relationship or is fine with sharing but on equal terms (she gets to have some fun too).
    This would make the girls more realistic and the choices more interesting. But I am biased because I love Tlaero games the most.

  4. Having it the same person is very cool. You could always have it that they parted ways because her career took her overseas or something. Which prompts you to meet the other two characters and form small relationships with them. Each with their own professions making it impossible to have a real relationship

    1. I have actually tweaked her body a little since the lingerie pics. Don’t know if you can tell in the pic above, but I think it is a little bigger now.

  5. I don’t know which is hotter, the one with the car or the one with the gun. BTW, is the final version of Leanna ready?

    1. Not ready just yet. I’ve only got the sex stuff to finish rendering though, so hopefully it won’t be too long.

  6. The question of the poll was “How do you feel about what do the player character and Leanna become?”
    My opinion tends to the second option. But the description doesn’t meet my opinion complete. I think they end up as a real couple but they are also open minded to let near friends participate (like Kristen).

  7. I like the idea of a 3D game very much but somehow I am still afraid, that it is much more work to get a 3D game with equally well developed story and graphics as in your 2D games. I would still prefer a long well developed 2D game than a very short 3D game where you cannot do much.

    1. I agree unlike consol games for example graphics in erotic games matter alot so i think most will prefer 2d games over 3d, as well as 3d taking alot longer for less playtime it would have to have reduced graphics and animation framrates due to most computers power capabilities.

      I would suggest we all as for games that are mainly 2d but with 3d animation scenes and maybe sound. Homi is your opion something like a harem or friends with benefits game, hhmmm that could be interesting.

  8. Chaotic, you’re the best! Love that Molly will be getting her own game and, at this time, looks like she’ll get it first.

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot to work on, though. Really ambitious with this!

  9. Very happy with your decision to use both girls as they are both hot. I love that the Molly game will come first as I do find her more to my liking if I had to choose a favorite. I think being friends with benefits works just fine for all three games. Maybe at the end of the long game you could end up with one of the girls relationship wise or maybe just have a big ‘ol foursome (or fivesome if Kristen could be convinced to join in). I would love to see you make a Tlaero/Mortze inspired game with all three girls and would be more than willing to wait as long as it takes to create.

    I’m really excited for all the new mini game/gallery content you have planned. If it works out, fingers crossed, I would love to see it become a common thing. Everyone has different favorite girls and it would be a great way to see more of them without having to create a whole new game around them. Also a great way to showcase possible new characters. I for one would love to see some lingerie pics included. Kristen was so damn hot in your Halloween themed pics. Maybe even some voyeur or tease themed sets.

    A 3d game could be cool and if it’s something you would like to try out I’m all for it. You create some of the best looking female characters out there and to be honest most times I can’t take my eyes off of them to really notice the environment lol. It could be interesting but like someone above mentioned, how much additional time would it take to create?

    Your future plans sound awesome and I hope it brings in many more members for you. I for one am crazy about your work and will continue to be a member for a very long time.

  10. I voted 1, and here’s why: I have yet to play a fully-realized 3D game that replicates the story-telling power that a well-crafted “2D” game brings. In a 3D game, a huge part of the artistry that goes into crafting interesting perspectives, lighting, framing/composition all goes out the window. Now, one could argue the importance of all of that in a game where you’re just trying to get it on with the female characters, but I would actually argue the complete opposite i.e. how invested you feel in any game is the result of how compelling the visual images are, in combination with the story/writing/character interaction.

    A 3D environment would need to be able to stand up to much more scrutiny.

    Now, maybe I don’t quite fully understand what your plans are in a 3D environment. If you feel you can make it work, then I’m all for it, but I just want it to be known that there are a lot of challenges in making a 3D environment work well… it can very easily feel like a generic sandbox because of the amount of work that needs to be put forth to make the environment and the models look unique.

    It’s basically like working in an entire new medium, and I don’t just mean in the technical sense, but in terms of how you tell a story… how would a dialog exchange look like, or animating sex scenes. Would the player/character be able to pick up on subtle visual cues of their partner’s facial expressions in an important dialog exchange? You would have in effect yielded control of the camera to the viewer.

    As you can tell, I have very strong opinions about this.

    Good luck with your decision.

  11. New guy here.

    No strong opinions on how the protagonist relates to Leanna. The way she works out in Breaking the Facade seems to suggest a casual relationship, but it could really go either way. I voted 5 on making a 3D game, since I suspect this will involve a HUGE investment of time in learning new things such as Unity programming and motion capture. OTOH, your creativity is a valuable resource, and can be degraded if you’re feeling forced to do the same ol’ 2D stuff, even if you’re spending that much more time on story. So ultimately, I believe it’s going to be a function of where your muse directs you.

    By the way, I’ve been playing some of these games on and off over the years. So I can chime in with the others who say you’ve come a long way in the rendering department AND in the story writing. Leanna’s very appealing in how her character grows; compare to your older characters, who seem to be pretty static in how they behave. The effort you’ve put into fleshing out why the player should care about a woman who’s far from perfect is appreciated. (Another example: you make Debbie out as a total ditz. Will she stay that way? There are interesting places you could go with her, even while sticking to the casual sex-friendly formula that I think is working for you.)

    One thing I’ve noticed you could use is a proofreader. 😉 I did my usual thing with Leanna’s game, analyzing the points (man, normal mode is tuned pretty tight if you want the best ending), and along the way, couldn’t help correcting misspellings and such. I also fixed the pages with so many responses (favorite film, occupation, dinner menu) that people weren’t seeing the options all the way on the right. (Easy fix – just make them about 1320 pixels wide like other pages, and everything looks fine on Chrome at least.) I even found a mistyped filename somewhere (sorry, I forget where – it’s toward the end, and I’d need to pull out a diff to find it again). I’d send you my revised 1.3, but I figure you’ve modified it enough toward 1.4 that it wouldn’t be much help… (I do hope you’ve got version control running on all this…)

  12. Hi I love your games. And I was sitting here thinking about a new game. You probably thought about it and turned it down but I was thinking of a game where Cassandra is the main character. And we know she owns the night club so maybe think of a game that involves her and her improving the night club. Anyway it was just an idea and I know how busy you are. I’m just adding another idea for you and not stressing you out.

  13. Hi Chaotic, while I appreciate that feedback is good from your customers, I think you only really need it after a game has been completed. Here is a poll of one. Get rid of polls: 100% Keep polls: 0%. Warhol didn’t ask if he should use Monroe or Hepburn. You are the artist, creator and programmer. Your games are getting better with each release. Have courage in your convictions because if you use other peoples decisions too much it’s not your sole creation and you’ll end up bored. If you like a character and a scenario, use it. I look forward to each release. Keep up the good work!

  14. I agree with those who would like more freedom with the story. Thats what I enjoyed most about the old games.
    But I still liked Betsy, Leanna and Co.

  15. I think that leanna could end up being in a couple but then he starts to cheat on her in the other two people’s games and then in the crossover one he has to choose who he feels like getting into a relationship with and if he has a high enough score with all three he gets a foursome with them

  16. Just finished reading about your upcoming games, they all sound great!

    But PLEASE don’t give up on the idea of the ‘’ style dare game you had planned, as a second installment of Leanna.
    It had me seriously considering taking up a membership to play it.
    You can’t dangle a carrot as awesome as that in our faces and then pull it away at the last minute!

    As far as the 3D game goes I’m not too fussed either way. Personally I don’t know if a 3D game would work as well as 2D, though feel free to prove me wrong.

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