October 27th Update

Nothing too big and new to announce this week.

My future games

More images have been rendered for the final version of Leanna.

I’ve had a longer think about what my next pair of games could be. I still seem to be set on the extra, medium sized Leanna game for the next members section.

For the next free game, I do seem to be fully invested in the Nascar set game now. I have a nice pile of scenes planned, I even know how the ending would go.

Sadly, I’m still not too sure who the main focus of the plot should be. On Monday, I had a mid week blog post with a poll asking everyone if they’d prefer it to be Molly or Mariana. Ultimately, there wasn’t a definitive answer. Although Mariana just edged out in front, it was pretty much a third of the vote for each of them, and a third voting for ‘either/I can’t decide’.

I’ll just have to keep deciding in my head for now. One possibility I considered was maybe having both. Have the game split into two possible paths. Molly can be the undercover cop you team up with, and Mariana can actually be the villain who you can side with at an early point in the game (though you would be able to turn her good by the end). I’m not certain though. As I say, I’ll have to think.

One thing I do seem to have decided on is to keep the player characters separate. I have been suggesting that this game could be a direct sequel to Leanna – you’re playing as the same character, now working with Leanna and being sent to investigate a story. I think in the long term I’d just be writing myself into a corner though. I mean, is it going to be that way for every IRAY game? Having it be the same character every time seems restrictive.

Finding Miranda

Tlaero and Mortzes third game, Finding Miranda is now available to play on the site for free. This is probably a game most of you already know, but if it’s new to you, click here.


Since many of you will not have noticed the poll from Monday, I’m just going to try carrying it over to today.

Who would you prefer as the main focus of my next free game : Mariana or Molly?

Images in case you’ve forgotten which is which…



More images in this blog post if you missed them.

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If you also have a specific comment on either model, I’d also like to hear it below. If it’s a case of ‘I’d love her if only her [blank] was bigger/smaller/longer/shorter etc’, then let me know. It may be something I change. Polls are fun, but people making specific comments about something is even more useful. πŸ™‚

39 thoughts to “October 27th Update”

  1. Both girls for the Nascar game would be good, having the player go through the same events with a different perspective depending who the player sides with. Options of being good, bad, with maybe double crossing elements could add a bit of intrigue to the player’s involvement in the story rather than just influencing the girls opinion of the player.

  2. However you use Mariana, it should be the case that you’ll be able to use her in a few games, because we want to see her in more than just one game.

  3. If Molly had slightly larger natural-looking breasts and a hairy pussy she’d be my physical ideal. What a hottie.

      1. I think it looks quite short as she looks tomboyish but still has her own sexy impish feminine charm and would match with the storyline being centered around nascar being a male centered sport

  4. I also would like Moly with longer hair. In general I would enjoy to have a character with very long hair in one game. Kind of as far down, so that it covers the ass. Also I would like bigger breasts.

  5. The picture in this post with both girls together is fantastic. It is actually a really good picture of Molly. But I still think Mariana is extremely hot. The hair, shape of face and eyes give her a really sultry look.

    I like the idea of a dual path game. But this sounds like a major undertaking. I remembered that your real life just got a bit more complicated. I dual-path game of great substance would be worth waiting for in my opinion. But I have noticed that many posters to this blog have the patience of a two year old and an even short attention span. You will be the one that has to listen to 20 or more posts each week asking, “Is it done yet?”

    My input is that you do a really long dual-path game with a LOT of complexity. That you do not post a walkthrough for at least one month. Let us know when we can start giving “unofficial” hints to those who can’t be bothered to work it out on their own. Oh, and most important of all, take a long vacation from actually reading the blog (or at least ignore those who ask, “Is it done yet? and, “Where is the walkthrough?”). Let them stomp their feet and howl all they want.

    Oh, and one more thought, only post walkthroughs on the members site for the first six months after any game is released. This should include even free games.

    Let the screaming begin….

    1. Good advice.

      Why spend months working out and building in complexity and multiple paths for people to figure out as a deliberate part of the gameplay, and then undermine all that with step by step instructions?

      I’m happy to give hints and guidance but I’d rather people actually play my games for a while before quitting and crying out for a full walkthrough.

      Back to work. πŸ™‚

      1. I totally agree with you. everyone wants complicated plot spells and then they do not know what to do and want detailed instructions. instead of playing games for as long as possible and engaging a little bit of their brains, they want to be as soon as possible with the goal. It is best to complete the game alone, without help.

        1. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have to play the Academy Part 4 and Leanna before I sorted out working paths. And then to find alternate endings and “Easter Eggs” takes even longer. I still have a dent in my wall the size of my forehead before I concluded that the elevator scene was just a dead end. But I really got to know the game and enjoyed myself in the process. It really makes one appreciate the efforts that went into creating the games and makes me look forward to follow-on games even more. I must admit, checkpoints and saves make this process easier, but not having them does not reduce my passion for solving the riddles.

    2. Dear Santa (hehehe – who has bed thought),

      this was one of the best comments I’ve ever read in this blog and I stand full by your side. I also don’t like the guys who are impatient.
      Game development needs time but that’s a fact that the most of the readers/writers here forget about.

      @Santa, do you mean with dual path game that it is possible to side with Marianna or to side with Molly, so you can play the game with two different perspectives (four if Chaotic also implements the gender selection)? That would be really nice and it raises the probability to play this game more than once.

  6. I loved the Finding Miranda game. The games in the Keeley-verse are also quite good. I really like the way that most of these games have hidden scenes that can be unlocked once all achievements are realized. Makes playing your way through many times worth the effort.

  7. Don’t change a thing about molly Please. And is there a chance we will see Lucy again was that the name seems like she could be into Nascar.

  8. Now I love molly, but her behind could use a little upgrade. A little less fit than Leanna but still bigger if you know what I mean.
    I think that would look good on her πŸ™‚

  9. Maybe use both girls? They’re sisters, cousins, whatever. Started with go-karts as kids, but while one went into the sport all the way to Nascar, the other followed a different career path. The one in Nascar has a bad wreck and ends up in a coma at the hospital. Sister/cousin comes to her aid and agrees to drive the car so sponsors aren’t lost.

    Behind the scenes is a evil corporation fixing races or similar and if drivers don’t toe the line they are wrecked within the races or forced out some way. First sister/cousin finally revives but with a slight case of amnesia so she doesn’t remember her sister/cousin. You and the first girl try to expose the evil plot while second tries to stay alive while keeping the sponsors happy. Eventually the amnesia is overcome, evil plot foiled and they all celebrate with a wild threesome or something.

    You’ll have to flesh out the story and back story more, but it’s a start.

    1. sound like a great story but i would like it if the sister(Mariana) try to warn her sister and you about the corruption and her car is sabotaged during a race causing the crash . however having the player-caracter as journalist is of since he/she is a photographer in Leanna and do not now anything about journalism .

  10. Mariana, easy for me. I’m more interested in Latin American women and this is a point of difference that I have really been looking forward to.

    I’d love to see more use of girls with different ethnic backgrounds

  11. Molly is perfect exactly as she is. She reminds me of Jane from Mike Masters’ game “College Life.” I love the highlighted short hair. Her eyes and lips are great. She may be your best render ever.

  12. Make the Nascar game theme with a crime in it. Make the crime cheating and bribery. I feel like this theme might interest the other players.

  13. Too please everyone, I guess it would be better to have both in the game, otherwise mariana for me, like other mention, I think I would like molly some more if she had longer hair

  14. I’d definitely say go for the dual path system (or even 3some as a bonus) both girls seem to be quite popular.

      1. Great to hear from you! I really appreciated the effort that you put into Anna. To me, the complexity makes the game worth playing. Without complexity, one might as well just look at anime comics. Your checkpoint system was fantastic when it came to assisting the players. Keep on plugging away. I really look forward to another game from you some day.

  15. Love your work. Thanks for not being too money minded and posting free stuff too from time to time. I just have a request though. Please ask dsp3000 to provide weekly updates of academy games (or any other games in future) on Friday along with and just like you. You both are doing an incredible job. And do find time to work on a game together if you can.

  16. Do you have a face texture for Mariana without eyeliner? I wonder if that would make her look more “natural,” which seemed to be your problem with her.

    Molly seems really familiar (not from the Leanna game) and I’m not sure why.

  17. Greetings, Chaotic. Both girls are beautiful but for me Molly is just the hotter of the two. Beautiful face, smoking hot fit body, but not too much abs, and her breasts are the perfect size. I’m not a big fan of giant breasts (probably in the minority there). Some of your girls are exceptions but normally I prefer smaller, perky breasts. I also love her skin tone. I’m a sucker for cream skin tone. Nothing wrong with a darker tone like Mariana, I think she’s gorgeous as well. I think either girl is a win for us fans but I admit I would be a little happier if it turns out to be Molly. The way the vote is going it looks like it will be Mariana. I also like her short hair. Short hair can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it looks not so great and other times it just works. On Molly I think it works great, I love the style. You don’t have many girls with short hair. I think Molly also just looks more the part of Nascar driver. If you use her I hope you keep her exactly as is but it seems people want bigger boobs and longer hair. I realize in the end it’s your decision and I know you won’t disappoint. Your work has just been getting better and better.

    You could do the dual path like you mentioned but that would be a lot more work. I really like Santa’s idea. I would be willing to wait however long it takes but I realize not everyone is so patient. One small thing I really like on both girls are the small mole/freckle here and there. It makes the girls look more realistic.

    I just want to say I love all your games but you have really been knocking it out of the park in your newer games. Violet, April, Kristen, Leanna and now Mariana and Molly. Even some of the background girls are amazing. I am so damn happy you included a sex scene with Kristen in your Leanna game. I’ve played Leanna many times now and always choose the Kristen Leanna path. I’ve yet to see the other ending yet lol. More female characters with glasses would be great. I think Kristen is tied now with Violet and April for my favorite characters. Thanks again for all the hard work and time you put into these awesome games.

  18. Id love mariana with bigger breasts and a bit thicker. If she had the body of maybe Nikki from photog2. Im thinking a nice big latin booty and big natural breasts… but then it might be a dif character all together?

  19. i would be honest..

    molly is certainly the best choice for a nascar game.

    but as the pics are unfair honestly, most of peoples will vote for mariana due to the fact we can see her tits and such a tease compared to molly.

    i vote for molly, who definitly fit more good in the evironment of nascar with her style and all.
    not like you drive or do shit in nascar with long hair and a model body.. you need muscle and a boy’ish mentality to be in this. and its not macho to say that, its just true

  20. I’m not certain which way I would have voted originally, but after you pointed out your critiques on your own work in the previous post, I definitely voted for Molly, and i am glad I did. The more I look at the two, the more … off, or something … Mariana looks. Too smooth, maybe? I dunno. Plus, the short hair is actually working for me, which I personally find surprising. Although I did think the short hair worked on Tlaero and Mortze’s Elsa, so maybe this is a case of not seeing it done well before?

    Speaking of Tlaero and Mortze, thank you for hosting their games. I had not checked them out, although I did enjoy the games Tlaero had completed with Phreaky. I am glad these were brought to my attention.

    1. If you liked the Keeley games, you should love the new series. Lots of fun. Great art, great stories and so far, they are all interrelated. Only the Pandora game is free standing at this time. And, once you solve all of the achievements, there are hidden scenes that are opened. Great fun!

  21. I like both characters, but I voted for Molly both times, because I like her just a little more, and I think like you’ve said, that her tomboyish look really fits the nascar/racing theme.

    Also, I just wanted to say, unlike some other people here, I really really like Molly’s short hair! It seems more apt for a driver (as well as just being hot!).

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