October 2nd Update – Mid week bonus!

Back again with a mid week blog post. It’s not too common, but I do do them every so often.

Some of this, some of that…

Some of you may have seen the Lara Croft character I posted on Tumblr on Friday. I decided to go ahead and do a short comic with the character.

I think where my own preference lies in terms of my next game is that I want to do something with some sort of action sequences. No necessarily something involving guns, the driving sequences in a Nascar game would also be a good opportunity, similarity fight scenes in a superhero themed game. It would be the next step in my games evolution after I added the third person camera angles option in Leanna. In this case you’d get the occasional ‘cinematic’ sequence of ten or so images, but most of the game would still be first person.

I’ll decide for certain over the next couple of weeks, but what I’m leaning toward right now is actually a Lisette and Maddison game for the members section, then a game with action sequences for a big free game in IRAY.

This could either be the game in the Nascar setting, something with superheroes, or a pseudo Tombraider one. Or maybe something else, of course.

With the Nascar setting, I already have a basic plot set up as well as the main character. I’m not too sure what role the player would serve in it though. The character’s introduction to the world so far is a bit too similar to what happens in Leanna, and I’d like something different.

For superheroes, the player character is actually the aspect I’ve thought the most about. You’d start of fairly neutral, but throughout the game your karma reflects your decisions. You can end up as a hero, or one of the villains. Different karma levels (evil or good) would open up sex with different characters, and even the tone of the sex – being intimate with a villainous female characters would be very different to sex with one of the morally upstanding ones.

If I went the Tombraider route, obviously I’d have to change some stuff. It’s a copyrighted franchise. There’s a 3D graphics artist I admire who goes by the name Epoch (https://www.epoch-art.com/). He had a pseudo Lara Croft character he calls Clara Ravens. Something similar could work, but it would still have to be different – I don’t want to just copy him. We can obviously have exploring tombs be a part of the plot, but there’s opportunities for other things, such as high class ballroom parties, hanging around her mansion etc.

So that’s where my mind is right now. I’m enjoying playing with ‘Lara’, but I might just be getting over excited because she’s a new character I just created. I’ll see how I feel about everything in a week.


So, would you be interested in a game with ‘Lara’?

Try not to think about it in a ‘versus’ sense where you would prefer one of the other premises instead. Just, in principle, do you think she’s hot, and does the basic idea sound appealing?

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21 thoughts to “October 2nd Update – Mid week bonus!”

  1. Personally I would love another Madison/Lisette game! I enjoyed the Photographer series and its spin-offs and like to think of it as one big saga, so another installment would be fantastic. Due to the main character having a relationship with Madison in both the Photographer games and the Academy games, I think they are the same character. If that is the case (and feel free to confirm it for me please), this new game should probably take place after The Academy is finished. It would also be cool to see the Madison and Lisette characters in IRAY, but I understand if that may not be ideal for now.

    As for your next game after that, the Nascar game sounds pretty interesting and in my opinion it sounds like something you are inspired to do due to the different type of girl, the assets you secured, and the ideas for new gameplay scenarios you have been thinking up. After the Madison/Lisette game, I think this is the next game you should make.

    Then again, just do whatever you feel inspired to do! Your work is always of great quality, and if you feel excited about the game then it will only lead to a better finished product!

  2. Hello, long time fan. I would personally enjoy the Superhero theme the best, I think the karma idea would work well for providing different endings and scenarios, getting the action you are looking to create, and doing something a bit different creatively.

  3. Lisette looks positively stunning in IRAY, and I would absolutely LOVE to see what Maddison would look like with the same rendering. If you’ve got an idea for one or both of them, bring it on!

    I’m not particularly fond of the NASCAR idea. The Tomb Raider stills look wonderful, but you’d really need to make it your own. The superhero concept appeals to me most of all.

  4. I accidentally voted “no” because I hadn’t fully read the question. I do think the “Lara” character is hot, but I feel like this should be an option behind several others.

    I’d rather the NASCAR option first.

  5. I feel like for a superhero game it would be cooler to have an increasing power rather than a karma option, to change a bit. You could start of as a normal dude, maybe saved by a nice heroin and then you decide you want to become powerful and if you achieve power, you can seduce the heroin or the villain and if you power is so great that it goes beyond good and evil, you get both. Just my two cents 😉

  6. The tomb-raiding idea does sound interesting. On the other hand, that NASCAR one sounds really cool, and I definitely like the ladies you have shown from it so far.

  7. Lisette is a favorite though I would prefer you avoid the sister incest and hope you would include some other options. If you do the superhero game I’d like the costumes to look more like real clothing than some of the more awful spandex options. I still encourage you to do what excites you most.

  8. first of all i want to say that your games are one of a kind but as a fan i would prefer more games like Tara part 2. In most games, there is one path for the solution but in tara part 2 action starts in the begining and contunues till the end. It woudl be a lot better if we should choose the girl we chase in the game. In Tara part 2 for instance, there are much more optios maria, maria and maddison, tara and natalie, tara, natalie and maria and so on.

  9. You could make a third person view Lara game vs. the Doppelganger where you can put all the action scenes you want. Literally everyone has thought about Lara AND the Doppelganger.

  10. i have a suggestion for a order of games :

    1 superheroine(movie – dating the actress)
    2 Lara croft(movie – dating the actress)
    3 Betsy

    (then the player can take Betsy to the movies on their date and see one of these films

    1. I believe there’s two variants of the ending depending on whether you’ve played ‘nicely’ or ‘aggressively’. It’s the same scene, but with different sex positions etc.

      I think there’s also an ending with Chloe, but I’m not sure. She never really interested me.

    2. I have found three endings. There are the two that Chaotic mentioned. The playing “nicely” and the playing “aggressively” paths both end in your catching Chloe and having sex with Elsa (not in a dream). You will eventually need to play both paths to unlock the hidden final scene once you get all of the achievements.

      You will also find an ending that ends with you selling the combination to Elsa’s safe for a romp in the hay with Chloe. I don’t think that you need to go down this path in order to get any of the achievements. But what the heck. Not a Chloe fan either, but you might as well see this ending as it is a bit on the wild side.

  11. i think an maddison/lisette game would be awesome. i prefer lara croft to nascar personally but either way as long as you enjoy the project i am sure it will be great

  12. I guess the music-themed girl group will have to wait 🙂

    But I can see the appeal of a superhero type of game; lots of ways to make it interesting.

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